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    Ireland Id please

    My thoughts too
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    ID small grey/brown one

    Hard to pin point specifically but overall colour, bill shape, head pattern and general feel. It's a Phylloscopus warbler, and can't see any reason why it isn't a Chiffchaff
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    ID small grey/brown one

    Chiffchaff, as initially thought. Cant make this into a Booted Warbler
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    Phylloscopus warbler, Langtang trek Nepal

    Thanks. I did see a couple of singing LBLW around Lama Hotel but would have liked to have seen others, so to get a better feel for the species. As far as other candidates go, the only other similar looking species should be Greenish or possibly Tytler's. Safe to say it's not the latter, but...
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    Phylloscopus warbler, Langtang trek Nepal

    Hi Folks Interested to see if anyone has any thoughts on the ID of this bird, photographed at Ghopte (3430m) on the way back down from the pass above Gosainkunda. Visually very different from the Greenish Warblers I saw elsewhere during the trek and around Kathmandu (the dark head and bronze...
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    Wader (Fuerteventura)

    Sanderling for me. Odd lighting making the colours very unreliable, but structurally, can't really see it as anything else
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    Nepal April/May 2024 Langtang region

    Hi All Just putting out feelers to see if anyone would be interested in potentially teaming up for a trip to Nepal, trekking the Langtang Valley in April/May next year? I have already booked my flights, out from London 19th April, returning from Kathmandu 12th May, but have since discovered...
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    Help with bird ID in Bhutan

    Steppe Eagle
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    Need Certainty- Which Peep, White-rumped, Least, Western or another????

    Cant seen anything against Least Sandpiper for this one
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    Samuel Smith Park Toronto Ontario

    Empid gets my vote as Least Flycatcher.
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    Plovers / Oman

    Agreed. Happy on 5 as a Lesser
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    Rough legged buzzard? Goshawk? - NE Scotland

    FWIW I cant help but wonder if you might have been slightly too quick to dismiss Goshawk? The white you describe on the tail could easily be explained by the under-tail feathers being fluffed out, as often seen on displaying birds. Your description of long wings, being almost Hen Harrier like...
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    Red-eyed/Cream-vented/Olive-winged Bulbul? Borneo

    Left hand bird is Olive winged. I was there is March and found Spectacled to often be the commonest species around the walkway, followed by Red eyed. Olive winged was quite common, but seemed to be more on the margins, rather than so much within the forest, though I did still see it from the...
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    Sparrow ID query

    Swamp for pics one and two. Unsure on 4 and wouldn't mind seeing another picture of five (song or Lincoln's) but others all Song Sparrow.
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    Hume's Leaf Warbler?

    By no means conclusive, but getting a Lemon-rumped Warbler vibe from this image. Don't suppose you have any other images that would confirm either way, a pale rump patch?
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    Id Help - Desert National Park, India - 1

    Isabelline Wheatear for no 5.
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    Pipits in Nepal

    Any reason why it isn't Paddyfield? Certainly the most likely, given the location. That's what I would be calling it, if I saw that there, or somewhere like Thailand
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    ID help please, Tontono, Canada, Sep. 2020

    Not the easiest of angles, but for the reasons that Jeff says, I agree it looks like a Philadelphia Vireo. More yellow looking than might be expected but I suspect that's a photo effect, maybe caused by surrounding green foliage, reflecting the colour onto the underparts
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    Curaçao waders

    Any other photos available Paalo or just that one? Given the light and shadow effect I don't think its much use trying to assess leg colour, which will more than likely look darker in this kind of image than what they actually are. I'm still struggling to see these birds as Semi-Ps
  20. D


    Yellow vented Bulbul
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    Curaçao waders

    Agreed. Cant see anything which is wrong, structurally, for Least Sandpiper.
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    Curaçao waders

    Least Sandpipers
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    Duck ID, Ontario CANADA.

    Any reason why its not a female Mallard?
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    Flycatcher, Ontario

    Alder/Willow Flycatcher. Not sure if its possible to be any more specific