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    Any sub-alpha 30-32mm class binoculars that still feel like an alpha ones?

    I bought a mint condition Kahles 8x32 approx. one week ago in mint conditions and I am impressed with it. It cost around 350GB / 440USD. Kahles stopped making this Loden model around 2016 and they moved to the Helia range but no 8x32 in that series which seems a bit odd as I am sure it would be...
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    My review on some of the great 6-8x30's

    Good review and summary Simon. I only have 2 of the smaller Nikon's, a 7x35 E with the single coated lens. It has the 3 piece Kellner EP and a narrowish FOV at 7.3 but optically sharp. It does lack the brightness and contrast of the later Nikon's with M.C. lens. The second one is a 8x30 E 'C'...
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    Old Trinovids vs original Ultravid?

    In defense of the 'old' Leitz Trinovids. I have a 35 year old Leitz 10x40 BA Trinovid. Yes, it may not be the latest and greatest and it does lack phase correction and full waterproofing. However, image is still very sharp and compelling, which I believe is confirmation of the original excellent...
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    Leica repairs for secondhand owners in the UK?

    I have a 35 year old Leitz 10x40 BA Trinovid that needed cleaning and the eye cups replacing. The prisms had become increasingly tarnished over the years and the image was dull. My local Leica dealer here in Auckland, New Zealand quoted me the equivalent of 500 GBP to send them to Leica in...
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    Leitz 10x40 BA Trinovids

    I just received my 40 odd year old Leitz 10x40 BA Trinovid’s back from ‘Optrex’ in Surrey the UK . I sent them from New Zealand for servicing as they prisms were becoming increasingly tarnished and the image was dulling. I have had the Lieitz’s for some 20 odd years. Optrex, dissembled ...
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    Help identifying elites

    I posted this about a year ago, so I thought I would reprint it again here as it seems to cover some questions you have. I was looking at to buy a 8x42 good quality roof prism at my local optics dealer who had some Bushnell models discounted. I looked at 3x binoculars - 1/ Bushnell 8x43 Elite...
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    Vixen Foresta 7x50 porro

    Are the Foresta's fully Japanese made ? I see also that Vixen have / had a 7x50 'Aqua' version at 7.5 degres. This seems to be discontinued model. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/605162-USA/Vixen_Optics_16330_7x50_BCF_Aqua_Binocular.html Chris
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    Minox 15x58 ed

    I have the 10x58 ED version which also makes a brilliant astro binocular. Both versions get excellent reviews. Both really are 'alpha' binoculars. Chris
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    Weaver Grand Slam 7x42

    They are the same as Meade Montana's and also the discontinued Baush and Lomb / Bushnell Discovery series and the 7x42 Fujinon CD series. These were / are well regarded fully japanese made binoculars. They are solidly built at 28 Oz. / 800 gms. They have a 8 degree FOV. The ER is 20 mm's. I...
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    Mind Blown by Hawke Pro-Stalk 8x56 ED

    I have had owned Minox BD 10x58 ED BR for several years now. I have also used but not owned a Hawke Prostalk ED 8x56. Without question in my mind is that the Minox 10x58 ED has the superior and optical and build qualities. In some ways it is an unfair comparison and the Minox 10x58 ED should be...
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    Nostalgia; The high quality 7x35 and 8x40

    Yes my apoligies. I did mean the IOR 7x40. I should have payed more attention. I should remove my post it as its not a 8x40 ! It's still a nice binocular however. Sorry again. Chris
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    Pentax 20x60

    I have had 3x 20x60 PCF WP 11 Pentax's over the past few years. [I buy /sell / collect binos]. These Pentax's do display very good optical and build qualities. The image is almost sharp to edge - mainly due to the 'narrow' 2.2 degree FOV [44 Afov.] Light transmission and contrast is very good...
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    Nostalgia; The high quality 7x35 and 8x40

    I have a Romania IOR 8x40 porro prism binocular which I would consider getting towards 'Hi-end'. IOR has been making quality optics since the mid 1935. They are also know for their rifle scopes. These binoculars were built in collaboration with Carl Zeiss and they display excellent build and...
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    What would be the best 12x binoculars?

    About 6 months ago I brought a mint condition Leica 2005 BN 12x50 and have been extremely pleased with its optical and build performance. It cost me well under half of what the latest Ulravid HD's would cost. I have the harder to find green 12x50 version which offers a 5.7 degree TFov which...
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    New site with 10x42 binocular reviews

    I brought the Olympus 10x42 EXWP-1 based on that review site. They are reasonably impressive binos. Japanese made and good build qualities. Most distortions are well controlled with curvature field from about 80% out. The main negative is at time's noticeable CA. They certainly are not 'alpha'...
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    New site with 10x42 binocular reviews

    This Polish site has been around for some years under it's Polish name 'Optyozne Pl.' It has more recently had an English translation version. There have been some early criticism to it objectiveness and testing methodologies. I believe 'most' of those criticism's have been addressed. Chris
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    Large scratch on objective lens - put up with or replace?

    This is a difficult one. I have a Leica BN 12x50 which I brought about a year ago from auction. The seller stated it was 'optically perfect'. When I got it I did notice micro scratches on the oculars and main objective lens - you do have to look for them but they are visible in day light with...
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    Brought the 'old' 8x43 Elites

    Umm...with the 'open bridge' Bushnell Elites from 2004 - 2010 [62-4208 and the 63-0843 from 2007] these do all appear to be Japanese made. I am 99.9% sure. Every one I have seen has been and this was also confirmed when I did a literature review for my 'mini review' above. The new non split...
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    Brought the 'old' 8x43 Elites

    Just to clarify the version I got was the 'pre-face lift' Bushnell Elite 2004 - 2007 model [62-4208]. This has the smooth armour covering and pull up eyepices. These earlier versions of the Elite binoculars still came with the dialectic / XTR Technology, rainguard coatings, phase corrected PC3...
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    Brought the 'old' 8x43 Elites

    Looking at to buy a 8x42 good quality roof prism at my local optics dealer who had some Bushnells models discounted. I looked at 3 binos - 1/ Bushnell 8x43 Elite [The 'older' 2007 Japanese split bridge version - 62-4208 ] 2/ Legend Ultra HD 8x42 and the Elite E2 8x42's. [which are now...
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    Leupold Acadia 8x42

    I have the 8x42 Arcadias and and the 8x42 and 10x42 Cascades. The Arcadias are the 'entry' level roofs and level down from the Cascades. The Arcadias are Phillipino sourced / assembled- the Cascades are Japanese made. The Arcadias do have the diopter adjustment at the back of the central...
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    Northfork series

    Thanks - I had not noticed that myself as I was too pre-occupied with checking the optical qualities. I will pay more attention to the focuser next time. Chris
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    Northfork series

    This series seems to have recieved little attention. I had a quick look at a 8.5x45 version at my local gun store and my brief impresision was favourable. The optcal and build qualities appeared high. The image was contrasty with excellent resolution. The FOV is relatively narrow at 6.6 degrees...
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    Pentax Binocular information

    Thanks for the clarification. I live in New Zealand and after some checking 'Cameraland and Doug' get good feedback on the Hunting ang fishing forums by members who have done binocular deals with them all the way over here. Chris
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    Pentax Binocular information

    Are you a Pentax representative ? Chris