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    Colombia's Rare birds - as they become accessible

    For info, Troy Shortell and I saw Black Tinamou on (and I mean literally on!) the Campucana Trail, 11th Jan 2024. It's a walk to get up into the good habitat where the tinamous are to be found, but worth it (so long as you strike lucky)...c18kms round trip for us (you can go much further) but...
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    Rufous Antpitta

    Very helpful Cajanuma, many thanks! Once I've read that paper I will have to go and revisit my notes on vocalisations from Urrao, Colombia in 2011- presumably they relate to the new G. alvarezi i Chami Antpitta B (:
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    New Grallaricula from Colombia

    Via the aforementioned Google translate, here's a (tidied up) version of the advance announcement: “New species of bird discovered in Cali to be presented this Monday At a press conference to be held at 0830 on Monday, October, a new species of native bird discovered in the rural area of the...
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    Notes from a Morocco trip May 13th-21st 2015

    Hi all, Just back from an 8-days-in-country trip to Morocco- a few notes below which I hope will be useful: We flew into and out of Marrakech eve 13th/eve 21st May with BA (Easyjet also fly) and drove a loop east and north from Marrakech via Ouarzazate/ Erfoud/ Merzouga/ Midelt/ Azrou/...
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    Slaughter on Cyprus

    There's an interesting recent documentary (Cyprus Songbird Massacre: The Politics of Food) on the subject of the scale of the Cypriot killing of passerines too (http://munchies.vice.com/videos/the-politics-of-food-cypriot-songbird-massacre) which features an interview with a Divisional Commander...
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    Jerdon's Babbler rediscovered in Myanmar after 74 year absence!

    The little known Jerdon’s Babbler Chrysomma altirostre was first found by T. C. Jerdon in Myanmar in January 1862. There were then few records until the bird disappeared from the region altogether in 1941. Now however, a new paper has been published by Frank Rheindt, Robert Tizard, Nile Pwint...
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    Borneo : Trails & tribulations

    Hi Mike, many thanks for the diligent digging and subsequent corrected detail, I will pass on as requested- Chris G
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    Borneo : Trails & tribulations

    Hi Mike- many thanks for this. if they do occur in S China in winter they are presumably scarce or rare. Lambert's monograph Pittas, Broadbills and Asities' (P163) does however quote at least one wintering record for Hong Kong: "Although the evidence for wintering in southern China is poor...
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    Borneo : Trails & tribulations

    Hi Guy, interesting, thanks for posting. Both Lambert and Woodcock and Erritzoe and Erritzoe's monographs agree with regard to Fairy Pitta- no mention of any confirmed records from Sabah. The Erritzoes go so far as to say (P139): "To give an impression of the former distribution of this rare...
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    Borneo : Trails & tribulations

    Also thanks to Rob Hutchinson at Bird Tour Asia for this: Send to: Dave Bakewell at the Malaysian Records Committee; mnsrc.rcATgmail.com
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    Borneo : Trails & tribulations

    Hi Halftwo- congratulations, this is potentially the first confirmed record of Fairy Pitta for Sabah! Do you by any chance have a photograph to document the record officially? If so please post on this thread so that the sighting is documented and gets the attention it deserves. (There is some...
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    Mallorca 2013

    Hi Mike, apologies I've only just checked the thread again to see what had turned up after we left! The Slender-billed Gull was with a number (c80?) of Black-headed Gulls, viewed from the road to Es Trenc beach on 31st Aug- there was a lot more action on that side than on Eddie's Track the day I...
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    Mallorca 2013

    Hi all, here's my Mallorca highlights from 24th-31st August 2013, hope some will be of interest, any queries please just let me know via www.pittasworld.com/Contact_us.html Nothing too gripping I don't think although the Glossy Ibis are scarce on the island if my info. is correct. Moustached...
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    Red-bellied Pitta

    Certainly true Des. But also, songs WITHIN individual RBP races/species are also complicated. P.e.dohertyi for example has a radically different song* (not call) as well as the usual well-known two-phrase 'asthmatic chicken' song. When I heard this alternative song and (eventually) recorded it...
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    Red-bellied Pitta

    Hi Richard, yes you're right, theoretically there might be as many as 13 new pittas or me to go at! Hmm, perhaps it'd be a fun 'Jewel Hunter' sequel. Just don't suggest it to my wife ;) However, as a non-scientist I'll be intrigued to see how this paper is received by the scientific...
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    Red-bellied Pitta

    I think per http://www.repository.naturalis.nl/document/46281 yairocho was described (as P.e.yairocho) by Hachisuka, M. in 1935 'The Birds of the Philippine Island: with notes on the mammal fauna' (This title is reference # 17 of the new paper but not specifically tied to the yaichoro ref.)...
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    Pitta elegans, N. Sulawesi, Indonesia

    Hi Tsang, Yes, it's certainly an Elegant Pitta, of the nominate race P. e. elegans. There are only a few records from N. Sulawesi, all from Tangkoko as far as I'm aware. I also saw an Elegant Pitta there this year, on August 28th, in all probability the same individual. The bird I saw was...