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    RX10 iv on order; recommended settings for birds

    That makes sense. I hope you enjoy it!
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    RX10 iv on order; recommended settings for birds

    You may want to post that request in the Sony forum, rather than here. What made you choose the RX10 iv, rather than the P950, for example, which you were considering in another thread? I'm just curious.
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    Nikon P900,P950,P1000 spec comparison

    Here's a thread over at dpreview about manual focus on the P950. The P950 reportedly uses a "sidewheel" rather than the ring, but comments from users are positive: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4467590#forum-post-63645155 Many threads on the P900-P950-P1000 over there. Image...
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    Cheap/Budget Superzoom Options?

    Thanks to both of you for sharing your impressions. I've been thinking about this camera as a replacement for an old ZS3, but I wasn't sure about its usefulness for birding. The ZS3 was a great little camera, but only 300mm equivalent at max zoom, and it lacked a viewfinder, so getting even ID...
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    Cheap/Budget Superzoom Options?

    Have you found the ZS70 workable as a birding camera? Is 720mm equivalent enough zoom reach? I can see the appeal of having a small, coat-pocketable camera for ID shots.
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    NIKON introduces new Monarch HG 8x30 and 10x30 Binoculars

    Isn't a wider FOV a potentially significant advantage for spotting birds while scanning through binoculars, making it easier to pick up movement in branches, or to spot a distant hawk in the sky overhead? Often I seem to notice movement peripherally, but then of course I reposition the...
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    Win Opticron Binoculars answer two questions!

    a) B&H Photo Video b) Good prices, wide selection, decent return policy if there is a problem. Adorama seems quite similar, and I don't really have a favorite place either. These NYC stores are internet sources for me, and it would be nice to have a local shop that I really liked.
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    So what's the one pair that you're happy with and use frequently, Gijs? Now you've made me curious. Neill
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    Your 2018 Optics Plans

    Has your overall impression of the GPO ED 8x42 changed for better or worse? I'm in the market for a light, compact 8x42. The Nikon Monarch HG sounds ideal, but the GPO is less than half the price...
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    Going on safari, need <$300 binos for my wife.

    Any reason to get the Mojave over the Guide, given the $50 price difference (currently at Cabela's)?
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    2017 Biggest Week in Amerian Birding Festival

    Thanks for this very informative report, Frank. I really appreciate the time you spent following up on our requests. I'm glad to see from the nice photos that you managed to find some time for birding too! The Monarch HG certainly sounds tempting, from your description. It seems like a good...
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    2017 Biggest Week in Amerian Birding Festival

    Frank, Any informal impressions of the Monarch HG you can share? In other threads, there seems to have been debate about how sharp they are, and how effective the field flattening is. Thanks! I truly envy you being at Magee Marsh, a place I'd love to visit. NM
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    New kid on the block ... Theron Questa

    Thanks for your reply, and for all your terrific reviews. The Questa certainly sounds intriguing, though I'm a little concerned about the weight. The Monarch HG is really out of my price range, but it's tempting to consider...
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    New kid on the block ... Theron Questa

    Have you had a chance to try the Nikon Monarch HG? It reportedly has a field flattener system, and has an even slightly wider FOV than the Questa. What appeals to me is that it is lighter and perhaps more compact. On the other hand, the Nikon is more than twice the price of the Questa, if...
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    Opticron Explorer WA ED 8x42 Review

    Thanks for these excellent and very helpful reviews! So if you could only keep one from the three Opticrons you've just reviewed, which would it be? The Traveller? The Natura? Neill
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    Athlon Midas 8x42 Initial Impression

    I believe the Bushnell Legend L 8x42 is an updated version of the Bushnell Legend Ultra. If its optical performance is comparable to the Midas, it's significantly less expensive ($189 on BH Photovideo at the moment). Would you say that it's a better buy then? Mason
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    Bridge Cameras out performing DSLRs?

    Thanks. Nice photo. It makes a good argument for cropping a DSLR image. I'd rather shoot with a small DSLR--better autofocus, and I prefer the optical viewfinder.
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    Bridge Cameras out performing DSLRs?

    I have a novice question for this thread. As I think someone mentioned, with an image from a large DSLR sensor, compared to a tiny bridge camera sensor, one can presumably crop much more readily to bring out details (a distant bird, for example). To what extent does the ability to crop more...
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    Winner Announced; Next Drawing December 10th: Win a Pair of PRIME HD binoculars

    Time to Prime the pump another time.
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    Winner Announced; Next Drawing December 10th: Win a Pair of PRIME HD binoculars

    Another cloudy day here. But I'm sure the Prime HD would cut through the haze.