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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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    New Binocular Bargains Thread

    Obviously my post is solely meant to stir conversation and make people be cautious when buying used, but my thoughts were the same! I’m not sure if the rubber is melted and stretched or the actual body is deformed. Maybe they were going for an ergonomic form when they ran it over. Alternatively...
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    New Binocular Bargains Thread

    THIS. “Good overall condition”. This add just goes to show the glaring difference between what people consider good v. bad condition. Inspect and purchase carefully!
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    Leupold Gold Ring 12-40x60

    If you get one, try to get one with the HD glass. They are good scopes, tough and durable but the focus is STIFF. The HD and non HD show CA, just FYI. The HD manages it better but it is still there.
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    Meopta Meopro HD80

    What did they get to swap it with? Did they say they cannot fox the issue?
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    New Binocular Bargains Thread

    HERE is a mislabeled Nikon EDG on eBay for $700.
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    Asking for help: Meopta Meostar B1 10 X 42 vs Opticron Aurora BGA VHD 10 x 42

    🤣 MeoStars feel like something you could use to pound in a loose nail with and keep on using without any misalignment issues. Also, they have almost an entirely CA free image. In my eyes, the best CA correction out there.
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    Do the owners of both Zeiss SF and Swarovski EL/NL feel they are uncomfortable for the different color cast?

    I understand where you are coming from. And good god does it take a critical eye (probably developed from reading this forum) but eventually once you notice something “off” it can never be unnoticed (at least by me). I thought the 10x42 SF’s made whites yellower (very slight tint) than what my...
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    Swaro SLC 7x42 Neu B or the SLC 7x50 B

    In dark skies I found the 7x50 noticeably brighter, however this came with more difficulty viewing without blackouts. Size/weight/FOV are all in favor of the 42’s. I would see if you can successfully look through the 7x50’s without issues. I personally had to hold them a little further away from...
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    Brief review of Meopta Meostar B1+ 8x42. (in comparison with Zeiss Victory SFL 8x40

    I’ll try 😅. Meopta MeoStar (yes HD) Pros- built like a tank and solid in hand. Absolutely stunning image with a warm, vibrant color tone. Absolutely 0 CA (I am very sensitive to this). Cons- slow focuser and heavy (that whole built like a tank thing). The warm image looks distinctly yellow...
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    Brief review of Meopta Meostar B1+ 8x42. (in comparison with Zeiss Victory SFL 8x40

    A thought on the sharpness- you might have gotten a bad sample. I had a MeoStar B1+ 10x42 that was equal to Zeiss SF and HT 10x42’s that I had and compared them to. And this was also comparing them under magnification and on tripods. Absolutely alpha sharpness and clarity. They only lagged in...
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    Leica, Zeiss & Swarovski binoculars compared: A personal report

    Great write up. Though you say that type of weather isn’t for binocular flattery, I think it is exactly the type of weather you want to test them in. That’s when you (and it sounds like you did just this) get to see how they perform in the real world, under real lighting conditions and get a...
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    Nikon Monarch Fieldscope vs Celestron Regal M2 80ED vs Vortex Diamondback - tough choice

    The second generation Razor spotters with the helical focus are assembled in the USA. I believe they are built on the same platform as the Meopta Meopro Zeiss Conquest Gavia (and probably others). The Zeiss Gavia is clearly marked made in Japan.
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    Nikon Monarch Fieldscope vs Celestron Regal M2 80ED vs Vortex Diamondback - tough choice

    Out of those three, get the Nikon hands down. But before you do, how much is an Opticron MM4 77mm with SDLv3 eyepiece? If the same price or better, I’d get that instead. Always recommend to spend as much as possible on a tripod, but if you can’t afford the top tier carbon fiber Manfrotto...
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    straight vs angled scope ?

    Sometimes my humor doesn’t come across as such but I was being tongue in cheek with that comment. Gimbals can definitely hold quite the heavy load!
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    straight vs angled scope ?

    Please ensure you don’t overload that gimbal head 🤣.
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    straight vs angled scope ?

    To an extent, yes what you say is accurate. However the actual bending to view an angled scope is much less than what you might think. If you are sharing a scope an angled is recommended because users of varying heights can use it easier. Set the tripod to the shortest user and everyone can use...
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    Seeking advice on tripod for Kowa TSN99-A

    To add to this- these tripods are all exceptionally expensive. Im just saying that as an aside because it’s terribly easy for me to recommend someone spend their money when I myself don’t have it to spend lol. Personally I use an RRS series 2 for my Meopta S2. Additional thoughts on tripods...
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    New Binocular Bargains Thread

    HERE Zeiss Conquest HD 10x42’s on eBay in good condition AND not a brand new seller.
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    Seeking advice on tripod for Kowa TSN99-A

    I would recommend a Gitzo Series 3, Really Right Stuff (RRS) series 3, or ProMediaGear series 3. They are all stiff, lightweight, and can handle a large spotting scope easily.
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    New Binocular Bargains Thread

    2017 Meopta MeoStar HD 10x42’s on eBay HERE. $450. Total after taxes etc. still comes out less than $500. One heck of a deal.
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    Is there someone in the US who repairs binocular eye cups?

    Blaser USA in Texas services Minox in the US. They might be able to do the repair for free FYI.
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    Wishes: a new scope like the AX Visio

    Honestly for a scope I believe any existing adapter that allows digiscoping with a a phone is the answer. Changeable camera options (upgrade of phone) with onboard AI that can identify via sound and visual applications. It just requires the user to have a smart phone. The scope stays as is and...
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    Kowa 66a vs 773

    I have nothing to really add to this discussion except for this small bit. I recently was able to sit behind the Kowa 66A and a Leica Televid 65 (the newest black bodied one) side by side. The Kowa was hands down the brighter, more superior scope. Free from CA and razor sharp throughout the...