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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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    Chinese Binoculars

    Hello Ussa. We used to have a member on this forum who used the name winwinbino. He was also from Thailand. I remember him mentioning in passing that there were certain Chinese domestic brands whose binoculars he enjoyed using. He has not posted on the forum for a while, but it might be...
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    Binocular Identification

    Is that Dennis's Glare Monster?
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    Looking at eclipse???

    2*F last night, but worth it. A wonderful ruddy color. Have there been any volcanic eruptions lately? I thought Galileo went blind from looking at the Sun too long. All he would need is a monovid for his good eye.
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    Hello Jerrythesnake. How close do you want to get? The Leica that you mention gets to about 5 feet without the close-up lens. With the close-up lens, it jumps immediately to 12-14 inches, depending on how the focus is set. You've basically lost the 1 to 5 foot range, which is the...
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    Swarovski must have fixed the glare issues in the SV 8x32.

    For what it's worth, my 10x32 Field Pro begins to pick up light veiling glare with the sun around 70* out of the field of view. Stronger, objectionable glare doesn't show up until around 25*-30* outside the field. At that point I get very careful; I don't want to mess with the sun entering my...
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    A little time with the Premier 8X32...

    Congratulations on the Premier, Chuck! Looking forward to your write-up!
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    Binocular Scalability

    Hello Quincy88, and welcome to the binocular forum! If I'm not mistaken, you're referring to scaling the objective up or down, keeping a constant focal ratio, and re-using the same eyepiece, resulting in a series of binoculars with the same exit pupil. This used to be quite common, and you'd...
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    Fascinating Interview with Meopta Product Manager

    Great interview Lee. I hope the new Cabela's armor style is strictly to differentiate it from the standard Meostar. I like the Meostar just like it is!
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    Zeiss Victory 8x42 SF 524223 REVIEWS?

    Lee, just to clarify, the camera angle through the objective is about 15 to 20 degrees off-axis. Since the SF's fov is 8 degrees, it corresponds to about two field widths. There is nothing exceptional or "crazy" about such an angle. It is well know that the closer a strong light source is to...
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    EDG from Japan....

    Hi Chuck: Here is a pic of the Premier LXL and the EDG. As you can see the, the Premier is shorter, and its strap lugs flair out more. It also has a really broad bridge. For me, the ergonomics favor the EDG; the Premier is like a tank. The focusers are both very smooth, and as mentioned...
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    Zeiss Victory 8x42 SF 524223 REVIEWS?

    Dennnis, It might get a bit longer, but not much. James, No rings here, just a short arc of flare. Cool orange color though.... aCuria, I agree 100%. To quote myself from post 82, " Over all, I'd characterize it as a type of glare, and as glare goes, it's not too serious." I've had the SF...
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    What's it called when the center of the image is a brighter circle?

    Yes, a pic might be helpful.
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    Meopta Meopro HD 8x32 Review

    That's great marcsantacurz. I don't know what's next for you, but if you try the 8x32 Conquest HD, the extension of the eyecups is about 10mm (not including the depth of the eyelens, which probably adds another 3mm on top of that), and the inner diameter of the eyecups is about 30mm. The...
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    Zeiss Victory 8x42 SF 524223 REVIEWS?

    Here is a poor attempt to photograph the aberration. It is on the left side of the image near the field edge. I don't see how it could possibly grow into a ring encompassing the entire field. The false pupil in confined to that specific area only. Having said that, the construction of the...
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    Zeiss Victory 8x42 SF 524223 REVIEWS?

    I can induce a thin, orange line (not a ring) in the left side telescope of my 8x42SF, between the 7 and 8 o'clock positions. It is not visible in the right side. To me it is the very edge of a false exit pupil not fully masked by any of the baffles. That it does not appear on the right side...
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    Meopta Meopro HD 8x32 Review

    Hello marcsantacurz. I'm glad you're enjoying the Meopro HD's. My only criticisms of that model have been the glare and maybe the softness of the image outside the sweetspot. But if it works for you, then run with it! I'm not too surprised that you haven't found many midsized models without...
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    What's it called when the center of the image is a brighter circle?

    Hello 18000bph. Just to clarify, are you describing a noticeable drop in brightness or sharpness? Or both? Binastro's and Dennis's posts respond to each. Another possibility for a drop in brightness is the issue of field illumination. It is pretty normal for the light transmission at the...
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    Swarovski repair comparision

    Hello PlanetMaker. I see from one of your other threads that you recently purchased an 8x32. Based on your photos, this one is also a Field-pro. You can play around with the rotating plastic cap atop the 8x32's focus knob to see what Theo is explaining about how the diopter lock works on the...
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    Swarovski repair comparision

    Ok. I'm not saying this is what happened, but.... In the process of re-building your EL's focuser, is it possible that the tech decided to use some brand new ELSV Field-pro parts, then topped off his work with the original plastic cap to maintain the unit's original appearance? He may have...
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    Recommendation in 8x30-35?

    Hello marcsantacurz. For dawn/dusk viewing, I would place a premium on glare control. That type of lighting situation, with a bright sky but dark landscape, is particularly challenging for a binocular. My personal choice would be the 8x32 Nikon EDG II if you can find one within your budget...
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    Swarovski repair comparision

    Hello PlanetMaker. Sorry to here about your problem. What model are you discussing? If it is a Field-pro, then the diopter lock may simply be engaged.
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    Maven C.2 7x28

    Hello Arthur, I haven't tried this model, but the chassis bears a strong resemblance to that of the Vortex Viper 8x28 and the old Pentax 9x28. These were both compact models, and, like the Maven, suffered from constricted fields of view. I would not consider this to be a competitor to the old...
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    Bino ID

    Hello Andy. The first pic identifies the company as Ofuna. I don't see any manufacturer's export code on the bridge (Ofuna's code was JB-63), so this unit either pre-dates that, or was not intended for export. Here is a bit of information... http://camerapedia.wikia.com/wiki/Ōfuna .
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    Nikon 10 x 42 SE

    One of these days, somebody will figure out how to 3D print brand new rubber eyecups for all of us old E, EII, and SE users. And there will be much rejoicing!
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    Win Opticron Binoculars answer two questions!

    a) B&H Photo and Video b) I like their wide selection, good pricing, and good return policy (which I've had to use a couple of times).