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    Random Ramblings on the CL 7x21 Curio

    My Curio and 1242s are also in Tirol this minute - can't wait to have em back..
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    New Swarovski product announcement in January 2024...?

    Seems the official Release is out now :)...
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    Curio Whoopsie!

    Absolut - this thing is a joy, today is was the first time a kind of a toy, after had a nl 12 in hands before and forgot i had the curio in my pocket too - haha - but its such a fine instrument which can follow you everywhere :) But there is no question that focusknop is really a poor thing for...
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    Curio Whoopsie!

    So now it is tight and fine, yes? i still wait a bit till i send it in..
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    Do you own a CL Curio 7x21? Must have accessories

    still can recommend this Hama case, which brings the curio even on faster hikes or runs with me, fits like a glove :) Hama Case
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    Curio Whoopsie!

    How came the curio back to you guys from austria, who this thing happened to? Holding better now? Mine is also about to fall off :/
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    EL SV/FP with glasses

    i tried some nl cups on the el 8x32 fp but it doesn't fit :(
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    Swarovski compared to Vortex

    for me compared the vortex is could tried were always a bit more brownish colorize, and overall brightness no comparison to my curio and my el.... On the other side i have no problem looking still looking through my diamondbacks 8x32, there are a nice packable device for the mountains...
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    Enjoying the EL’s in their natural environment…

    Thx for sharing! Love those sand 8x32s! Mine are currently at swarovski, not for the coating, which the swarovski phone lady thought at first... The diopter setting changed by itself somehow while it was locked, looking forward to have those again... have a good time!
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    Looking for some pocket binos I'm curious about the curios.

    Gibts doch nicht Kurt! Hab sie auf Empfehlung aus einem anderen Forum gekauft, bei mir mir passt sie und begleitet mich täglich! Btw: Those go with me often on a trail run, and there is no fog building or anything, really happy how it works out with those lil companions :)
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    Looking for some pocket binos I'm curious about the curios.

    really seems it was not made for your eyes - because, dark? no, dark is everything, but not the curio.... yesterday i was watching hills and seaside from a mountain, and was switching beteween 32 els and the curio, and of course a bigger is much more powerful, but when i deep dive into the...
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    High and Over with NL Pure

    Since i didn't mention in the other thread. I even tried a 12x i forgot about, the diamondback 12x50 after i was so happy with the 832 of it.... I wear no glasses and to my surprise, there was NO! setting for me which worked for me on this glass, didn't understand, but i couldn't use it.
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    Killarney National Park w/ NL Pure

    Thx, now there is only missing a bigger one, im sure the NL12 will be in the lottery end of the year.. I wish i had the chance to test the VP, but the Curio is easy on the eyes and even stays with me on a trail run in a hardcase, so pocket wise hard to beat. Super bright and sharp of course...
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    Killarney National Park w/ NL Pure

    Yeah, indeed, but that's interesting... For me it was the same with a iphone12 mini and a iphone11pro, with both its the same, but most of the time, the iPhone magnification won't work above 2x!! (No matter if i use a el, a diamondback or a curio ;))
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    Killarney National Park w/ NL Pure

    thank you for those pictures! Before i was interested more into the bin-market i always thought im strange doing this bin-photos with my old diamondback , which a Swiss guy shows me on the way to capricorns.. Felt better when i realized there even a whole market for this, with adapters and...
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    Thoughts ? on Binocular Colors

    Have to say the sand el 8x32 fp is a beautiful thing, and im glad i looked for it.. Not a fan on the orange ones, but for hunters ;) To each his own..
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    Swarovski Curio 7x21 versus Victory 8x25 and Ultravid 8x20

    Really happy with the curios the last days, spotting a few wild pets and birdies :) Its comfy for me and fits my eyes well, even i don't thought i keep it as i watched the first time through it, but once it fits, its a pleasure. I even got it with me on my morning trailruns, where my old...
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    Swarovski Curio 7x21 versus Victory 8x25 and Ultravid 8x20

    Merci! Funny, i already had the chance to view through 2 other pocket bins yesterday, both with a 10x magnification.. One was a Zeiss/Germany, very old which was beaten easily by a Trinovid Leica "Made in Portugal" 10x25... Would be interesting from which year those were, my dad found em in...
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    Swarovski Curio 7x21 versus Victory 8x25 and Ultravid 8x20

    Can anyone say something only magnification-wise about the Curio vs Victory? Unsure if i should add a VP8x25 to my final decision vs the Curio :/ Otherwise im enjoying curios amazing brightness..
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    Roger Vine's thoughts on the 7x21 Curio?

    Thx! Today we had a grey heron on a lil lake here out of the door, had the el832 and the curio with me.... the lil thing is so good, but the magnification power is of course welcome too.. Maybe i just keep the curio, or i take a look through the cl pocket 825 or 1025 this week if i will be able...
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    Roger Vine's thoughts on the 7x21 Curio?

    hi, can you give me a few infos about the curio vs the 10x25.. Bet for birding the 10 bringing in more, but the overall picture and viewing quality is better on the curio? Would be interesting, thank you!
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    Swarovski Curio 7x21 versus Victory 8x25 and Ultravid 8x20

    Thx for your message, yeah its a "problem" of the pocketglasses, i have to learn to hold it right, like apple would say ;-) I dont have glasses and have to put the eyecups fully out to get the best out of them, for the el's on the second position and for the nl it was also 2/3 postition i...
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    Swarovski Curio 7x21 versus Victory 8x25 and Ultravid 8x20

    Hello birdform, im fairly new to optics, but the last weeks i went through a few "hammers" like the el 8x32 which is mine now, and i was also looking a few days through a Pure 10x32 (Decision was that i went with the el, since it seems often even lighter from the picture and sharpness) I also...