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  1. J

    Pelican Identification Question.

    Spot-Billed Fieldmarks: A large pale waterbird with a hefty pinkish pouched bill marked with diagnostic dark spots on the upper mandible. (from ebird.org) Range: Southern India to Western Vietnam. Pink-Backed Fieldmarks: Small for a pelican. Adult is mostly pale gray with a pinkish bill and...
  2. J

    Greater Spotted Eagle - Immature (Ethiopia) - Confirmation?

    I believe this was an immature greater spotted eagle. Location: Lake Langano, Rift Valley, Ethiopia Environment: Circling at the cliff edge between the dry acacia scrubland and lake edge Time: about 9am, Dec. 31 2022 Fieldmarks: spotting and lighter rump can be seen from top view, lighter vent...
  3. J

    Lark? Pipit? - Awash Park, Ethiopia

    Merci beaucoup, Jean
  4. J

    Lark? Pipit? - Awash Park, Ethiopia

    Awash National Park, Ethiopia ‎Monday, ‎April ‎23, ‎2018, ‏‎9:41:18AM Open plains area, a few km from the river gorge. Dug up this video from Awash last year and I can't remember which species we IDed it as. I find larks and pipits tricky (as Im sure others do). Hopefully the video is clear...
  5. J

    Not a Lesser Jacana? (Western Ethiopia)

    Thanks as always, Tom
  6. J

    Bee-eater East-Africa

    I agree with MacNara's treatise. Blue-Breasted/Chested for me. The location here is not a problem for me. I have done a lot of birding in Western/South-Western Ethiopia. I primarily use the Princeton field guide. I have found at least a dozen species in the Gambella region which are outside...
  7. J

    Not a Lesser Jacana? (Western Ethiopia)

    Location: Abobo Lake, Gambella, Ethiopia Date: 4/4/2019 ~11:00AM Among the various water birds enjoying the unique design of the Abobo dam I thought I spotted a Lesser Jacana, which I mainly IDed by size relative to the many African Jacanas at the location. However, upon review of my photos -...
  8. J

    Long Legged Buzzard? - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Hi Tom They are definitely the same bird. I took the flight shots and then watched the bird land in the tree and took the perched shots. I agree though that the rufous does not show up well in fight, which is why I was thinking pale morph. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Steppe/Common Buzzard...
  9. J

    riquated ID Ethiopia

    Hi Lanhua, I agree with MacNara, both your photos are the African Thrush. I see both African and Montane/Mountain/Abyssinian pretty regularly, and MacNara's description is spot on. The Mountain is easily identifiable by its overall darkerness compared with the paler African.
  10. J

    Ethiopia: Unknown species

    For a new voice in the conversation: I see female and non-breeding NRB pretty much every day in Ethiopia (does that count as extensive field experience), and I have to agree with Tib78 that this bird is not a NRB. Size/bulk for me is better for a widowbird or a larger bishop.
  11. J

    Ethiopia: Wheater?

    I agree, looks like it could be an immature pied wheatear.
  12. J

    Same ID for these two birds? Vancouver BC

    Its unanimous! Dark Eyed Junco I would go even farther and say, based on location and field marks, its an Oregon Dark-Eyed Junco
  13. J

    Long Legged Buzzard? - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Akaki River Valley in Qore Time: March 1, 2019 - Late morning (seen several times between about 9-11am Environment/behaviour: mostly circling/soaring above the river valley (which has extensive forest, some farm plots, but no major human development). I've...
  14. J

    Immature African Goshawk? - Oromiya, Ethiopia

    Thank you, very helpful. Your comment prompted me to read some of the discussion on the unduliventer subspecies at www.hbw.com. I think eBird must classify it as a subspecies of A. tachiro since there are no records of A. toussenelli anywhere close to Ethiopia. HBW said that once some SW...
  15. J

    Immature African Goshawk? - Oromiya, Ethiopia

    Date: Nov. 10, 2018 - 1:30pm Location: Tree on hillside outside of Chingi (close to Nekemt, Western Oromiya, Ethiopia) Is this an immature African Goshawk? I am going mainly on the pattern of the breast feathers here: vertical on the chest then horizontal on the belly. Dark eye, yellow cere...
  16. J

    Immature Cuckoo: African or Common? (Gambella, Ethiopia)

    Thanks Grahame, great paper! That clears it as a Common for me. Princeton Guide is a little simplistic in its presentation I guess, especially when it makes it sound like all common immatures have plain rumps and crowns. Thanks again!
  17. J

    Immature Cuckoo: African or Common? (Gambella, Ethiopia)

    Date: October 7 2018, 4:15PM Location: Gambella, Ethiopia Environment: Neem trees, unoccupied human habitation outside of city limits, forested and seasonally swampy cultivation area near Baro river. Season: End of rainy season, thunderstorm rolling nearby, light rain. Notes: I would have...
  18. J

    Ethiopia (Gambella region) - Green or Violet wood-hoopoe?

    Thanks Valéry, I realize it is rare and not supposed to occur here, and that it is likely a Green... but I have seen many many birds here in Gambella in my time that are not supposed to be here. It's a remote spot, not a lot of birders and even less reliable data, so I thought I'd check for...
  19. J

    Ethiopia (Gambella region) - Green or Violet wood-hoopoe?

    PFG Shows white on closed wing of both GWH and VWH. Notes that VWH has green restricted to throat, which it looks like in this pic, but that could be a trick of the lighting.
  20. J

    Ethiopia (Gambella region) - Green or Violet wood-hoopoe?

    Location: Ethiopia - Gambella Region - 600m above Sea level -500 meters from Baro River inside wide compound with few people and lots of vegetation. Time: 14:30, SEP 23 2018 (Transition period from rainy to dry season, it was a hot dry day). Behavior: male and female pair hopping around in...
  21. J

    Gambella, Ethiopia - Olive bellied Sunbird?

    Simple question: is the pictured bird a male olive-bellied sunbird in transition? Location: Gambella, Ethiopia. March-April. Hopping around in Neem trees and gardenia trees. I‘ve seen plenty of Beautiful Sunbirds around lately, transitioning or full breeding plumage. This one has no elongated...
  22. J

    A Hawk-Eagle? A Honeyguide? A Warbler?

    That makes sense since I saw him in the area with a bunch of other grasshopper buzzards. The others just looked a lot more grey. Trick of the light in this photo. The throat line is hard to see in the photo I got. Thanks Tom!
  23. J

    A Hawk-Eagle? A Honeyguide? A Warbler?

    Some things to note about the honeyguide/bulbul: Grasping with two-toes in front. I believe the bulbul has three front toes? The honeyguide only has two. The beak and gape and or eye-position don't look like a bulbul's. Tail does not appear to be straight across like a honeyguide's. On...
  24. J

    A Hawk-Eagle? A Honeyguide? A Warbler?

    Just digging through some photos from earlier in the year and realized I had some unIDed potential new birds: Photo 1: January 2018, Gambella, Ethiopia At first I assumed this was a Black Kite, but on second look I realized the gape and beak were totally wrong. Is this possibly an immature...
  25. J

    Various IDs - Ethiopia, Addis Ababa

    We observed the eagle very close: it surprised us on the road and flew across the valley before we could whip our cameras out. My overall impression of the size was that it was much larger than a Tawny, and I've been quite close to those. Otherwise, I think best evidence is the gape... though...