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    ID from feathers. Cheshire UK

    Thanks very much. There are loads of those feathers around the nest, the thought had crossed my mind that they might just be extraneous nest material, but there was an absence of any other type of feather, so I assumed they must belong to whatever lives in there. Long-Tailed Tit nest looks...
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    ID from feathers. Cheshire UK

    I found these feathers in a bush next to a ball-shaped nest made almost entirely of moss. I just wondered if you would be able to ID the bird or maker of the nest from the feathers. The nest was probably about the size of a large orange and the feathers in question were about 2 inches long. Thanks,
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    Man shot bird of prey

    "And I surely wouldn't tackle someone with a gun- anything could happen in the heat of the moment, and he'd probably say the gun went off accidently." Suddenly we're dealing with a man who can/would shoot another person and lie about it?!!! The 2 crimes are poles apart - get real.
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    Can Goshawks be used to control Grey squirrels?

    Live trapping and a couple of terriers would be my preferred option.
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    Mystery bird of prey in the Sahara

    http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=148268 I posted this a while back, it might be of some help. It was 100% Black Kite.
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    Willow or Marsh Tit, Sweden

    I've had a Willow/Marsh Tit on and off my feeder for 2 days in the past. I had 3 guides in front of me, my bins (even though the little chap was 3 yards away) and instant access to the profs on here. I still have no idea which of the two birds it was and I decided there and then that it doesn't...
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    Andalucian Raptor Identification please

    I must admit, on only seeing the first photo I was thinking Honey Buzzard too, but then I saw it's prey.
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    Harlech, N.Wales. Last week.

    OK. Thanks guys!
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    Harlech, N.Wales. Last week.

    The bill made me think it couldn't have been a dunnock. Isn't it far too long?
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    Harlech, N.Wales. Last week.

    I can't quite make my mind up about this one. I'm sure it's easy peasy for some of you, so thought I'd just pass it on.
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    Trouble in Bowland

    Not good at all. I can see this making a lot of people very angry. I'm almost loathe to voice my opinion as I'm sure it will be met with strong opposition either way, however Is this something that should be dealt with sooner rather than later? Controlling such a magnificent bird doesn't sit...
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    Unidentified bird in Jersey (UK)

    Right, I have never seen buzzards nesting on a cliff face. Personally I was thinking Great Skua, but maybe I have given him too much credit in thinking he'd know a buzzard easily.
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    Bird ID, Notts/Lincs, UK

    Don't get too close, no point disturbing them when they'll undoubtedly have chicks. Try and get a picture though, just to be sure!
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    Bald eagle sighting near Bristol?

    Have you seen the size of those plasters! I'm suprised she came out of that 'encounter' in one piece. I like the way she's been given bright blue plasters just incase anyone didn't notice that she had been savaged by a wild raptor with a blood lust! Deary me.
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    Unidentified bird in Jersey (UK)

    My friend recently visited Jersey (Chanel Is, not U.S) and came back having seen a bird. I will paste in exactly what he said, any ideas would be welcome. I have some opinions, but would like to hear yours first. "A pair based on a sheer cliff face nestling on a rocky crevice Above a quiet...
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    Reed Buntings

    Thanks guys, much appreciated.
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    Inner Marsh Farm - from the horse's mouth

    If I was to pop down next week for an hour or two what chance do you think I'd have of seeing a hen harrier? Will they be heading back up to the moors soon?
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    Reed Buntings

    I saw my very first Reed Bunting yesterday, there have been a pair in my garden on and off all weekend. We have feeders up and always get lots of birds, but I was very suprised to see these two. I just wondered how common they are locally? I live in rural Cheshire, farmland really, about 10...
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    ID: Katmai NP Alaska

    "I was too busy taking pictures of bears" Too busy taking photos of bears to get a good one of a Northern harrier! Life just isn't fair sometimes. Very jealous.
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    Bird ID Please, Warwickshire, England.

    Had one in my garden a month or two ago, I had exceptional views of it with my bins even though I was less than 5 yards from the bird. I had 3 different guides in front of me and regular contact with the nice folk on BF. After a few hours I resigned myself to the fact that I was never going to...
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    Bald Eagle in Britain?

    "Technically it's not part of Britain at all. It's part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" Which can be shortened to just 'Britain'. So, yes, it is part of Britain.
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    Are we born bird-watchers

    I was a born wildlife lover, that's for sure. When I was a kid I would collect insect from under rocks and look at them, I guess my interest and love for wildlife continued from there. I don't really class myself specifically as a birdwatcher, although most of my friends would, I just have a...
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    A shrike would be an example of a bird of prey that isn't a raptor. As would the swift that predates insects if you take it to the extreme. It's much easier just to forget about it and enjoy them for what they are.
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    ID Falcon Bosque del Apache NM USA

    Alex, such attention to detail and sound reasoning deserves an award, Well done!