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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. J

    Kowa TS2

    Hi, just remembered my Opticron HDF 40861 (5mm 56 deg) as a possible candidate. But alas, the thread is 29mm, so no instant win - pitch looks similar to the original one. We probably can ask Pete Gamby about the exact specification of the Opticron HDF male thread... I held it in place and...
  2. J

    Kowa TS2

    Hi, first of all, welcome to birdforum! My knowledge of Kowa TS scopes is quite limited as most of them were sold before I was born and I am not really a collector... I do have a cheap straight TS-9 with 20x EP, the last of the series before the TSN scopes started showing up, which I bought...
  3. J

    Thoughts on three vintage 1980’s spotting scopes

    Hi, thorium in EPs is kinda criminal - the main isotope Th 232 is an alpha emitter and thus not a problem unless ingested, inhaled or in direct tissue contact (as in pressing the thorium glass rear element of an objective used as EP directly to your eye), but further down the decay chain there...
  4. J

    Thoughts on three vintage 1980’s spotting scopes

    Hi, I suppose we have different definitions of ED glass then... the usual term is for stuff with Abbe numbers over 75 - see the left side of Fig 148 on this webpage... the x axis is Vd aka Abbe number. https://www.telescope-optics.net/apo_refractor.htm I didn't find optical data for thorium...
  5. J

    New binocular day! Nikon 7x42 EDG

    Hi, I too have had to muster all my strength to resist a few well priced EDG 7x42 pairs over the years... <chanting the mantra: I have enough optics, I have enough optics and not enough time to use all of it> Enjoy the view! Joachim
  6. J

    Thoughts on three vintage 1980’s spotting scopes

    Hi, I tend to say the opposite... there have not been signifcant improvements in optics in the last 30 years... last 40 there was two and those two were mainly about roof prism bins... see below. multicoatings were getting mainstream in the early 80s ED glass was mainly unavailable in the...
  7. J

    Wow - New Pentax PF 65ED-II (Angled)

    Hi, The XW 10 has 70 deg afov and will give 39x in the 65mm body... or the XW 14 at 28x... those were designed to work with the Pentax spotters... Or find an astro club and bring your spotter to an observation night and nicely ask whether you can try some wide angle EPs around 12mm in it and...
  8. J

    Thoughts on three vintage 1980’s spotting scopes

    Hi, nice collection of interesting vintage spotters... probably all related. I found an instruction leaflet for the Bausch & Lomb model here...
  9. J

    General spotting scope questions

    Hi, if I had to ID birds at 1300m I would take a medium size astro scope, maybe my ED120, the Baader Zoom for 38-113x (plus maybe the corresponding barlow for that day - or night, after all it's an astro scope - with perfect seeing, since I already have it) and maybe the ES 82 deg 30mm...
  10. J

    Older Carl Zeiss 10x50 binoculars puzzled owner

    Hi, Zeiss West serial numbers are not consecutive and also not the same as the (consecutive) CZJ numbers, so even the production numbers per year for Zeiss West as listed in that web page shown above don't help. You need somebody with access to the records, like Gary... maybe he'll help to...
  11. J

    Kowa EP TE-14WD

    Hi, I am not sure if there is a difference between the TE and TSE versions... I have the TE as per the box (no type on the EP itself) and it looks exactly like the new version... I don't know the old 20x wide angle, so can't really compare. It is wide and sharp either alone or with the 1,6x...
  12. J

    Is my Spotting Scope decent enough?

    Hi, visually in my cherry TSN-3 with the SDLv2 the moon looks a lot crisper than your image when zoomed in. But also a lot smaller at 54x - and when I try images, they come out worse. So it's hard to say whether it's due to your scope or the phone camera and/or technique. Here is an incredibly...
  13. J

    Interchangeability of Fieldscope eyepieces

    Hi, I think the physical limitations were with the original 60mm Fieldscope which does not take newer EPs. From the Fieldscope II on, there should be no problems, but please correct me... Here is the table for the current DS EPs: https://imaging.nikon.com/sport-optics/lineup/scopes/ds/ And...
  14. J

    Any suggestions?

    Hi, first of all, welcome to birdforum! The first question is, can you hold a 10x pair steady? On foot? On a Landrover with the engine on? While its moving? Second question would be whether you will wear glasses when using the bins and thus need more ER. As for what to get, unless you will...
  15. J

    Kowa 55A/55S

    Hi, read my sentence again, I agree with you perfectly... Joachim
  16. J

    Kowa 55A/55S

    Hi, since the 553 was not known for showing excessive CA, there was probably no need to make it even heavier by including a triplet objective. The Schmidt prism vs the porro pair and semi pentaprism would have saved weight though. So maybe fluorite doublet plus Schmidt prism would have been...
  17. J

    Kowa 82 series prisms query

    Hi, wow... this really takes the 824 to another level. Which version is it - we're at Mk4 iirc? Joachim
  18. J

    HR80 ED vs Kowa 823

    Hi, if you have a good example of the HR80ED, an equally good 823 or ED82 will be a sidegrade at a high price.. both are a tad lighter but nothing to fret about. So maybe do a star test and/or compare with fellow birders scopes to get an idea if you current scope is ok, good or better and then...
  19. J

    Want to buy my son a gift. I am clueless

    Thanks for the pointer to this cheapo package deal... seems to be mainly a Zeiss US thing, over here it's only available on Amazon and at 320€ more expensive than other new offers for the normal model... Joachim
  20. J

    What did you see in your binoculars today?

    Hi, I would opt for hare rather than rabbit with those ears... Joachim
  21. J

    Nikon ED50A breakage

    Hi, and if one has a problem with the cosmetics after taping, a stay on case or some foam tape will take care of that... Joachim
  22. J

    HR80 ED vs Kowa 823

    Hi, if you can get a good example of either used, they will be nice. The Opticron is huge and heavy due to the 5 element APO objective but there are lots of nice EPs... will be great with an SDLv3 or v4 up to 72x... The Kowa is a bit lighter and has the famous fluorite doublet view that some...
  23. J

    Want to buy my son a gift. I am clueless

    Hi, first of all, welcome to birdforum! Pocket bins come with many compromises like narrow field of view, tiny exit pupil (objective diameter divided by maginfication) makes the image dark in less than ideal light plus difficult eye placement and finicky handling due to the tiny size (unless...
  24. J

    Hi From Maine~Hello

    Hi, first of all, welcome to birdforum! As has been mentioned, images are necessary for identification. The six digit serial number and Made in Germany leaves two options: - Carl Zeiss Jena from 1918. Not too probable as CZJ back then did not usually mark their products Made in Germany...
  25. J

    Make bins out of scopes

    Hi, this is a very common pasttime in astro circles... although they usually tend to suffer from advanced aperture fever...