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  1. Birdbrain22

    SW Florida - Sparrow

    Definitely a Grasshopper Sparrow there. Not sure which population.
  2. Birdbrain22

    Buteo in east Tennessee

    Agree with Red-shouldered Hawk here. Yeah and Broad-wingeds are usually the first ones through here... most by mid Oct.
  3. Birdbrain22

    American Kestrel

    Definite Sharpie there. Small rounded head with hooded nape and thin legs.
  4. Birdbrain22

    Help! Can anyone identify this bird? Seen in Eastern Tennessee

    I am with you for leucistic American Robin here. The body profile fits. Also the lighter/flesh-colored? legs fit AMRO better than any Grackle as well.
  5. Birdbrain22

    ID help for Bay Area, Shoreline

    I'll throw Male Hooded Merganser into the suggestion box also...
  6. Birdbrain22

    Texas Cowbird

    Bronzed thirded.
  7. Birdbrain22

    USA, South Mississippi, Percy Quin

    I am in with the definite YB Sapsucker... you can see the white wing patch which is diagnostic.
  8. Birdbrain22

    Thrush ID help in Waterloo Ontario

    Both are Hermits for me too.
  9. Birdbrain22

    Little or Great Egret? Borneo

    Well not exactly like...
  10. Birdbrain22

    Warbler, Pennsylvania, October 20

    Definitely not a COYE or Wilson's, I like female Mourning Warbler here...
  11. Birdbrain22

    Illinois October 2020

    Could use larger pics, but here is my take... 1/2 Sharp-shinned Hawk 3 Cooper's 4 Hard pic to be sure, maybe a Pine Warbler? 5 looks like a Vesper Sparrow
  12. Birdbrain22

    Red-breasted Merganser

    Ahhh, the dreaded eclipse male strikes again. Seems you are correct Deb based on the wing. I should’ve caught that too because the 1st winter males we see around here are much darker around the eye... but was basing on the loral stripe as well. Since they are in breeding plumage when they get...
  13. Birdbrain22

    Cape Coral, Florida - possible thrush type #2

    Gray-cheeked/Bicknell's Thrush
  14. Birdbrain22

    Red-breasted Merganser

    Agree young male RB Merg
  15. Birdbrain22

    Cape Coral, Florida - percher #2

    I am thinking this is a "Newfoundland" Veery... definitely a hatch year bird. We have banded many of each thrush(including some of the Newfoundland Veerys) over the years. The Newfoundland race of Veery is much deeper/darker and looks nothing like the bright reddish plumage that most folks are...
  16. Birdbrain22

    Purple Finch? Cassin's Finch? Or?? (Los Angeles Mountains)

    I agree with all of this. I am pretty sure the third is another Purple as well.
  17. Birdbrain22

    help in New Jersey Veery or other thrush

    Hatch year Veery there.
  18. Birdbrain22

    Night bird in Toronto

    First thought was Common Nighthawks from the swooping description at night...
  19. Birdbrain22

    Pelagic bird Madeira

    Cory's Shearwater was first though for me as well.
  20. Birdbrain22

    Another NJ Warbler

    I think it is another Blackpoll. Pines have black legs.
  21. Birdbrain22

    NJ Warbler

    Yes to Blackpoll
  22. Birdbrain22

    Bird id in New Hampshire

    Post 9 shows a 3rd year Bald Eagle, a Belted Kingfisher, some Canada Geese, some Wood Ducks and a Cedar Waxwing. Post 10 shows a Cedar Waxwing, a Great Blue Heron, a Cedar Waxwing, an American Robin, and a White-breasted Nuthatch.
  23. Birdbrain22

    Sparrow Alberta Canada

    Me too.
  24. Birdbrain22

    NJ Warbler

    Agree Bay-breasted Warbler