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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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    Watchdog permits 170,000 wild bird killings in five years

    In response to such senseless destruction, Packham and Avery (among others) have set up WildJustice to get the offenders in court. https://wildjustice.org.uk Please consider donating to this new, independent organisation working to force changes in the law to benefit wildlife.
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    The Tawny owl

    Nice to see a Tawny so close up and relaxed, such beautiful and endearing birds. Nice filming, well done.
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    Advice > Which Scope/Tripod .....

    Keep doing your homework on this and avoid rushing in. Buy secondhand but get the advice of other birders and take someone knowledgeable with you when you go to inspect a scope. There's no way I would spend money on a cheaper scope when bargains are to be had secondhand. The time you spend...
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    RSPB Staff and Members

    Comes across as a bit harsh that, he said he needed a rant and has let it go.
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    Fixed eyepiece for HR 80 GA ED

    Malcolm I hope you don't mind me hopping onto the thread..... I am looking for a zoom EP for my Opticron HR 66 GA ED. Going in the opposite direction to yourself, I have a fixed ep but prefer a zoom one. If you decide to sell yours I may be interested in buying it. Just a thought.
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    How to go about sending bins for service?

    My next questions are, do I need the warranty card and how do I find out if my bins are definitely still covered? I'm unsure as to the exact date of expiry. Cheers all for the replies.
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    How to go about sending bins for service?

    My aging Trinovid bins are coming to the end of their guarantee period and I'd like to have them serviced. I just wanted to check how do I go about sending them to Leica? I found some general information online but nothing specific to binos. I did have a card for a technician at Birdfair who...
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    Anting? Dusting?

    Looks like anting to me. Do you have ants in that area of your yard? Are you able to examine the image closer? You may see ants in the image. I Watched a male Blackbird anting yesterday outside of a store in a spot where ants were coming up through the ground. I could see the ants on the bird.
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    Ancient birds in amber

    Thanks Andy, that's a fascinating find. If you Google something like 'ancient birds amber' there's more to go at including an in depth Nature journal article with lots of pictures.
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    Leica Trinovid BA 7x42

    Two pairs here, nothing wrong with either of them. Focus is spot on.
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    Trinovid HD dioptre adjuster where situated?

    I'm a little clearer... It seems the new HD trinovid has the dipotre on the eyepiece. I'm not sure which Trinovids have the centre dioptre above the focus wheel it seems there's a newer version with such an arrangement and it's post the BN and BA and perhaps predates the HD......not sure. Anyway...
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    Trinovid HD dioptre adjuster where situated?

    I'm seeing pictures where the adjustment is situated sitting above the focus wheel as per the older Trinovid. Very confusing to see other pictures where the dioptre is built into an eyepiece. It's 8x42 I'm interested in. Would much prefer the siting to be above the focus wheel Can anyone...
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    Additional pair of binoculars?

    From what I'm reading including some very extensive expert reviews, the differences in optical quality between a mid range bino and something like a Swarvo SLC are very little indeed. My advice would be to look up the reviews for Zeiss Conquest HD's and the range of Hawke binoculars for example...
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    Cleaning Zeiss Binocular Lenses

    Asda opticians sell Zeiss wet wipes. I had my Leica bins cleaned and checked at the manufacturer's stand at Bird Fair. They said it's fine to use wet wipes intended for hygiene purposes, for instance, the wet wipes for babies. Also fine to rinse mud etc under a tap. As a general rule I err...
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    Filter for APO 77

    Hi Yves. Yes the compatibility of your Leica filter may be because it is Leica. I am considering buying a Leica filter because everything else i try gives a blurry image. I cannot explain why a Leica filter should be compatible and others are not. Perhaps someone else could offer an...
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    Filter for APO 77

    Trouble is getting to the filter once it's attached. The hood is in the way so I can't wrap tape around the filter. I don't think the Leica hood is detachable. Does anyone know otherwise? Etudiant, I too find the hood useful in rainy conditions. The Leica hood is quite deep. I feel a lot more...
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    Filter for APO 77

    Hi Rotherbirder, I've had no end of trouble trying to find a suitable filter. Could you tell me which Hoya filter you use on your 77 and does the sun shield pull out OK over it? I've sent you a PM in case you don't read this thread again. Thanks.
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    Filter for APO 77

    Didn't realise cheaper end filters were being faked. Thinking of sealing a filter it onto the scope temporarily with self amalgamating or insulation tape to keep the rain out, on really wet days I've had the rain seep through onto the objective. Must have seeped through via the threads.
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    APO 77 Adapter Needed.

    Just made one using two eyecaps from a cheap and nasty pair of old binos I found in the cupboard.
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    APO 77 Adapter Needed.

    Anyone know of a push-on cylindrical type adapter to go on the APO 77? Nothing bulky just a cylinder I can push onto the lens. Preferably without screws on the sides. I might make one myself but my efforts are likely to scratch up the lens collar. Camera is a Nikon Coolpix p5100. I don't mind...
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    Filter for APO 77

    BTW I think the Nikon lens filter is fake/faulty- I'm tending towards the former especially as the seller refunded quickly no questions asked and didn't even want it back. I held it in front of two other scopes and it produced the same blurry or distorted images. I think I can confirm window...
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    Filter for APO 77

    Hi Robin. I have managed to fit compatible filters to other scopes and there was no discernible deterioration of image quality. I am keen to fit one to my scope not least because I once purchased one with a dent in the body from the previous owner dropping it. The objective was fine having been...
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    Filter for APO 77

    Hello all. I recently bought a Nikon filter for my scope but it makes the image blurry- so much so I thought there was something wrong with the scope until I remembered the new filter and breathed a sigh of relief. Can anyone recommend filters which are compatible please as I'm wanting to...
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    Leica APO - TELEVID 77 for sale

    Just realized.... I don't think you'll be able to post in the classifieds section until you have a certain number of posts and been a member for a little while.
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    Leica APO - TELEVID 77 for sale

    Not a bad price at all, in line with current prices for Leica kit. You may have it in the wrong section however. In any case there is a for sale section on this forum.