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    Car binoculars

    I recently got one pair to always be in my car. It’s a great idea. I would suggest 6.5-7x and wide field. The usage is usually something quick, so you don’t have time to search and focus. Plus you will be looking through car windows which worsen the view. With more magnification you will just...
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    In Search of the Perfect Compact Binoculars for Active Woods Adventures

    I cannot say anything about the Maven because I haven’t tried them. But I have the Curio and it’s amazing. Swaro will probably hold value better and are easier to sell if you ever have different needs. 7x is perfect for the type of usage you might use these. Longer depth of field that comes with...
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    Having 2 pairs of binoculars. Which would you choose?

    Update on my post before. The companions have been upgraded to NL 8x32 and the 10x40 went back to previous owner and I got instead Canon 18x50. Still would be difficult to use only two but those two would be Curio and NL. But it’s really useful to have one with bigger size and longer reach also...
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    Swarovski NL Pure 8x32 vs CL Companion 8x30

    I’ve used the CL 8x30 for about a year and just recently bought a used pair of NL 8x32. I also own the Curios. The NLs are of course twice the price but also has a nicer view. I never thought the CL was lacking until I got used to the NL’s wider field and longer depth of field. The CL also has...
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    Kowa Genesis 8x22 vs. Swarovski Curio 7x21

    The Curios are excellent optically even without considering the size and surprisingly comfortable and easy to view considering the size. I think for the type of use this size bins are good for and considering light weight, 7x makes more sense. Less shake and longer depth of field. I hardly ever...
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    Entry - Midrange Binocular Recommendation ($500)

    I would go for used high end bins for 500$ budget. My first good bino was at that price and I ended up upgrading within a year. You seem to notice small flaws easily and they irritate you. Welcome to the club. You probably will not be happy with anything available new for 500$. But a few years...
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    New Swarovski product announcement in January 2024...?

    I would love to see a monocular version of the Curio. I’d always carry it in my pocket.
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    Having 2 pairs of binoculars. Which would you choose?

    Two is difficult but three is easy. Big, medium and small. for example 7x21, 8x32 and 10x42-56. My current lineup: 7x21 Curio 8x30 Companion 10x40 Habicht The two smaller are 90 % of my use but sometimes at a bird tower longer reach is nice and size is not an issue. So if I had to choose only...
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    Monoculars - anyone use these things ?

    I carry an old Zeiss 8x20 monocular (made in West Germany) always in my travel bag or pocket. It’s good to have when binoculars are not an option. There’ve been numerous times when I’ve seen something worth looking whilst out hiking or biking. Monoculars don’t replace binoculars but I do...
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    Better rainguard for the CL Curio

    Here's an update after getting my hands on the Curio itself. Fits perfectly and holds on with just the right tension for quick access. This is a good upgrade for the Curio. Makes it much quicker to use when out in the forest as you don't need to spread them first. I'm glad to print one for...
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    Recommendations for mid-level (US$400-600) 8x42s?

    I had the same dilemma a year ago and went with GPO Passion ED 8x42. I've been very happy with the purchase. The view is sharp, bright, wide and comfortable. I've since tested better binos but they were Swarovskis and 3x the price. GPO has quality management done internally in Germany. It's...
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    Better rainguard for the CL Curio

    Thank you for the files, @pm42 It printed nicely on first try (Overture TPU, 15 % infill). Now I just need to wait a few days for my Curio to arrive.
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    Better rainguard for the CL Curio

    This is an excellent design and idea! I'd love to print it myself, if possible? (just ordered the Curio) Are those objective lens covers included or printed? I've recently printed better covers for my GPO Passion ED 8x42 using this design (Binocular Lens Cap 54mm OD by danielbeaver) and scaled...
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    Pentax VM 6x21 WP Monocular/ 18x Microscope

    I just got this monocular and find the lack of eyecup very bad. It's difficult to get a good view quickly. The focus system is also quite finicky. Even a slight tap on it will change focus. My purpose of buying this was to have something always with me that is quick to use. I'm giving it a bit...
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    3d printing nest boxes

    I've had success with these: Printables Already printed the large one (see picture) and planning to print smaller versions for next season. Easy and works really well. The measurements are also according to recommendations. That cannot be said for the majority of available designs.
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    Share your Pentax VM 6x21 WP monocular tips, tricks, mods, 3D printed parts etc.

    Here's the first prototype of an eyecup. It is 83,38 % scaled version from this design: Nikon TC-E2 binocular shell by grzybu Soft TPU. Fits well and improves the situation somewhat. Still doesn't feel perfect, though.
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    Share your Pentax VM 6x21 WP monocular tips, tricks, mods, 3D printed parts etc.

    I just got my copy. The glass is really good, but usability is not great at this point. Will it get better with practice? Please share your experiences in getting used to the thing. It doesn't come with a lens cover and the eyecup lacks adjustability. Anybody knowledge of suitable 3rd party...