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  1. satyachil

    A few from Minsmere, UK.

    Would have never guessed Linnet. Thanks!
  2. satyachil

    A few from Minsmere, UK.

    Taken today at Minsmere. 1 and 2. female chaffinch? different individuals 3. garganey? 4. and 5. barwit? different individuals 6. chiffchaff? this looked quite yellowish but the pp wasnt too long so ruling out wood warbler which is also rare. 7. sedge warbler?
  3. satyachil

    Lymington marshes, UK

    That makes sense now that you point it out! Thanks.
  4. satyachil

    Lymington marshes, UK

    Taken on 14 feb 2022. A few IDs for confirmation and clarification 1. Common sandpiper? 2/3 Curlew or whimbrel? 4 Meadow pipit? 5. Unknown. There was a flock of around 5 to 7 birds which descended on a bush. This was the best i could do.
  5. satyachil

    Please ID this warbler

    that was my initial thought but then the long supercilium and tail gave me pause. Plus isnt the beak rather prominent for a Blyth's?
  6. satyachil

    Please ID this warbler

    clamorous reed warbler? although the legs are pinkish which confuses me.
  7. satyachil

    Is this a Little-ringed Plover? Portugal

    Common Ringed Plover for me as well. Probably juvenile given the dark bill. -orange legs, lack of yellow eye-ring should exclude Little Ringed Plover.
  8. satyachil

    Oriental Skylark? India

    English sarcasm can be quite trenchant. I am slowly beginning to appreciate the humour over the past few years ..... :D
  9. satyachil

    Yellow-throated Sparrow? India

    It does look like a Yellow throated sparrow (or chestnut shouldered petronia) to me but largely due to elimination of other possibilities. Also agree with large gray babbler for the other 2 birds given the rather dark lores and yellow eye.
  10. satyachil

    Shrike for id - Goa

    Adult Long tailed shrike for me as well. The mask is perhaps too narrow and the tail feathers dont show much white edging for it to be a bay back. The throat colour is a bit unusual. (photo editing/camera settings artifact?)
  11. satyachil

    Juvenile Gull, UK, 14-09-21

    I am thinking LBBG. but its always difficult distinguishing between juvenile LBBG and Herring Gulls.
  12. satyachil

    Isle of Wight UK Juvenile Tufted Duck ?

    The eye colour appears yellow to me. So that should rule out juvenile. Appears to be a female tufted duck to me based on the white at the base of the beak.
  13. satyachil

    A few birds for identification, Titchwell marsh, UK

    Thanks Mike. The dark brown colour of the last one threw me completely. Would have never guessed Mallard. For #2 how did you rule out bar tailed godwit, if i may ask? It wasn't obvious to me in this photo.
  14. satyachil

    A few birds for identification, Titchwell marsh, UK

    I have a few birds i couldnt identify from a recent visit to Titchwell (July 2021). Can someone help here pls? 1. meadow pipit ? 2. black tailed godwit ? or bar tailed godwit? 3. ? 4.? 5. ? 6. ? cheers!
  15. satyachil

    Anyone else like Birds AND planes?

    Great discussion. I did a little more digging around and came across this paper in nature.com. https://www.nature.com/articles/srep09914 They kind of reinforce the role of the alula in generating vortices which delay boundary layer separation and thus improve high aoa flight. Too bad they had...
  16. satyachil

    Anyone else like Birds AND planes?

    I recently photographed a black winged kite in India. Looking at the photo closer i noticed the 2 feathers projecting ahead of the wing leading edges. These look so similar to the dogtooth extensions that a super hornet and other fighter aircraft have. My hypothesis is that these feathers serve...
  17. satyachil

    A few LBJs for id from Uttarakhand, India

    Thanks Andy. These look like good calls to me. :t:
  18. satyachil

    A few LBJs for id from Uttarakhand, India

    These were taken end of dec 2019. Except for number 4, all taken near streams in hilly forests. 1. black redstart? 2. ? 3. Female plumbeous redstart? 4. a really small one.a warbler of some sort perhaps. 5. ?
  19. satyachil

    Id help [Jamnagar, India] - 11

    4 is a female mallard i think
  20. satyachil

    Dark underwings gull

    Thanks for the suggestions Simon. I will try to look for more distinguishing features and match against your suggestions.
  21. satyachil

    Dark underwings gull

    Am currently in Tenerife and am seeing many gulls with dark underwings and white bodies head inland in the evenings. Not successful in capturing a photo yet. What could be potential candidates? There are many lesser/greater black backed gulls but the birds i refer to dont look like juveniles of...
  22. satyachil

    Help ID bird spotted from window(suburban Mumbai, India)

    Looks a bit like a female purple rumped sunbird but the legs give me pause. And thats smaller than a myna for sure. Any more details?
  23. satyachil

    Id Help - Sri Lanka

    #3 look like barn swallows
  24. satyachil

    Indian Silverbill in Dubai this very morning?

    #2 also looks like an indian silverbill to me although the auricular region looks too dark for one.
  25. satyachil

    Indian silverbill ?? Pune, Nov

    I think its a juvenile scaly breasted munia. Lower mandible is dark and i cant really see dark leading edge to the wing.