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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. RubidiumRubecula

    Any good aftermarket MB-D17 knockoffs?

    Hello everyone! I'm in the market for a vertical grip for my D500 and it appears that the original is impossible to find in Russia. However, we have a ton of chinese knockoffs of different "brands" at laughable prices. Is there anything good between them?
  2. RubidiumRubecula

    What’s your nemesis bird?

    My greatest nemesis was a Chiffchaff. Probably the most common warbler in my area but I couldn't get a nice picture of one for a very long time. Nowadays it's probably a Crossbill, I've seen all sorts of birds feeding on coniferous trees except them!
  3. RubidiumRubecula

    Why ?

    Hello! Seems like they come from people jumping to another system or going mirrorless and replacing 500 PF with 400/4.5S for Z-mount. As for D500 + PF lens, I think there's nothing better for the price at this moment and it's hardly going to change in near future. I myself own a D500 and 300PF...
  4. Loud Neighbour

    Loud Neighbour

    Those birds are truly restless - I often wake up because of their loud whistling calls right outside my apartment. Sometimes they sing during the night time. Males seem to be less cautious and easier to approach so here's a picture of one calling while perched on the rock in my backyard.
  5. Blink


    Of all pictures of this Wren I took that day, this had to be one of the few where the bird is actually in focus.
  6. Blackbird's Song

    Blackbird's Song

    I really like Blackbird's song - good thing they're common where I live.
  7. Dandelion


    Eurasian tree sparrow enjoying his lunch. Despite the name, they seem to be more common than House Sparrows in my town.
  8. Patience


    Recently returned Wagtails seem to like the local lake. Each one has its patch of the shore for hunting small insects flocking over water. I realy hope to get a nice picture of one in flight tomorrow!
  9. Chaffinch


    There are many chaffinches in my local park but I did't get a satisfactory result in getting the portrait of one up until recent time when I finally got this picture.
  10. Quack


    It's important to appreciate "common" birds, like this glorious Mallard, too.
  11. Chilling Out

    Chilling Out

    The first Black Redstart I met this season. They really love to find the highest perch available and sing their almost metallic song for everyone to hear so it was nice to find this one just chilling on the bench. I've read they came from Alps in the end of 19th century and have adapted to urban...
  12. Solo concert

    Solo concert

    I think it's the same Robin I posted some time ago - now back with the solo concert!
  13. Blackbird's feast

    Blackbird's feast

    Evergreen ivy makes blackbirds happy with its berries and makes a nice backdrop for photos when no other foliage is around.
  14. RubidiumRubecula

    Quiet birdsong

    So I found out that it's called a sub-song or a whisper-song and it's indeed can be related to bird's mood. Here's an article on that phenomenon I found today expaining it in great detail.
  15. RubidiumRubecula

    Quiet birdsong

    I've seen (or rather heard) Common Blackbirds and Black Redstarts quietly singing during what seemed their resting time. The birds were just sitting on their perches, not too high from the ground. I encountered such songs outside of their breeding season too, so it seems to be something other...
  16. All the year round

    All the year round

    Many of the local Blackbirds are staying here during winter. I met this one in a chilly morning, sitting atop the wall and singing his quiet song.
  17. Voice of Spring

    Voice of Spring

    Common Blackbird is my favourite singer of them all. Good thing there are so much of them where I live, but not everyone gets such a nice perch.
  18. Daytime nap

    Daytime nap

    No fieldfares were awoken in the making of this picture!
  19. Goldfinch brigthtens my day

    Goldfinch brigthtens my day

    Hope you don't mind a little color correction I did here to highlight the bird... I really like the symbolism of this picture: the appearence of the bird brigtens up otherwise dull and monotonous day.
  20. Chiffchaff on a stick

    Chiffchaff on a stick

    One of my main goals for this season was to get a good sharp picture of a Common Chiffchaff. Previous year I tried with little luck and when the birds were away I upgraded my gear and got a satisfying result with the first Chiffchaff I met this year.
  21. Goldfinch's Breakfast

    Goldfinch's Breakfast

    Goldfinches seem to enjoy larch and pine seeds. This spring there are many of them in my area but usually they're sitting too high to get a good angle.
  22. First sun of the Spring

    First sun of the Spring

    Goldcrests are pretty fast and their movement is unpredictable so it is especially interesting to photograph them
  23. Early bird gets the worm!

    Early bird gets the worm!

    It is hard to get any decent action shots with manual lens so when it happens I am super happy. Probably the best shot I got with that glass.
  24. Unexpected Bullfinches

    Unexpected Bullfinches

    Bullfinches are not so common wintering visitors of my town, usually they are seen in January but last year I suddenly met them at the second day of November at the park near my home. They stayed there until March of this year before departing to their nesting grounds.
  25. RubidiumRubecula

    Your WORST identifiable photos

    It is indeed an European Robin.