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    ID Help -- Jan, NYC

    This is a very good bird for January. Where was this?
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    NYC - White-throated Sparrow?

    White-throated Sparrows are very variable (as are Songs). This looks like a White-throated Sparrow to me.
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    Sharp-shinned Hawk? - Winnipeg, Manitoba

    I'd say Sharp-shinned Hawk due to the rounded head that seems small in proportion to its body and short neck. Plus, the bird in question gives more of an impression of being bug-eyed as the eye is close to the center of the head.
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    Agree, except 5-6 is Northern Waterthrush due to darkish legs, dull/yellow eyebrow (compared to Louisiana) and buffy underparts with dense streaking.
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    Warbler from Port Credit Ontario

    Beautiful picture!
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    Hawk in New Jersey

    Cooper's Hawk for me.
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    Warbler help in Perth, Ontario

    Agreed. And, I thought Prairie after seeing the original.
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    Taiga and Tundra Bean Goose Identification

    This is awesome–great work!
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    Hermit or Swainson's Thrush Port Credit Ontario

    Great pictures by the way! Also, Swainson's Thrush has more yellow on the breast and a buffy eye-ring.
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    Help ! Can’t ID bird I saw .- Central California

    Thanks. I saw that, but your posts are generally unhelpful and sometimes wrong (but you fail to ever acknowledge so). Perhaps you should read the thread more closely. Did you not see it was on the right track? So, I wanted to give a picture that is a more clear match since individual birds...
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    Help ! Can’t ID bird I saw .- Central California

    Yellow-rumped Warbler (Audubon's Warbler)
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    Help ! Can’t ID bird I saw .- Central California

    Not exactly a match, but what about Golden-crowned Kinglet? I copied an image off of Google.
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    martin i.d. needed in brooklyn n.y.

    No worries! It's a real head-scratcher.
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    martin i.d. needed in brooklyn n.y.

    Here's a link to all of the pictures of the mystery martin uploaded to eBird...
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    martin i.d. needed in brooklyn n.y.

    Here's my terrible picture of the mystery martin next to two barn swallows and two tree swallows (for size comparison). I was lucky enough to be standing right next to the tree when they all decided to perch.
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    Vireo (?), northern Virginia, April 6, 2021

    I took a look at picture and that it was a eye-ring along with the pale supraloral. Plus, picture is pretty poor and grainy so I thought lack of white was just due to lighting issues. I'm clearly mistaken, it's BHVI.
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    Vireo (?), northern Virginia, April 6, 2021

    I think it's a pale pine warbler.
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    ID help needed (warbler, sparrow?) - NW Florida

    Looks good for hermit thrush
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    Purple finch or just another house finch? Ontario, Canada

    After another look, I agree with House Finch.