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  1. J

    A binocular mystery

    What I am going to write will step on some toes for sure. Or irritate some folks in BF land. Or be unconvincing at best. But here goes. Why have binocular manufacturers today virtually ignored the most useful binocular ever designed, viz., the 7x35? Does not the 5 mm exit pupil accommodate...
  2. J

    Using the Zeiss Dialyt 18x45 in the field - impressions

    For over a month now, I have been using the Dialyt 18x45 on numerous trips. When not travelling, It sits on a tripod in front of my bay window over looking the north fork of the Smith Rivers and its meadows with mountains several miles away. Many comparisons have been made with other spotting...
  3. J

    filters for spotting scopes - recommended?

    Do any of BF posters use screw-in filters on your spotting scopes? Plain glass?UV? Etc. John
  4. J

    So what if tiny bits of stuff can be seen inside binoculars?

    I'm sure to step on some toes with this topic. In various threads comments are made about looking into the objective ends of binoculars and seeing (horrors) bits and pieces of tiny debris stuck or floating around. Or the worst possible scenario, suspected fungus. At one time I was not immune...
  5. J

    So what if tiny bits of stuff can be seen inside binoculars?

    I'm sure to step on some toes with this topic. In various threads comments are made about looking into the objective ends of binoculars and seeing (horrors) bits and pieces of tiny debris stuck or floating around. Or the worst possible scenario, suspected fungus. At one time I was not immune...
  6. J

    Revisitng the Zeiss Dialyt 18x45x65 spotting scope

    Back in March of 2010, John Russell started a thread about a new Zeiss spotting scope, the Dialyt 18x45x65. It was a funky looking scope, reminiscent of the Zeiss Dialyt 7x42 and Dialyt 8x56 binoculars. Those had the heavy black rubber armoring with ribs running length wise down the barrels...
  7. J

    Worst binocular purchasing decision I ever made

    There is nothing in BF to keep us from starting a thread that brings out some humor in the fascinating hobby many of us cultivated over the years, viz., collecting and using binoculars for various and sundry purposes, hopefully for looking at birds. Mine began over sixty years ago, buying...
  8. J

    Some history of fungus research

    Eleven years ago I was on the Net trying to find out about fungus on optical instruments. I ran across a website that citing research circa WWII and printed a copy - 14 pages, Reviewing it recently, I thought that perhaps some of Bird Forum's more recent members would find this of interest...
  9. J

    Zeiss warranty service - exceptional

    In 1992 Zeiss changed their 15x60 porro to the B status which gave eyeglass wearers a full view. In 1995, I purchased the new edition, meaning I have been using it for 20 years. The objective lens are covered by a rubber cup, and the connecting parts eventually tore. The cups still worked...
  10. J

    Are BK-7 prisms that inadequate or inferior?

    Without plunging our readers into a virtual wilderness of optical terminology, I have begun to question the de-emphasis given to BK-7 glass as a binocular prism material. In terms of refractive index, it can't match the density of BK-4, of course and hence must be considered as inferior with...
  11. J

    Are vintage spotting scopes useful for birding?

    Are vintage spotting scopes useful for birding? What may appear to be a rhetorical kind of question hinges obviously on the word, "vintage" which conjures up something very old. Obviously, one has to talk about which vintage model when it comes to birding. Some are and some aren't. What got...
  12. J

    Fujinon 8x32 HS Esoteria - a review

    While surfing through Ebay I came across a Fujinon model I had never heard of before. It was called the 8x32 HS model. With all the recent offerings in 8x32, I was intrigued, so I sought as much information on the Net about it as I could find. The picture on Ebay (go to Fujinon HS Centre...
  13. J

    Does anyone use Nikon's SE 12x50 for birding?

    Over the years I have found the 12x50 to fill a distinct niche in birding. This is when a rest of some sorts is available whether it be a mono, bi, or tripod, over a vehicle hood, a window mount, resting against a tree, or sitting down. Many will prefer a small spotting scope, but I find the...
  14. J

    Osprey(s) standing on icy shelf

    Here in Central Montana, Osprey are a common raptor in the spring and summer. Montanans are very protective and supportive of Osprey to the point of erecting platforms on high poles to encourage nesting near bodies of water. These have proven to be very successful in increasing the osprey...
  15. J

    Bushnell's custom line with UV filters - how is this done?

    Over the years I have come into possession many Bushnell Custom binoculars which claim they have UV filters installed. How is this accomplished? Is there an internal lens similar to camera UV filters? Anyone in Bird Forum land that has knowledge of this? John
  16. J

    What binocular will focus at -10F or -23 C?

    About three years ago I responded to a thread started by Yippeeklay (LX/LXL's Against the Cold) My comments related to an exposure test of 8 binoculars overnight in extreme cold. All the CF porros flunked the test save the Leupold (Cascade) porro which stiffened up a bit but was still usable...
  17. J

    Zeiss Binofix - a useful & well-thought out accessory

    I recently ordered and received a Zeiss Binofix, a useful and well-thoughtout accessory for binoculars, roofs and porros. What is it? It is a platform or holder for virtually any binocular you want to attach to a tripod or window mount. A picture can be found on Zeissgear.com. Go to the...
  18. J

    diopter mechanisms - why all the complexity?

    I have noticed over a half century of using binoculars the progression (perhaps regression) of the diopter mechanisms on binoculars. IF binoculars (which by design require only a screw in screw out movement to establish eye balance) have note changed. The diopter mechanism of CF binoculars on...
  19. J

    old 40 MM draw tube B&L- 20 power, etc.

    Recently I have been using a 40 MM B&L draw tube 20 power for comparison purposes with other 20 power spotting scopes. With only a 2 MM exit pupil the B&L is not very bright, but its resolving power is quite good. For day time use and a quick look at something, it is really quite handy. Of...
  20. J

    zeiss 3x extender

    The Zeiss 3x extender is now selling NIB for $255 at some dealers. I recently bought one, and agree with Henry Link's earlier assessment that it is indeed a very useful and versatile instrument. This is what I am satisfied to relate: 1. The optics are superb. 2. The sheer compactness makes...
  21. J

    Bushnell binocular telescope attachment called the booster

    One of the pleasures of being older and retired and immersed in the hobby of collecting and using binoculars is finding a piece of optics which is a 2.5 X extender designed for specific Bushnell models. My Bushnell archive had a multi page brochure (1969) describing such an apparatus, which is...
  22. J

    Why so many alphas returned for adjustment?

    Reviewing the many posts over the years, I'm struck by the increasing number of comments about binoculars being returned for this or that to the factory for correction. One would expect that from modestly priced binoculars. But from the alphas, no. Most seem to mention focusing issues that...
  23. J

    Bushnell Rangemaster 7x35 comparisons

    FanTao's website mentions the Bushnell Rangemaster 7x35 binocular. He lists at least five (5) variations of this wide angle piece, which some folks consider the finest binocular of this kind ever crafted. Currently, I have three variations in my collection: (1) the FPO (IF) made in the late...
  24. J

    An inexpensive way to improve FOV on old binoculars if you wear eye glasses.

    Of course the FOV is fixed on each binocular, but the older models feature fairly deep eye cups which hinder eye glass wearers from getting the potential FOV. Unscrewing and removing the cups will allow greater eye relief, but then one has to contend with scratching the eye glasses when the...
  25. J

    mechanical reliability of binoculars

    After collecting and using binoculars for over 60 years, and watching the explosion of brands catering to almost any pocketbook and taste, I believe that an important variable that is very difficult to test is the inherent mechanical reliability of the binoculars being produced today. Optical...