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    Camargue guide?

    Hello, If you have a rental car you dont really need a guide to visit the more interesting sites. In summer most birds will be active veary early in the mornign and not so much during the day. You can check this site for good places and target species. It is way more used than ebird in France...
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    Current state of roads in Spanish Pyrenees

    Thanks ! If some mountain passes are closed does that mean crossing to France is still possible or not ?
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    Current state of roads in Spanish Pyrenees

    Hi, I'm bumping this old thread but I have the exact same question. I will be in Catalonia from 2 to 5 april and maybe I will go one day in the Pyrenees. The area would be near Andorra and Puigcerda. I have no chains for my car too.
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    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    So far in 2024 Fuerteventura Stonechat Hubara Bustard Cream-colored Cursor Mediterranean Short-toed Lark Ruddy Shelduck Laughing Dove Red-billed Tropicbird And a decent pic of a Wallcreeper
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    Birding SW France

    Near Bordeaux you have the "Reserve Ornithologique du Teich". It will provide you with big numbers of herons, gulls, waders etc. In April you will have Bluethroat here too. https://www.reserve-ornithologique-du-teich.com/en/homepage/ A bit further is the "Pointe de Grave". It is a spring...
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    2024 Targets

    Here are my targets for 2024 From my local patch (southwest of France) : Lesser Spotted Woodpecker this is a bird that has eluded me for a while. And getting a correct photo of a Bonelli's Warbler I have a trip planned on February to Fuerteventura where I hope to see : Hubara Bustard Cream...
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    Subspecies groups and future splits

    Hello, very interesting what would be the basis of this Split ?
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    Sicilian Rock Partridge

    Hello, is Alectoris whitakeri a valid specie ?
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    Lynx Edicions - What Next ?

    The book is very good, I'm very happy that they made new primates plates. Concerning the extinct species too bad there are no plates for them. At least wel known species like thylacine should have deserved a plate. No plate for domestic mammals too so in a book with all mammals you dont' have an...
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    Any suggestions- French Pyrenees

    They are small, rare and shy so it is very difficult to see them. Theorically any mountain river could have them. If you see a lot of dippers in an area it means plenty of water larvae so better chances for the desman. But keep in mind that most of local naturalists see it once or twice a year...
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    Any suggestions- French Pyrenees

    As already said marmots and izards should be quite easy to see. There is currently a reintroduction program of Pyrenean ibexes they are mostly present near Gedre/Gavarnie If you are very very lucky you could find brown bears footprints or scratches on trees... Rivers will give you dippers and...
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    Any suggestions- French Pyrenees

    Yes, I had the 3 species at both locations. I find Neouvielle better for the bearded vultures.
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    Any suggestions- French Pyrenees

    Aulon forest near Arreau has Capercaillie and boreal owl. The 3 vultures are all in the area too Griffon vultures are easy to see and with a bit of Luck egyptian and bearded vultures too. Other raptors like golden eagle, red kite and short toed eagle live in the area too. You can also go to the...
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    Europeans, which American bird would you most like to see?

    Hummingbirds and grouses
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    Advice on a birding trip in Uganda

    Thanks for your answers Yes it sounds like a good idea. I didn't know Uganda was doable solo with a local guide. I will look into this, thanks for the information. Yes I admit that I like to get a shot of every new specie even if it's a brown cisticola of some sort so it could be annoying...
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    Advice on a birding trip in Uganda

    Hello, I would like to visit Uganda next year and I have a few questions. I plan to go with a birding company because I suppose it's very difficult to organize everything alone in Africa. I have a good knowledge of European birds but I'm nowhere a pro, I fear lagging behind other participants...
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    Lynx Edicions - What Next ?

    It seems that they will not do country guides. Very disappointing.
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    Lynx Edicions - What Next ?

    Bird Photo guides with high quality photos would be great like the mammal series by José R. Castello They would sell like hot cakes imho
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    Your most anticipated futures books

    Do you think Hadoram Shirihai and Lars Svensson will publish a non-passerines volume for Western Paleartic Birds ?
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    Latest Lynx releases

    Thanks for your answer. So I will begin with the All Birds of the Worlds book. Maybe later for the sake of complete collection I will buy the checklists.
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    Latest Lynx releases

    Hello, What is the difference between the "All the birds of the world" and the 2 "Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World" ? I have all the other HBW volumes.
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    FZ28 Replacement

    Hello, After 10 years of use my FZ28 is becoming old and I would like to replace him. I'm not a photographer I dont want perfect photos of birds. What I want is being able to make decent shots quickly and have a correct zoom. What do you advise ?
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    Tropical or Northern Mockingbirds ?

    Thank you all for your answers !
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    Tropical or Northern Mockingbirds ?

    Hello, Those birds were observed in Yucatan in March I think they are tropical mockinbirds, what do you think ?
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    Summer Tanager ?

    Thanks for your answers !