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    Crow robbing Sparrowhawk nest

    I have read that most raptors are capable of fending off corvids one on one. I am not too sure about the condition of the sparrowhawk (e.g. its experience etc but its definately one persistent crow).
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    Lappet faced Vulture

    That is the largest subspecies of lappet-faced vulture, t.negevensis.
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    hello from a raptor enthusiast

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    Peregrine hunting at night

    Amazing, all this while I thought only the gryfalcon was the only falcon capable of hunting at night!
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    Sharp-shinned Hawk

    Its quite dangerouse to mob accipiters given their great manuverability.
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    Any Sparrowhawk fans?

    Another fan here.
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    Corvid's affect BOP breeding success?

    According to 'Raptors: Birds of prey' by John Hendrickson, most raptors can easily defend their nest from crows/ corvids, however, when disturbance from vehicles comes, those raptors fly off leaving their nest vulnerable to the attack of corvids (which are less disturbed by the presence of...
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    Ravens s Buzzards

    Someone from another forum posted an account sometime ago regarding a buzzard which acctually barrel rolled and grab a corvid in its talons. The raven looks larger.
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    Relative weight of birds of prey

    So the largest falcons acctually outweigh the largest goshawk and buzzards yet the former two have stronger talon grips pound to pound and even at slightly lighter weights. Peregrine falcons with their stoops are capable of killing birds twice their weight!
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    Can you identify this predator?

    Sorry the computer is not running smooth at the moment, however, it must be a harrier of some species.
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    New Interview with Bernard Joubert about the Short-toed Eagle in France

    Do you have interviews with scientist whom study birds outside of europe?
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    question on bald eagle talons

    I guess you are questioning the fact that bald eagles grab on to large fish without letting go right? In that case its the bald eagle that refuses to let go as it can choose to release its prey at will. Juvenile or younger birds seem to be more ambitious compared to adults. I don't know about...
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    Dead Buzzard

    I guess it might have died from natural encounters such as strong wind which might have broken its wings etc?
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    Do African Crowned Eagles eat carrion?

    Its acctually rare to fin accounts of peregrine falcons feeding on carrion. Thanks for posting that!
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    Any chace you could post the report here? Thanks.
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    Gyr and Ivory Gull

    That ivory gull is almost the same size as the gryfalcon. Its amazing that raptors are not able to lift prey half their weight directly off the ground generally yet they are capable of doing so using flight monentum (carrying prey off the ground without landing) which is the reason why golden...
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    Interesting photo: Vullture attacking a canine

    It looks a little more like a stage picture. Nope that picture doesn't look much like that of a lappet-faced vulture. The lappet-faced vulture has whittish thigh and a brownnish white underside (t.tracholitus) in south and south east africa and in north east africa (t.nubicus) has browwnih...
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    Do African Crowned Eagles eat carrion?

    Surprisingly, according to sources, the martial eagle rarely takes carrion and I guess its the same here with the crowned eagle. Golden eagles, bald eagles, tawny eagles, etc surprisingly are as good scavengers as they are hunters (proabably better hunters than scavengers - e-.g. tawny eagles...
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    New book about European vultures

    I hope it comes out sooner, european vultures seem more overlooked compared to african ones.
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    New interview about Cinereous Vulture in Spain

    I do, most of the time, I refer to it as Eurasian black vulture. There are two types of black vultures one called the eurasian black vulture and the other called the american black vulture. I agree, it gets confusing when people just say 'black vulture' without specifying which one.
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    questions on eagles

    I agree with the first but not the second statement. The eagles acctually remove the comfortable parts of the nest (down/fluff/etc) to expose the thorns to cause discomfort to the eaglets so that discomfort will exceed fear.
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    gyrfalcon prey on bonxies?

    Nope unfortunately though pom skuas are included in their prey list. Some of the corvid species can fight evenly with some of the smaller raptors like the kestrel so I am not surprise the skua is capable of robbing falcons.
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    Red Tail Hawks

    Red-tailed hawks are acctually more aggressive than ferruginious hawks despite the fact they are both close in strength. There is acctually an account of the former outaggressing two of the latter species.