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  1. Photgog

    African Bird Books Recommendation

    I'm about to buy some books on African Birds, and I see that there are many. Is there a general consensus of the best books on African Birds??? I'm prepared to purchase East, West, South, and North if that is the best way to do it. I'm interested in your recommendations. Fraser
  2. Photgog

    Another from Phoenix area, Arizona

    Agreed Fraser
  3. Photgog

    Kingbird, Arizona

    Taken in Kino Springs Arizona on Aug 21, 11. This is probably a Western Kingbird, but the bill looks big and the yellow looks bigger... Any chance this is a Tropical Kingbird??? Fraser
  4. Photgog

    Arizona Hummer

    Er... I know that this is not an easy one... Any Help??? Fraser
  5. Photgog

    Arizona Hummer

    Taken in Central Southern Arizona, Aug 21, 11. This was in the lowlands on a cloudy day... South of Green Valley Az. Female Calliope maybe???
  6. Photgog

    Sparrow... Southern Arizona

    Taken about 10 miles north of the border between Mexico and Arizona on May 3, 11. Just north of Nogales. Sparrow with distinct throat lines... Rufous-winged Sparrow perhaps??? Partially blocked body. Second Sparrow is at the same location... I think most likely a Rufous-winged. Fraser
  7. Photgog

    Common Black-Hawk, Arizona

    I 'Bird' with Matt and took this shot of the same bird. The field ID was Common Black-Hawk but our rules are that there must be photo confirmation. Time sequence of the two cameras confirm that this is the same bird... We sync the camera timers prior to each bird outing. This shot(s) shows a...
  8. Photgog

    Arizona Flycatcher Again...

    Thanks all... Gray is the call. Fraser
  9. Photgog

    Arizona Flycatcher Again...

    Another couple of shots... and the first two repeated. I don't have an agenda that this be a Gray... My agenda is to be accurate in the identification. Fraser
  10. Photgog

    Arizona Flycatcher Again...

    There was occasional tail movement... 'wagging' but not much. Fraser
  11. Photgog

    Arizona Flycatcher Again...

    NE of Phoenix, Jan 21,11... Granite Reef Dam area. A little better photography this time... Gray Flycatcher??? Fraser
  12. Photgog

    Arizona Flycatcher???

    OK... Flycatcher. This photo was taken at Butcher Jones campsite... right by the Lake. (Saguaro) I did not tweak the colors of the presented bird but there was processing that might have effected a color change. First is RAW image... right out of the camera. Second is the addition of 1.35...
  13. Photgog

    Arizona Flycatcher???

    Dusky's are known here... Migratory for sure and we are a bit north of their winter range. Life Bird for me... Thanks. Fraser
  14. Photgog

    Arizona Flycatcher???

    More pictures. I followed this bird for about 15 minutes. I believe these are all the same bird.
  15. Photgog

    Arizona Flycatcher???

    Taken Jan 6, 11... Central Arizona... A dark shot but perhaps enough for an ID... Fraser
  16. Photgog

    Black-faced Grassquit??? US Virgins

    Taken in St Thomas on Dec 4, 10. Searching the net... I think that this is a Black-faced Grassquit... but this is a life bird so I need confirmations. Fraser
  17. Photgog

    US Virgins Big Beak

    WOW... with your help I found a lot of pictures on the net... Must be a Bullfinch as described. Thanks Fraser
  18. Photgog

    US Virgins Big Beak

    Dec 4, 10... St Thomas. This may be a challenge with only a profile , big beak and location... just a bit of red. Fraser
  19. Photgog

    US Virgin Island Bird

    Thanks... I saw the Bananaquit but my book shows a lighter throat. Thought (Hoped) I had something new. Fraser
  20. Photgog

    US Virgin Island Bird

    Taken on Dec 4, 10.. St Thomas at the beach. I have central American books... but I can't find this bird. Comments??? Fraser
  21. Photgog

    Scaly-naped Pigeon??? US Virgin Islands

    This bird was photographed in almost a drive by in St. Thomas... US Virgin Islands. Maybe a Scaly-naped Pigeon.... but it does not look dark enough. Fraser
  22. Photgog

    Loggerhead Kingbird??? Jamaica

    The guide called this a Loggerhead... I'm guessing a Kingbird. Jamaica Nov 24, 10. Fraser
  23. Photgog

    Jamaican Crow

    The locals called this the Jabbalin Crow... as I look up crows in Jamaica... this must be the Jamaican Crow. Unless there are others there. Nov 24, 10. Fraser
  24. Photgog

    Jamacian Oriole???

    Nov 24, 10... Low light. This is beginning to look like a Hooded Oriole... but I don't know Jamaican birds. Fraser
  25. Photgog

    Another Jamaican Bird

    Nov 24, 10 Jamaica. Small Bird, bad light. Fraser