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  1. Steve Waite

    Which do I buy? FZ200 or FZ330

    First and foremost, I am a bridge camera kinda guy, they really work for me, I enjoy using them and am happy with the results I get. Also I am a Panasonic fan, but sadly my DMC FZ35 has finally given up. I've spent ages looking at what I should go for now, taking into consideration the fact I...
  2. Steve Waite

    Valley or Hill?

    Hi all Our local patch down here in east Devon is a pretty big area, too big really, and compromises a vast array of habitats and terrain. We have some hot spots that clearly do attract migrants, but am sure there's other places that as yet we haven't come across. So, while I think about...
  3. Steve Waite

    Could this be a Caspian Gull?

    Not for me I'm afraid. Herring Gull possibly argentatus.
  4. Steve Waite

    'Mixed' singing Willow Warbler

    I've had two of these in the last ten years around the Axe. Sound amazing don't they!
  5. Steve Waite

    LBJ - Hampton Court, UK, 18th April

    I'd say too much dark streaking/blotches on breast for Water Pip, so I'd also plump for littoralis Rock Pipit
  6. Steve Waite

    Unknown garden bird - SW London, UK

    Hi mathare I thing you may be on to something with juvenile Starling. You are right in saying often juvenile Starlings are more spotted, they are when they begin moulting into adult plumage yes. When they first leave the nest though they are almost plain brown. How you describe the feeding...
  7. Steve Waite

    Spring is here!!

    I have to say, I can't quite work out why there are so few early migrants appearing! With this high pressure over us and southern Europee, Wheatears should be in by now in fairly good numbers, as should Sand Martins really. Even commoner birds, with Meadow Pipit being a great example, are...
  8. Steve Waite

    UK Duck

    Same. I'd vote for RCPxTuftie
  9. Steve Waite

    More suppression in Cornwall

    Can I just ask, has the Semi-P Plover or this Killdeer been submitted? Or has anyone seen photos of either of the birds?
  10. Steve Waite

    Gull id please east coast Ireland

    Hey Matt, That's a Great Black-backed Gull. Bloody massive things!!!! Cheers
  11. Steve Waite

    Gull, Dorset.29/11/11

    Hi pooleparrot, Yes it is indeed, but probably more of a case of just moulting out of summer plumage. Cheers
  12. Steve Waite

    Lyme Regis Birding - or an even quieter Backwater

    Hi Roger, A drake Long-tailed Duck was seen yesterday at the mouth of the harbour (Lyme). Well worth keeping your eye out for as they are stunning birds! Cheers Steve
  13. Steve Waite

    Lyme Regis Birding - or an even quieter Backwater

    Missed the Spot Sand by about ten minutes this afternoon, it flew off towards the Cobb at about 14:00. A nice consolation though were these two Black Redstarts on the rocks just east of the mouth of the Lim...
  14. Steve Waite

    Buff-breasted Sandpipers; now you see them now you don't!

    Just wondered what peoples thoughts were on this.... This autumn I was convinced I was going to finally nail a Buff-breasted Sand on patch - but it never happened. As we all know it was a very impressive autumn for this species - but my question is - where have they all gone now!??
  15. Steve Waite

    Pipit flight call

    Yeah I wouldn't describe a Red-throated Pipit as having a rasping call. A large rasping Pipit points towards Richard's surely!?
  16. Steve Waite

    Devon Birding

    Just had a text from Shaun Barnes, the Trumpeter Finch is still present by halfway wall this afternoon. It is incredibly windy though apparently!
  17. Steve Waite

    Devon Birding

    Hi Dave, Sorry that you didn't get a reply to your email. We have had issues with some of the @devonbirds.org email addresses, but all seems fine now. If you could send me details of where you saw it that would be great. Dartfords are one of the species that have appeared to have taken a...
  18. Steve Waite

    Redpoll Id England

    I'd say Lesser for that one as it shows a nice gingery head area. Cheers Steve
  19. Steve Waite

    Grebe and Marsh/Willow Tits - Rutland, UK

    The second Grebe isn't a Great Crested for me - neck is far too short. The neck is stretched straight and is only slightly longer than half the length of the birds body - so one of the small grebes. Although head looks bumpy, it's a Slav because of the amount and shape of white on the face and...
  20. Steve Waite

    Backwater Birding - Seaton, Devon

    Hi Simon, Many thanks for that! The birds really are struggling now aren't they - don't stop feeding them!!! Steve
  21. Steve Waite

    Yellow Wagtail in Devon today

    Evening all! May I ask what people think about this Yellow Wag in Colyford, Devon, today... http://stevesbirdingblog.blogspot.com/2010/12/yellow-wagtail-in-december.html What a pain in the arse of a species Yellow Wagtail is! Many thanks, Steve
  22. Steve Waite

    Shearwater or Gannet ID Crete

    For some reason this doesn't 'just' look like a Gannet to me - but I can't put my finger on why!?!
  23. Steve Waite

    Backwater Birding - Seaton, Devon

    The Dowitcher was back today S&S. In the same field, mid afternoon onwards. Steve
  24. Steve Waite

    Backwater Birding - Seaton, Devon

    Simon and Sue, do you know about the Long-billed Dowitcher? It has been showing in the flooded field opposite Axmouth Football Club just north of Boshill Cross. Hope you see it!
  25. Steve Waite

    Backwater Birding - Seaton, Devon

    Oh - what is it Simon. Please tell.....