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  1. loiner

    Micro ID, Cumbria UK

    Cydia ulicetana is another possibility but as the English name suggests it is strongly associated with Gorse bushes.
  2. loiner

    May Moths

    When I first started trapping I asked my County Recorder (Yorkshire) and he said the correct date was the evening the trap was put out not the morning after but, especially if you don't submit records, it is entirely your own choice.
  3. loiner

    Need help with ID

    Frosted Green
  4. loiner

    April Moths

    I started trapping midway through 2017 in a back garden on the northern outskirts of Leeds, West Yorkshire. I use a mains powered Heath trap with 20W actinic bulb. I fill it with 16 egg boxes (6-egg capacity) loaded in the same positions each night, but move the trap around the garden. I suspect...
  5. loiner

    January 1st joint Birdforum list (2024 edition)

    From Jonny721's list I can add Grey Partridge and Bearded Tit to the UK list.
  6. loiner

    January 1st joint Birdforum list (2024 edition)

    I can add Marsh Tit for the UK list.
  7. loiner

    Hybrid baikal teal ? at Top Hill Low , Yorkshire last weekend.

    For info there was a very similar looking bird at a couple of sites in West Yorkshire in May last year that was concluded to be a Wigeon x Shoveler hybrid.
  8. loiner

    December Moths

    I had the trap out on a few of the recent mild evening but caught nowt so that's it for 2023. I thought I'd just reached exactly 500 species for the garden (over six years - I'd probably have more if I was using a MV bulb) but, after submitting my year list, the county recorder has rejected one...
  9. loiner

    October Moth

    Very mild last night before the rain arrived about midnight. 26 of 14 species, Acleris logiana was new for the garden, Dark Chestnut new for the year. Tachystola acroxantha (six) and November Moth agg. (four) made up the bulk.
  10. loiner

    September Moths

    A wet night up in God's Own County so I had the trap in the greenhouse entrance. Just nine of seven species but Black Rustic was NFY and Ypsolopha sylvella a new species for me, so worth getting damp.
  11. loiner

    August Moths

    I'm still getting numbers of Large Yellow Underwings (209, 113, 93 and 80 in the last four traps) but only Agriphila straminella (22 on one day) getting into double figures otherwise. Caloptilia stigmatella has been the only new species, with four Rustics (Rosy, Six-striped, Square-pot and...
  12. loiner

    August Moths

    270 of 49 species for me last night. Oak Hook-tip and Anacampsis populella/blattariella were lifers, with Acrobasis consociella and Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet NFY. Large Yellow Underwing (155) accounted for the bulk, with Common Rustic agg. and Agriphila straminella the only other species in...
  13. loiner

    Avian flu 2023 (and earlier)

    At my local patch near Leeds, West Yorks (St. Aidan's RSPB) we looked as though we could be on for a record number of breeding Black-headed Gulls early in the season (~5k) but then birds began dying in large numbers. A figure of 800 corpses has appeared in the press a few times but we estimate...
  14. loiner

    Juvenile large gull, West Yorkshire

    This bird was seen just outside Leeds, West Yorkshire on 25th July and has divided opinion among the locals. Yellow-legged Gull is the most frequent suggestion but Caspian Gull and Lesser Black-backed have also been mentioned. YLG is still uncommon here and we've not had a juvenile before. The...
  15. loiner

    July Moths

    A couple of wet night but putting the trap in the entrance to the greenhouse keeps most of the rain off. Two nights ago 89 of 28 species, with just Old Lady NFY. Last night 88 of 38 species with Cloaked Minor being a tick and Large Twin-spot Carpet, Lozotaeniodes formosana, Clavigesta purdeyi...
  16. loiner

    Tortrix of the week

    Piniphila bifasciana looks like quite a good match.
  17. loiner

    Tricksy Tortrix

    Just the general dark ground colour and the contrasting white dashes on the dorsum.
  18. loiner

    Tricksy Tortrix

    Have a look at Enarmonia formosana (Cherry Bark Tortrix).
  19. loiner

    July Moths

    Another decent night, 155 moths of 34 species. Ptycholomoides aeriferanus was a tick and Lesser Yellow Underwing was new for the year. Just 56 Garden Grass-veneers and 28 Dark Arches, with Large Yellow Underwing hitting double figures for the first time this year.
  20. loiner

    Is this a Bud Moth?

    My first thought was Pammene fasciana.
  21. loiner

    July Moths

    A warm night last night resulted in 270 moths of 55 species (one with the County Recorder for confirmation), with Chrysoteuchia culmella (119) and Dark Arches (45) accounting for the bulk. New for the year were Small Yellow Wave, Marbled Beauty, Light Arches, Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing and...
  22. loiner

    July Moths

    A quieter night than of late, 70 moths of 18 species but the first out of the trap was a Lunar-spotted Pinion which is pretty uncommon in Yorkshire, possibly a new vice-county record. Also new for the year were Spectacle, Purple Clay and Swammerdamia pyrella.
  23. loiner

    Moth identification, London, today

    Having caught my first Pinion-streaked Snout last night, initially thinking it was a smallish Bee Moth, I would say that this is also a Pinion-streaked Snout which is a macro moth, but of a micro-moth size.
  24. loiner

    June Moths

    Almost 300 moths of 40 species last night but 159 were Chrysoteuchia culmella (Garden Grass-veneer), with up to 20 more flying off as I opened the trap or took out the egg boxes. Heart and Dart (21) and Dark Arches (19) were the next most numerous. Aethes cnicana was new for the garden, Green...
  25. loiner

    Macros ID

    Not a species I'm familiar with, but how about Pale Oak Beauty?