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    Jungle unhindered: where in the world?

    Interior Guyana Take a look at opportunities through the Makushi Indians in Surama Village at the edge of the Rupununi in Guyana and the Iwokrama Rainforest Centre also in that area. Sally Conyne
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    Scientific name of Common Bush Tanager

    What an interesting puzzle! David Donsker dug into it a bit today and says the following: "Maybe the problem originates with Zimmer. Below is a link to his 1947 paper which lumps C. flavopectus with C. ophthalmicus. Zimmer subsumed the former into the latter without considering dates of...
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    Range of Mourning Collared Dove

    Thanks, Richard ... but now you've generated another question. I have failed to encounter any reference to a population of ambigua in sw Angola and nw Namibia. Is this population shown in addition to the birds in e Angola and ne Namibia? Are any notes provided about it? Again, thanks Sally
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    Range of Mourning Collared Dove

    Thanks for pointing this out. I'll correct it for the next version. I'm working in a location without many resources so I've got an additional question: Are the ambigua birds in s Zimbabwe, s Mozambique and ne South Africa a disjunct population more northerly ambigua in Angola, Zambia, etc? Sally
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    Hawk-Eagles in the Philippines

    Hello Birdforum Does anyone have some first hand or newly published information regarding Pinsker's Hawk-Eagle versus Philippine Hawk-Eagle on Mindoro? Clements, H&M, BLI, Peregrine Fund and IOC (yikes!) are vague or contradictory. Thanks, Sally
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    Capitalizing Bird Names

    During the last few years, while working with the IOC team, I’ve spent hundreds of days and thousands of hours working on bird names and ranges. Along with the group, I’ve thought long and hard about and discussed ad nauseam the nuances of punctuation and the structure of names. A few weeks...
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    New Capito barbet

    I apologize if this has already been mentioned but, surely, there is little complete about the specimens from which the many fossilized species are being described. The scope of the ICZN code specifically includes fossils (Article 1.2.1). Same rules apply as with extant forms. I hope the ICZN...
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    Chestnut-capped Warbler

    As of version 1.6, IOC lists delattrii as a subspecies of Basileuterus rufifrons, Rufous-capped Warbler. Sally Conyne
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    black-eared hemispingus - IOC - what's the deal?

    You're absolutely correct; the IOC ranges need to be revised. They should be as follows: Black-eared Hemispingus (polytypic): sw Venezuela to wc Bolivia. Western Hemispingus (monotypic): sw Colombia, w Ecuador Piura Hemispingus (monotypic):sw Ecuador, nw Peru Thanks for catching this. Sally...
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    Latest IOC Diary Updates

    Latest version of the IOC World List is available in multiple formats On Line (www.worldbirdnames.org). The website includes a Google Search Tool on the Home Page to locate specific taxa and revisions. Thanks again to many of you for your participation Sally Conyne for the IOC team
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    Swifts and Subspecies

    I've been doing some work and some thinking regarding subspecies recently, so I've enjoyed the discussion here. Subspecies sure do encourage closer scrutiny in the lab and the field, don't they? I also enjoy the "work in progress" aspects of our knowledge as well as with the species itself...
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    I don't think that this paper has been published and, perhaps, not yet submitted. My husband, Frank Gill, reported that the presentation at the Brazil IOC meeting placed Calyptura as a basal Tyrannid provisionally related to Neopipo and Platyrinchus. Sally Conyne
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    Forest Robins, Stiphornis spp

    Actually, as of Update 2.4, the IOC lists only one species - Forest Roobin. Sally Conyne
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    The CBR Checklist of Birds of China v1.0.1 (2010)

    Changes in parrotbill taxonomy will be deferred until version 2.5 but are currently described in the footnotes for each species on the master list to be released shortly. You folks sure pick up these changes quickly! Sally
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    IOC World Bird List V2.4

    My pleasure. The page looks much better. We'll blame that lapse on Frank's slight blue-green color-blindness. As always, we welcome constructive suggestions. Sally Conyne
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    Mexican Duck

    Check out the documentation regarding the restoration of the Mexican Duck to species level at the website - homepage and updates - http://www.worldbirdnames.org/updates.html Sally
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    Black-fronted Tern

    Hello All Thanks to this discussion, IOC editors realized that this species was incorrectly placed in Onychoprion (a spread sheet error). We'll move it to Chlidonias with the release of version 2.2 later this month. Sally Conyne
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    IOC List 2.1

    The IOC is not proposing these splits. As the title and the page description say - "Species on this working list will be added to the World List or deleted from this page after further review and community decisions." These decisions are made by groups such as the SACC. The 2.1 updates (based...
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    IOC List 2.1

    Hi Bird Forum Version 2.1 of the IOC World Bird List was released on May 13, 2009. It contains 10,340 species classified in 39 Orders, 224 Families and 2198 Genera. Highlights include addition of 14 species, including 8 albatross species, and 19 English name changes including the Madeiracrest...
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    Bonin Island Honeyeater/White-eye

    Hello All Can someone direct me to recent genetic work regarding this species, particularly work that indicates it is actually a white-eye? I'd also be interested in any thoughts about this bird based on observations. Thanks, Sally Conyne Rushland, PA
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    IOC World Bird List V2.0

    Thanks for catching this. I think we've got it properly linked at this point. Sally
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    IOC World Bird List V2.0

    Update Complete The IOC World Bird Names Website http://www.worldbirdnames.org/ has been updated. List 2.0 contains 10,331 species classified in 42 Orders, 226 Families and 2199 Genera. This is a major update that includes revisions of the family classification as well as species...
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    IOC World Bird List V2.0

    Yes, we're close but have some technical glitches to work out for this major update. Give us a couple of days and I'll post a note when it's ready. BTW, this is an exciting update! Sally
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    IOC World Bird List V1.7

    The next update of the IOC list will come out this month including major revisions of families and genera. We'll post its release here. Sally Conyne & Frank Gill
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    World Bird Names - Quarterly Website Update

    Greetings Birdforum, The IOC World Bird List, Version 1.7 is now available at http://www.worldbirdnames.org. Included in the updates of this working list of 10,354 species are: • Additions of one newly discovered species (Olive-backed Forest Robin), and three splits each of Pyrrhura...