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    Bunting ? Oulu River, Finland. June 2023

    Can someone confirm this? Taken using phone camera on my work teambuilding trip to Oulu yesterday, w/central Finland, by the Oulu River about 20 km from the city. Eye stripe and thick beak were visible. Loads of other good birds around if I'd have had time to do any real birding....
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    ID help from Ecuador...

    Agree. IIRC their song is like a high-pitched trim phone ringing. In a hotel in Leticia,Colombia, I couldn't understand why nobody answered the phone until I saw the sparrow.
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    ID help please Costa Rica

    I think #2 is Grey-capped Flycatcher
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    Hummingbirds, La Carbonera, Colombia

    Birds of Northern South America says next to Buff-Tailed Coronet "all Boissonneaua coronets have the habit of holding their wings up in the air for a few moments after landing on a perch" - an ID tip very nicely shown in your photo! Also great photo showing the enormous beak length of the...
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    a few more birds from Colombia

    How about a juvenile Grayish Saltator?
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    A few birds from Venezuela IV

    I think #4 is a Flavescent Flycatcher #5 could be a Common Bush Tanager, the nape looks yellow, but I think that is just an artefact of the bright sunlight?
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    Hawk, Guapiles, Costa Rica

    Roadside Hawk also have yellow eyes, which this bird doesn't.
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    Hawk, Guapiles, Costa Rica

    Broad-winged Hawk?
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    Costa Rica Hummers: Need IDs Please

    Bronze-tailed Plumeleteer seems to be shown incorrectly in Restall, Birds of Northern South America.
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    one from Canastra, Brazil

    Looks like a Pale-breasted Thrush (T. Leucomelas). I saw them often in Colombia, but didn't realise they had such a huge range.
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    Columbia Birds ID help (Cartagena)

    Hi Susie, The parrot is Yellow-Crowned Amazon which I've seen in a few urban areas. Happy New Year.
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    Lottery Awards- vote for Hen Harrier

    +1. Thanks for letting us know about this.
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    Very narrow escape for a male Hen Harrier!

    That's an astonishing thing to witness! I had no idea Peregrines would go for harriers. I have seen a Brown Hare attack a (juvenile) Marsh Harrier - even leaping a few feet in the air like a cat as the Harrier took off. Sadly, I don't think these are any deterents against human persecution...
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    Owl sp in Brazil v Serbia match

    Not a good idea to bring owls to football matches - you might recall a Barn Owl being kicked by a player during a league match in Colombia. Presumably that one is tame - it seems to have only one leg too.
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    What's the rarest bird you've had in your garden?

    In Colombia, a Chestnut-bellied Hummingbird (an endangered species of about 1000 to 2500 individuals) on our balcony! In Britain a flock of Waxwing, but they seem to be common some winters!
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    Bird Identification - Birds from Costa Rica

    The swift looks like it could be a Grey-rumped Swift. Lacking the white patches of the Lesser Swallow-tailed.
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    Bird ID for Acapulco

    The Great Kiskadee's do sometimes show the yellow crown!
  18. Great Kiskadee display

    Great Kiskadee display

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    Parrots, Colombia

    Second that.
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    Birds in Cartagena, Colombia

    I think it is a juvenile Great-tailed Grackle, which are common around Cartagena. Adults have pale eyes.
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    ID request - Cali, Colombia

    If you are using the ProAves "Birds of Colombia" then you might have one or two problems like this. Although it's very useful as the only available guide that's pocket-sized, some of the pictures are in need of improvement. Birds of Northern South America has much better pictures, but not as...
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    More help with Peru birds and Hummingbirds

    Agree 1 Thrush-like Wren 5 looks much like a female Euphonia sp, possibly Thick-billed?
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    Need help IDing Peruvian Amazon Birds

    3 is juvenile Rufescent Tiger Heron. 5 is Roadside Hawk
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    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Black-billed Mountain Toucan'

    Nice one Pitter. I had a few goes at BB Mountain-Toucan near Bucaramanga and failed to even get more than a glimpse let alone a good shot like this one.
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    Hawk ID, Southern Pantanal, Brazil

    Just a guess, but how about juvenile White-tailed Hawk (Buteo albicaudatus)?