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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. Jasonbirder

    Hen Harriers Cambrian mountains (wales)

    I was just thinking the same thing!
  2. Jasonbirder

    Monk fish?

    More like a Scorpionfish I'd say
  3. Jasonbirder

    Feeling guilty when birding far from home

    I totally get it...on your long haul flight - the plane isn't emitting say, 92Kg per passenger per hours flight...your plane is (based on an average occupancy of 330 passengers) emitting 92.5kg/hour created by nasty "tourists" and 0kg/hour created by 2 "eco-tourists" Obviously (given long haul...
  4. Jasonbirder

    Feeling guilty when birding far from home

    You could twitch the length and breadth of the country week in week out for rarities for the emissions of a single long haul flight...so perhaps you've got it the wrong way round?
  5. Jasonbirder

    August Moths

    Isn't Unknown No2 the fabulous (and rare) migrant Beautiful Marbled A moth I think that would make any of us very happy indeed!
  6. Jasonbirder

    Help with a Couple

    Thanks! I don't know why I didn't think Cabbage...i've been getting them regularly this spring...Moth-blindness!
  7. Jasonbirder

    Help with a Couple

    Couple from last night I'm struggling a little with... Do I have a Common Rustic, a Small Dusty Wave and a Coronet ? Thanks in advance!
  8. Jasonbirder

    Year listing "British" birds

    Whilst its a fine idea and will be very enjoyable taking you to lots of great sites (Scottish Highlands etc etc)...the idea that you're differentiating yourself from typical "twitching" year listers is problematic... When i've done a "big year" and indeed everyone I know thats done one...has...
  9. Jasonbirder

    Dogs.Should they be allowed on nature reserves?

    How many Nature Reserves are purely "reserves" with no footpaths/foreshore access rights/agreements for public/common use etc? Some...but not THAT many I'd suspect...
  10. Jasonbirder

    Birding/Twitching and Global warming

    I tend to think (especially as my car has pretty low emissions) that I can drive to Cornwall/Dorset/Norfolk/Yorkshire etc an awful lot of times before i'm even close to a return flight to Costa Rica/India/Gambia etc... So have at it!
  11. Jasonbirder

    Long-tailed Blues Brighton etc

    I've been told the Fenced off area between Lancing Station and the adjacent Asda are a good bet - but its a binocular job (so perhaps not conducive to photos) I'm in Epsom tomorrow with work so will probably give it a bash (weather dependent) as they're still a "lifer" for me...I'll report back...
  12. Jasonbirder

    altimeter watches

    Whilst not scientific - I've owned both a Casio Protrek and a Suunto Core All Black... (I wanted the Altimeter function for the opposite reason as you - I do alot of Caving and anted to know how far DOWN I'd gone :) ) Anyway...the Suunto Core is a better watch overall...comfier, easier to read...
  13. Jasonbirder

    Canvey Island site gen

    Excellent...and I don't even have to worry about having good weather or the weekend! Thanks!
  14. Jasonbirder

    Canvey Island site gen

    I'll second that...any info on SMH's on Canvey Island gratefully received!
  15. Jasonbirder

    Walrus Kinlochbervie

    Currently relocated in Wick (now I'm securely back in England) and showing well below the Lifeboat Station 9as per Caithness seewatching) https://www.facebook.com/caithnessseawatching/
  16. Jasonbirder

    Walrus Kinlochbervie

    Check the beaches from oldshoremore..round to sandwood without connecting today...still here till tomorrow if theres been any sigjtings reported today
  17. Jasonbirder

    Walrus Kinlochbervie

    Cheers Steve...might be a few more about (including dog walkers et al at the weekend) I'm just packing the car now!
  18. Jasonbirder

    Walrus Kinlochbervie

    Thanks alot driving up tomorrow i think
  19. Jasonbirder

    Walrus Kinlochbervie

    I'm going up at the weekend...so any updates welcome...likewise I'll share any gen I get on my travels :)
  20. Jasonbirder

    Walrus, North Ronaldsay

    Can't get up till Thursday because of work...but any latecomers fancying a car share if its still about next week drop me a PM (Midlands)
  21. Jasonbirder

    Birdguides new system

    Not at all impressed...I thought at first it was me...that I just couldn't find the functionality I wanted and needed to play around to "get-it" BUT actually the functionality of the new site is WORSE than the old site... You can't simply "Order" the records by clicking the top a column...as you...
  22. Jasonbirder

    Is this a Variable damselfly? UK

    Have to say it looks like a Red-eyed Damselfly to me
  23. Jasonbirder

    Norfolk Dragonflies

    Just a WARNING to any going for the Lesser Emperor at Ormsby Little Broad Car Thieves are operating in the area!!! I had my car broken into today...the rear windscreen glass smashed and items stolen from the boot.
  24. Jasonbirder

    Norfolk Dragonflies

    Thanks for that - I'll share any feedback and photo's after Tuesday :)
  25. Jasonbirder

    Norfolk Dragonflies

    I'm over in Norfolk Dragonfly hunting Tuesday...just wondered if ther'd been any more recent reports of the RVDs at WInterton or the Lesser Emperor at OLB? (Particularly keen on the later as it s anew species for me!) Given the weather and the weekend i thought a few more people might have been...