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    Bill looks slightly odd because head is tilted I think
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    What bird is this?

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    Bare-faced Ground Dove? Bolivia

    Yes giant hummer. Not sure which species if we accept the proposed split, probably the northern one
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    What bird is this?

    Where and when was this, please (e.g. which country)
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    Warbler ID help please, Lailias Forest Greece this week

    And I think I see only 3 emarginations. So willow warbler? (Despite leg colour, bill structure)
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    Carrying Olympus w/ telephoto and binoculars

    I use a "knock off" shoulder strap for the slr, like this...
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    Algarve Shearwater

    Just "for the record" please could you expand the discussion of these characters. They're not mentioned in (e.g.) the sound approach page I think. I realise we're agreed the op bird is Scopoli's
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    Algarve Shearwater

    Do you feel these characters trump the underwing white?
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    Algarve Shearwater

    Certainly looks like it to me. Outermost primary seems to have extensive white
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    Some Bolivian birds from Atacama Desert

    All James's Eye colour makes it alticola (orange cf red) Perhaps cinereous ground tyrant
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    Skua IDable? Off the coast of California, 2023 September.

    The image is compatible with that, although I wouldn't bet the house on it
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    Swift ID - Ohio, United States

    Despite the fact it's not purple, this is surely a purple martin (female)
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    ID help swamphen - Wildlife - Vietnam - Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens

    Agree that this bird is likely captive origin. OTOH, presume not absolutely impossible that it's a vagrant. Suspect we don't know huge amounts about the distribution, movements of Black-backed: see for example the patchiness of records on the ebird map.
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    Blackbird with white spots seen in Cyprus

    Possibly an aberrant individual of something common like blackbird
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    Incorrect species photo on Red-shouldered Hawk opus

    Removed. I see there are lots of comments in the gallery already
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    Incorrect species photo on Red-shouldered Hawk opus

    Good spot ! Agree it's not the hawk (I'd go with Sharpie). Will remove. If in and id'd in gallery will make some comment.
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    ID Request, North Devon

    (so those dark streaks are feathers matting together making shadows between, rather than actual streaks)
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    ID Request, North Devon

    I wondered about very wet male Chaffinch. Can't judge break shape but seems to have bluish cap. Certainly very wet something
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    Razorbill or Common Murre/Guillemot? Cliffs east of Whitby, UK, 1st June 2024

    My first impression was razorbill for both. On checking, both images have some brown mixed in (although the true colour is clearly black, at least for the second). What appear to be feet in the first are actually the tail imo. I think we're seeing some of the undertail white there too. The...
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    ID Help - Aruba - June - Terns

    Yes: royal and Cabot's (sandwich) tern
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    ID help swamphen - Wildlife - Vietnam - Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens

    If we're sure this is a wild bird (never easy in that part of the world) you might consider adding the pic to opus. It's somewhat better than mine there
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    ID help swamphen - Wildlife - Vietnam - Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens

    black-backed (Sunda) is indicus. Many treat this as a full species not subspecies now. Edit: melanotus is the next closest but doesn't have the bright blue breast and underparts your bird shows. poliocephalus has a grey head.
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    ID help swamphen - Wildlife - Vietnam - Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens

    A swamphen for sure. Under a taxonomy which splits them, looks like black-backed swamphen
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    Red-shouldered Blackbird

    Sorry I didn't understand the point of this post. The highlighted text is wrong. Red-shouldered blackbirds are endemic to Cuba. This form is a recent split from red-winged blackbird. The latter is found in North and Central America, with some vagrants recorded as far away as Europe.