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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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    Sirui VA-5 vs Manfrotto MVH500AH (visual comparison)

    sorry I no longer have the MVH500. ive only got Sirui VA-5 and VH-10 and use the VH-10 with the BTX115.
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    A day afield with 8x42 NLs after 20 years using 8x32 EL and EL SVs.

    Just an open question from me - did you buy the NL’s with a view to replacing the EL’s or were the NL’s always a supplementary pair to the EL’s? i was just trying to understand in face of your comment that “for now the the EL’s will remain my primary binos…” i’m also going through some of the...
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    Advice for first (high-end) binoculars : Safari & Birding

    Great pics. Thank you for sharing!! did you use any accessories to take the pics through the bino eyepiece?
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    Best all-around: SFL 8x30 or 8x40?

    not to hijack this thread but sounds uncannily like the journey I've just been through trying to find an alternative to my Swaro EL 8x32...... Zeiss SF, Zeiss FL, Leica UVHD+, Nikon EDG, and back to square one.... sometimes lessons are learnt the hard (expensive) way.
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    Too much eye relief on 7x42 EDG

    I seem to be particularly sensitive to eye placement and ease of view - must be my facial topography. I struggled with Zeiss SF’s and Swaro NL’s both of which were somewhat finicky. where i avoided blackouts, I couldn’t get a solid defined field stop, it was blurry and where i adjusted (both IPD...
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    Too much eye relief on 7x42 EDG

    Thanks all for the great feedback. Im typically a EL32 user but recently purchased the EDG8x32 and really enjoying them hence the temptation to add another EDG to the collection. Given the compact size I thought of getting the 7x or 8x42m…. Given some of the comments and my own concerns around...
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    Too much eye relief on 7x42 EDG

    Hi all i’m considering a 7x42 and was wondering how ppl who own this find the eye relief? I believe its got 22mm eye relief. Just wondering if its too much? I prefer to tuck the binoculars into my eye sockets and can do this comfortably with my EDG32’s and ELSV32’s. This also helps with...
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    Advice for first (high-end) binoculars : Safari & Birding

    We’ve just come back from Kenya where we visited a number of parks and we had Swaro CL 8x25’s for our kids and took Swaro EL 32’s for my wife and I. i personally would not use the 25’s unless it was as backup as the viewing comfort just doesn’t compare to the larger 32’s. I carried my EL32’s...
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    Got my first Nikon today…

    actually i lie……..many many years ago i had a Nikon Aculon 10x50 - this was the first optic i personally bought and i basically followed in the footsteps of my father and grandfather who had traditional Porro binos from the 50’s and 60’s (unknown brand) as i had no idea about the world of...
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    New binoculars from Swarovski: Range 32 and new phone adapter

    This is an interesting design from Swaro - looks like they may have piggybacked off the older model CL chassis for this one…. interesting to see how the dimensions measure up the tradition EL 8x32 that we all know so well. I also wonder if longer term all Swaro’s EL’s will move to this design...
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    EL opinions

    I prefer the ergonomics and focuser position of the EL 32’s much more over the NL 32’s.
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    Northern Kenya trip

    Jambo mate, great part of the world. We happened to make the mistake of visiting Lake Turkana just after it had rained in the Chalbi which turned it into a quagmire - we probably 4-5hrs each day just digging the vehicle out so progress was VERY slow…… but Lake Turkana is worth it! Good luck with...
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    Swarovski eye candy...

    i should hv clarified i was thinking of the 85mm over the 95mm due to marginally larger EP due to the change in magnification for the 85mm vs the 95mm…. Also i think the 85mm is also quite a bit more compact and i might travel with it more frequently… but yes both are dimmer than the ATX...
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    Swarovski eye candy...

    I hate to think of the price this would be given Swaro’s recent price increases the jump of the NL’s over the EL’s :-)
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    Versions of 8x30 CL

    There hv only been 2 models in the CL range. The one you’ve pictured is the older model. The newer CL B model is on Swaro’s website https://www.swarovskioptik.com/int/en/birding/products/binoculars/cl/cl-companion/cl-companion-8x30 the older model came in a blue variant as well, marketed as...
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    Swarovski eye candy...

    I was hoping the 115mm would replace my APM 70mm binoviewer which i use with the Kowa 32x eyepiece (yes i also had the Kowa Highlander FL but sold that given its weight), but the length is probably the concern. As it stands the 115mm is an effective replacement for 2 x 70mm objectives from a...
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    Swarovski eye candy...

    this is our humble collection. Unimaginatively boring as the binos are all 8x. The EL’s are 8x32 SV FP’s, and the CL Pockets (1 is with Swaro for service) are both 8x25’s….. CL Pockets for our kids and the EL’s for my wife and I plus a spare…. I hv been considering getting 1 more EL (in...
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    Swarovski eye candy...

    Seems to be a growing trend to push the focuser lower down… not a fan at all..
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    My Swarovski EL 8.5x42 Review

    We used the Swaro Field bag for similar, carrying a bird book, sunglass case, note and pencil whilst the binos were carried around the neck.
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    Swarovski EL with or without field flattener lenses

    I’m not sure about that for 1000Euro. It doesnt have HD glass or any of the newer coatings. Id say there is more competitive glass in that price range today than these EL’s that you may want to consider…
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    Swarovski EL with or without field flattener lenses

    I throught Swaro had already transitioned to the SV variants of the EL’s in 2014? Are you sure its a 2014 manufacture?
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    EL 10X42 SV Flat Field

    I looked long and hard at NL’s but found the ergonomics of the EL’s much more to my liking. Ironically Zeiss moved in this direction with the SF’s and Swaro moved away from the open bridge concept. Perhaps as a differentiator? One of the things i like about the EL’s is that i can rest my first...
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    EL 10X42 SV Flat Field

    Ive just spent close to a month travelling through gameparks in Kenya and found the flat and incredibly sharp field to be awesome, particularly in the southern reserves where I’m observing rolling savannahs to the horizon. I can set my focus at midpoint and get a sharp view of foreground, mid...
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    Enjoying the EL’s in their natural environment…

    True - as long as the primate with optics stays in the car the Cats struggle to differentiate the smaller object from the larger one, but once you get out of your vehicle, you’re fair ”game”…...and yes there are knuckleheads that do that…..
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    Enjoying the EL’s in their natural environment…

    Yes it’s been a few yrs since I’ve been back to Kenya and I’m surprised at the amount of development that has happened across the country. In Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru particularly, development seems to be pushing hard against the park / reserve boundaries and its not uncommon seeing town /...