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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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    New Swarovski product announcement in January 2024...?

    Introducing the new Swarovski T-2025...
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    Shanghai Visa Free Transit Dec 23

    Aha, another Rustic 👍🏻
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    Shanghai Visa Free Transit Dec 23

    Nice report, always good when a risk pays off! 8832 - Pallas's reed 8695 - Rustic 8863 - possible Black faced, any more images? 8861 - probably Pallas's reed
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    Phú Quốc / Vietnam

    Why not common myna?
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    Duck, Germany, June

    Juvenile Goldeneye 👍🏻
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    Need a realtively cheap bridge camera quite soon

    Have a look at LCE, they often have a good range and competitively priced too. The other option may be to check facebook marketplace for anything local - if you can try before you buy then you may get a bargain - e.g. someone near me is selling a Canon SX50 for £80...
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    Digiscope adapter for ED82a with 25 - 75x zoom

    My phone is the weak link currently - a cheap samsung. Not too bad if you dont zoom in to far, but pixelated quickly when you do. Can't fault the adapter (or my Swarovski either!).
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    Digiscope adapter for ED82a with 25 - 75x zoom

    This one is fantastic, and fits any scope due to its wide operational parameters, and any camera. Highly recommended, but I'll save you from being subjected to my phones...
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    Gitzo question

    A bit of digging suggests it is a G1329 - what is the correct size top plate for this please?
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    Gitzo question

    Many thanks - sadly that is just as expensive as the Gitzo version in the UK (£150). How can I figure out which series it is? Tripod has 2 leg closures, and extends to approximately 1.9m without centre column, and is about 0.75m when fully retracted. Smallest diameter of lower leg is about 5cm...
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    Gitzo question

    Good evening all, I've just purchased this used Gitzo and have two questions I would like assistance with please: 1) Is it possible to tell the model number (it has worn off but appears to end 29/39/89) 2) Is it possible to buy a mounting plate (unsure if this is the correct term) to do away...
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    Major issue with East Coast Binocular Repairs - 5 month delay returning binoculars!

    ECBR is the accredited Zeiss repair centre. Just for the record, I've had nothing but exceptional service from Gary in the past, I'm sure there is a rational explanation for what has happened in this instance.
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    Wheatears from Egypt

    2 Desert, 2 Northern and the final one looks fine for Northern (white in tail, pattern in remiges) but with an incredibly pallid face.
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    Hi everyone.

    Hi Michael, is the TS - 1 a 60mm scope? Something like this is probably suitable, alternatively you could take your scope to your local camera shop and they should be able to help.
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    Backwater Reservoir diver

    Male Long-tailed duck indeed!
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    2 Mauritania Sylvia IDs - 30/10

    I'd agree, all are Subalpine warblers - I'll leave specific designation to others, but Western seems logical...
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    20 year old spottingscope Swift Nighthawk 65

    Maybe re-read the post: This model wasn't produced in the 1960's - the earliest you could've purchased it would've been the 1990's as Daniel has suggested. Here is a review from BVD, no date given though: Swift Nighthawks | Better View Desired
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    Upgrade binoculars or buy a scope?

    Some great advice already. With a budget of £500, you could get an excellent set up: Used Opticron MM4 60 GA ED + 15-45X Eyepiece| London Camera Exchange -Hereford though as you've mentioned you will need a tripod. A used Velbon sherpa would be a good starter for under £50.
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    ATM issue - condensation or something more sinister?

    A pleasant end to this tale - scope arrived this morning, carefully packaged and well wrapped. The prism has either been replaced or cleaned, whilst the eyepiece mount has been reinstated, with no movement in the mechanism. Optically the scope is top notch, delivering a superb wide bright image...
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    ATM issue - condensation or something more sinister?

    Another brief update: my scope is back in the UK following a full service - unfortunately I am away for a few days so won't be able to test it, but throughly impressed by how LCE has handled this for me. If you are considering used kit in the UK, LCE should be first point of call, cannot rate...
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    East Coast Binocular Repairs

    +1 for top service from Gary on multiple occasions. Always prompt, efficient and courteous - the latter being a value which could be adopted by some on here!
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    ATM issue - condensation or something more sinister?

    Another update, the store I purchased the scope from has informed me that the warranty has expired, and therefore works are chargeable. C. £130 to correct the prism issue (undiagnosed by Swarovski), and C. £90 to fix the locking mechanism for the eyepiece. Incredible service from LCE Bath -...
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    Montrose basin (uk) wader. Mystery wader

    Any more images? Chestnut cap and tramlines look potentially interesting...
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    New Vortex travel scope

    £999 here in UK, so a lot cheaper.
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    New Vortex travel scope

    Surprised there has been no mention of this new scope from Vortex, a lower cost alternative to the offerings from Kowa and Swarovski (perhaps at same level as Opticron MM or Nikon ED50?). https://vortexoptics.com/vortex-razor-hd-13-39x56-spotting-scope.html