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  1. Andrew

    Free Birdwatching Guide to the Algarve PDF

    As promised, here is an image of one of the Chameleons at Quinta do Lago...........
  2. Andrew

    Free Birdwatching Guide to the Algarve PDF

    I didn't realise it was freely available online and already covered here but I was going to mention a guide was easily available in tourist offices in the Algarve. I didn't get it as I am no longer bird focussed but got the 'Nature Tourism' version and it was worthwhile buying at just seven...
  3. Andrew

    Are Lithium Polymer batteries too dangerous?

    Hello, For what it is worth, I use a Lucas 22ah Golf Cart Battery and a Numax Connect & Forget charger when taking my 12W Actinic away from home. Obviously a converter is used in between them as I have a standard wall plug moth trap set up. I may try getting a different set up to eliminate the...
  4. Andrew

    Southern Portugal 8-17 April 2017

    Nice one. Not done Castro Verde for a few years and you have encouraged me to consider it next winter! You have done a good service to others with your maps. :t: Cheers, Andrew.
  5. Andrew

    Southern Portugal 8-17 April 2017

    I am a winter visitor to the area so will be keen to see how it performs in spring. You should be drinking Sagres not San Miguel! ;)
  6. Andrew

    Images Of Lesvos May 2014

    Thanks for posting these Mick, brings back very good memories. A super place. I am into insects now but I would still like to go back for the flies, I bet they have some crackers. Regards, Andrew.
  7. Andrew

    Crow catches Large Fish

    Ah, so it didn't catch the fish. It was already dead? :t:
  8. Andrew

    Crow catches Large Fish

    Amazing. A few years ago, I watched a Crow/Rook (I forget which) eating frogs on the bank of the lagoon at Bowling Green Marsh and like your scenario, there were others waiting close by for their turn at the scraps. Regards, Andrew.
  9. Andrew

    Laser pointers

    Not so sure Pete. I think most people would have waited until they came home to their computers and moaned about it. ;) Regards, Andrew.
  10. Andrew

    Newbie just ordered a Canon SX50....

    Thanks Keith. I think I shall push on from the HS30 to the HS50. (Time to let this thread return to the SX50)
  11. Andrew

    Newbie just ordered a Canon SX50....

    Thanks Keith, your blog shows some images that illustrate it potential. I have enjoyed both the HS10 and HS30 but feel the need to move on to the HS50 especially when the prices are good now. I also enjoy the manual aspects of it as well as it all round performance. I use the Raynox DCR-250 on...
  12. Andrew

    March Butterflies

    Sorry! Meant to type Small Torts. B (: (I actually typed Speckled Wood again in the above sentence. Odd.) Three today attracted to daffs and crocuses with a male following a departing female. Lots of flies about too.
  13. Andrew

    Newbie just ordered a Canon SX50....

    I think I have got myself confused here by all the numbers and letters. I thought you had the Fuji HS50. :-O Cheers, Andrew.
  14. Andrew

    Newbie just ordered a Canon SX50....

    How did you feel after moving from the HS30 to the HS50? I ask as I loved the HS10 but the HS30 isn't really making me happy. So, I am considering moving on to the HS50. I use it mostly for extreme macros with the Raynox lens as well as general holiday snaps.
  15. Andrew

    Flying to Faro to visit Coto Donana

    You can travel into Spain from Faro for free on the N125 but I would advise using the toll road as it is quicker and much easier for someone who has not been in the area before. Just tell the car hire company when you collect the car and most will just note it down. Some will charge a small fee.
  16. Andrew

    March Butterflies

    Two Speckled Woods chasing each other in garden yesterday (Devon).
  17. Andrew

    Winner Announced; Next Drawing July 10th: Win a Pair of PRIME HD binoculars

    Isn't it, isn't it though? Marvellous!
  18. Andrew

    Don't Panic Mr Mainwaring!

    Ridiculous that they called her a man-eater yet Google shows no evidence she has eaten a human.
  19. Andrew

    Urban Birder on Countryfile

    Blimey, I am still in the process of waking up and I have missed Countryfile already?
  20. Andrew

    Panasonic FZ-200

    Is anyone using this camera with a Raynox DCR-250 macro adapter and if so could I see some results please? Regards, Andrew.
  21. Andrew

    Lagoa dos Salgados

    Yes, I am sure you can. When we have driven through Herdade Dos Salgados we have seen an open topped tourist bus driving to the car park by the eastern end of the marshes. I think this is it.... http://www.city-sightseeing.com/tours/portugal/albufeira.htm Arm yourself with a Google Map print...
  22. Andrew

    Blainville's Beaked Whale in Cornwall

    Wouldn't fancy giving the kiss of life to see if I could. ;)
  23. Andrew

    Blainville's Beaked Whale in Cornwall

    http://www.westernmorningnews.co.uk/Rare-washed-Cornish-beach-second-sighting-UK/story-20528958-detail/story.html It is seriously decomposed. The only other sighting was a stranding but it is not mentioned if it was alive or not. I think this one died a long way from British waters so nothing...
  24. Andrew

    Florida, Winter 2013-14

    Aye, agreed. I enjoyed coming back to BF for this specifically. Looking forward to your next jolly jaunt.
  25. Andrew

    Why we go birding ....

    How envious I am! :t: