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    Swarovski Service

    Yesterday I've send my pair of el 10x42 binoculars to swarovski service center in Austria. For some reason I can't explain, I lost my ability to focus to infinity, it almost reaches it, but there's only blurry vision in the distance. I've owned my pair for 10 years now, and until now no...
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    expierence with ballheads telescopes?

    Hello Greg, I tried a pistolgrip in a equipment store, but it is not the thing for me, What i forgot to say is that it is my plan to get rid of de fluidhead en going only for a ball-head. What i loose then is also the steering handle from the fluid head. do you (or other readers here) have any...
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    expierence with ballheads telescopes?

    Hello, I am currently researching if it is easy to use a ballhead together with a telescope? until now i am using a manfrotto 701rc head on a 055cb manfrotto tripod. but i am eager to buy a carbon or basalt gitzo tripod. Because i am also doing birdphotography i find the fluid head not easy to...
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    ball-head question.....

    firstly, thanks for the responses, @ Kevin, Don't you miss the steering handle for aiming your scope? I would especially miss it when seawatching... but maybe you have a hint how you are handling your scope on a ballhead, maybe i only need to learn to handle my scope on -another than video...
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    ball-head question.....

    ls, I am currently using a manfrotto 55cb with 141rc-head for my precious swaro ats80hd telescope, this is my prime setup for birdwatching... And for that type of use good enough. But this manfrotto-combo is in my opinion very bad when i use it with my photographic equipment. It is simply not...
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    Nikon D70 DSLR spec and review now available

    how to outmarket your opponent lesson 1! This new body seems to be THE right step in the right place at the right time for nikon! Just take a premier market share in the low end with almost high-end specs!!!! THAT is a real killer for canon!!! For the real canon-fans it is also a good one...
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    hand held coolpix

    mm, maybe is this helpful! This is a solution! find anyone that is working at a metal-factory with the capability of producing a 28 mm ring with 0,75 mm Thread on it with the proper thread lenght (measure this on your camera) on this ring you stick with the proper glue (superglue will work) a...
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    Review by 'Vogelaar.nl' on item 'ATS/STS 80HD'

    this is the only telescope aroung with almost perfect vueing capabilities, superb colors and a Very well thought off design, everything is topquality, and it's the only scope ever on wich i have a good sight WITH my glasses on! Only the prize is a bit high for the average person! But quality...
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    Review by 'Vogelaar.nl' on item '170-500mm f5.6-6.3 APO'

    works fine for me right now, i wonder if it does when i switch tot digiSLR-photography next year!
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    netherlands birding ?

    Quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thinking of Holland myself next spring, to try and see a few birds which are still eluding me: Golden Oriole, Crested Tit, Black Woodpecker, Honey Buzzard, Goshawk, Tree Pipit, Nightjar, Penduline Tit. I...
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    Photoshop CS

    hi all there, who has already worked with the brand new photoshop edition? I wonder if an upgrade from 7.0 (wich i currently use) is worth the money? greets, martijn
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    ***New*** nikon D70 digiSLR!

    oh, and read this please! i guess that in the most countries this news is not so wide spread as in Holland. please follow this link form nikonusa.com : http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/micro_stories.pl?ACCT=130907&TICK=NIKON&STORY=/www/story/12-03-2003/0002068620&EDATE=Dec+3,+2003 so this...
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    ***New*** nikon D70 digiSLR!

    hoax? i am VERY sure that this is not an hoax, because nikon-europe announced this news on 3 december (for more info see www.nikon-euro.com, on the dutch page!!!) Before that announcement for the last month a few rumours were spreading about this new camera, especially in the netherlands. I...
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    ***New*** nikon D70 digiSLR!

    hi all, for the nikonians without a lot of money: please read this: http://www.dpreview.com/news/0312/03120301nikond70.asp it's the announcement of Nikon's brand NEW D70 DSLR-camera now let's hope the specs are as good as the D100... then they beat again the **** out of Canon! (sorry for all...
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    cp4500 .NEF RAW-images.....!!!

    Hi all there! On a msn-newsgroup (http://groups.msn.com/NikonCoolpix4500supportgroup) i saw the following message! Its a story about a russian guy who wrote a small computer-program wich enables/disabels the DIAG-mode on the cp4500. In DIAG-mode the camera saves for every taken picture, the...