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    Norfolk Butterflies and Moths

    There's a record in the NBIS database from 1915 apparently . No idea where this one came from but it was seen last year as well so either someone releasing them or there's a colony near to where it was seen. Worth keeping an eye out anywhere in TL69 area, somewhere that isn't visited much at...
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    Inland West Norfolk - patch wildlife

    oh, that looks like a new tetrad for swf - nothing in the 2020 atlas for the squares near near Stoke ferry.
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    Norfolk Butterflies and Moths

    Small Blue and Marbled White both photographed at Narborough Railway Line last week.
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    Norfolk Butterflies and Moths

    No other report of the Duke, but first swallowtail reported today
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    Norfolk Butterflies and Moths

    OK. this is weird, but I've just had a report of Duke of Burgundy seen yesterday at Cley. Reporter is familiar with the species, so seems likely. No idea how it would end up in Norfolk, given nearest colony is Bedfordshire, but being on the coast is interesting. Worth keeping your eyes open if...
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    Wild flower ID England

    L. caesar I think
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    used to be little owl along the lane up to choseley - if you walk it worth checking the oaks
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    Bawburgh Lake access?

    Permits are issued in March, and come with a key to get in. An alternative site is Taverham Mill - run by Anglian Water https://anglianwaterparks.co.uk/taverham-mill/nature-wildlife
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    Norfolk birding

    It's not unusual to see a kittiwake flying off the coast, but today there were two fighting with a black-headed gull over a chip on the beach at Winterton. First time I've seen them running around the feet of holiday makers - is this new or did I just not get the memo?
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    Large Tortoiseshells, Portland

    There's this dispar
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    Norfolk Butterflies and Moths

    I've only received one report so far, but that may be lack of observers due to rain. With better weather forecast for this weekend I'd expect them to be flying.
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    Norfolk Butterflies and Moths

    Reported so far this spring Brimstone, Large White, Small White, Orangetip, Holly Blue, Red Admiral, Large Tortoiseshell, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock and Comma
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    Bargain Basement

    Aldi have a Spotting Scope on sale currently for £25. I've just bought one for the grandkids and set it up pointing at their bird feeder. The Abberation around the fringes isn't great but the centre of the image is good enough. It's 20-40 zoom and comes with a tripod and carry cases. It's really...
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    Norfolk Butterflies and Moths

    Very - but it might have been sleeping for a few weeks and been disturbed. They tend to go into hibernation quite quickly so they often look pretty fresh even in March - it's flying around that gets them tatty rather than age per se.
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    Norfolk Butterflies and Moths

    That SWF is the first record for your tetrad! In other news: a Wall with the ground colour white instead of orange was photographed yesterday at Salthouse - this is ab. xanthos; second brood swallowtail now flying; Ladybelt Park has several Clouded Yellow flying, suggesting they bred there; and...
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    Norfolk Butterflies and Moths

    Bilateral gynandromorph - A very tatty Silver-washed at Holt Country Park seen and photographed yesterday by two separate individuals. Left side is female, right is male. Incredibly rare in the wild.
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    Norfolk Butterflies and Moths

    First recorded 2019 Its a good site for White Admiral and Purple Hairstreak (and in 1960's it was the last site in Norfolk for Marsh Fritillary)
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    Norfolk Butterflies and Moths

    I have reports mainly from coastal sites so far, with numbers reported as "hundreds" in several. Seems to have started Wednesday. In other news, Purple Emperor seen at Foxley this week.
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    Norfolk Butterflies and Moths

    Silver-studded Blue now flying - earliest Norfolk date ever. Also Large Skipper reported.
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    Norfolk Butterflies and Moths

    Swalowtail now reported
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    Norfolk Butterflies and Moths

    Meadow Brown reported! That's very early.
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    Portugal Dragonfly ID

    Isn't Orthetrum brunneum also a possibility? (I've never seen this so I'd be interested in the differences and any ID tips)
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    Portland large torts (UK)

    Piggybacking on this thread - the east coast has seen a major influx in the last fortnight - 7 in Norfolk, 3 in suffolk. Considering the reduced coverage there must be more drifting over.
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    Norfolk Butterflies and Moths

    Large White and Green Hairstreak now reported - And a Large Tortoiseshell photographed on the 8th in Sheringham area, with one in Suffolk and one in Essex also seen last week. So frustrating when we're in lockdown.
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    Norfolk Butterflies and Moths

    The current Norfolk list of species seen this year is Small White, Green-veined White, Orangetip, Brimstone Holly Blue, Small Copper, Red Admiral, Painted Lady, Small Tortoiseshell Peacock, Comma and Speckled Wood Next up will be Dingy and Grizzled Skippers, Green Hairstreak and Wall. But where...