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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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    Lesser Prairie Chickens and more

    Seeing lesser prairie chickens The visit I made was the third year of the festival. The first year, as the story was told to me, it rained the week before and the roads were very muddy. The vans carrying the folks from the hotel to the ranch got stuck in the mud just short of the ranch so...
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    Lesser Prairie Chickens and more

    Last April my husband and I attended the Leks Treks and More Lesser Prairie Chicken Festival in Woodward Oklahoma. We had limited time and could only spend one day. On Saturday we joined others in the blinds at the Selmon Ranch before dawn. As the sun began to rise the chickens rose to their...
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    Lyon France in Late July

    Report from France My trip to France was difficult. France was great but we had an unexpected death in the family and my daughter had to return after only three days. I could not catch a flight so I stayed and forged on by myself. We didn't rent a car but relied on trains to get around so I...
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    What sparrows have you seen?

    Most of our sparrows are pretty drab. Some people don't even bother to identify them. They just refer to them as LBJs (Little Brown Jobs). In fact the first time I heard LBJ, all I could think of was a former US President. During the summer I have Lark, Field, House, Savannah, and chipping...
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    Lyon France in Late July

    Thank you so much for the reply. I have a field guide and my itinerary has been set. I wish we had a few days to visit the Alps. We won't be that far from them and it is a shame to be that close and not take time a little visit. It will definitely be at the top of my list on my next trip to...
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    Lyon France in Late July

    I will be taking a trip with my daughter who is competing in a horse show in Lyon France in a couple of weeks. I will have some free time but it will be limited. This will be our first trip to France. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good spot to go and see a few birds? Our trip also...
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    iPhone Apps

    Issues with aps The only issue that I have had is when the app isn't fully down loaded onto your device and requires an internet connection. Of course in the field you most likely won't have an internet connection which renders the app useless. Some of the apps such as the one for the...
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    iPhone Apps

    ITunes and bird songs I see! It is like each bird is a song and the collection of similar sounding birds is a track. Do you have speakers or do you use ear phones? I have seen some with speakers and they use them to call out the birds.
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    iPhone Apps

    I would be willing to pay that much for one. I think I'll check into My Bird Observations. Thanks for the tip.
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    iPhone Apps

    Hi Downloading your bird song CDs onto your itunes is a great idea. I'll use this in my presentation. You wouldn't have to purchase any new equipment. One problem I could see is trying to find a particular bird. It would have no search capabilities or index.
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    iPhone Apps

    I have used the Bird checklist of the US from the USGS and it is great for finding a full checklist of birds by season for the national wildlife refuges. I just wish they had it available in a down-loadable app. Another great site is the ebird.org website from Cornell. This one is connected...
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    iPhone Apps

    Thanks and another question Thanks for the critique. I am preparing some information to present to my local Audubon society and wanted some other opinions. My favorites are: Sibley Field Guide for a field guide and list management. I tried one of the Peterson's guides to the Birds of Prey...
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    iPhone Apps

    Does anyone have any preference for any birding application for their iPhone or iPod Touch? Tell me about your experiences? I am gathering information for a presentation. Thanks
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    A Garden List

    Down on the Farm On Saturday it snowed heavily all day. By noon on Sunday it was melted and in the 70s. --Got to love the variation in weather in Oklahoma-- And apparently some birds love it. Most of these are winter or full-time residents. We are about a week away from the last average frost...
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    what was your bird of the day ?

    Saw my first Green Winged Teal at the Christmas Bird Count in the Wichita Mountains near Lawton, Oklahoma (SW corner of the state). This is the most beautiful green with tan. I was able to see it up close through a scope on a beautiful sunny day. It is on the same level as a Western Grebe in...
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    CBC Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge

    I had a couple of extra days off and decided to volunteer for another CBC (Christmas Bird Count) at the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge. The weather was great. I spent a wonderful day with Mary who is very familiar with the area and the birds. Volunteering for a count is a great way to view...
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    Farm Year list part 2

    I exceeded the character count for list! YEA. Here are the remaining birds at or surrounding the farm for the year 2008. 51 American Crow 52 Purple Martin 53 Northern Rough-winged Swallow 54 Bank Swallow 55 Cliff Swallow 56 Barn Swallow 57 Carolina Chickadee 58...
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    Farm Year list Part 1

    The year has been great down on the farm. The list below is a year list part 1 of birds seen at my farm or in the surrounding sections. 1 Snow Goose 2 Canada Goose 3 Gadwall 4 Mallard 5 Blue-winged Teal 6 Cinnamon Teal 7 Northern Bobwhite 8 Pied-billed Grebe 9...
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    CBC Turley, Oklahoma

    Had the Christmas Bird Count on Saturday the 20th. I went with two others and had a blast. The weather started out nice but a front moved through and the wind turned and the temperature dropped. The birds clung tight to the underbrush and were for the most part quiet. The pecan crop failed...
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    Are Skunks a protected species?

    I had a skunk that would visit every night until I ran out of corn. The dogs would bark and want to run out the front door to get that skunk. Their noise would set off my horses in the nearby pasture. It would eventually amble on down the street or across the street into the large pasture...
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    Down on the Farm - Case Study-Eastern Meadowlarks

    Have you ever wondered why a bird doesn't exist in what you think is prime habitate? One goal I would like to set for my blog is to conduct case studies. Mind you, I am very much an amatuer when it comes to science but I want to at least broaden my understanding of the local birds in my area...
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    Down on the Farm in Oklahoma - Case Study Eastern Meadowlarks

    Article research: http://stateofthebirds.audubon.org/cbid/profile.php?id=6 The above article mentions that nationally the population is in decline. They site the lack of diversity as in corn fields as a cause of the decline but this is not the case for my square mile. I have mixed native...
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    Down on the Farm in Oklahoma- Introduction

    Introduction: I run a small boarding stable in Eastern Oklahoma. I have a pond, pasture, sand filled arena, sewage lagoon that serves my home and two small wooded areas. Across the street is a large pasture of 180 acres that I have an excellent view of from my living room window. I am in the...
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    A Garden List

    Down on the Farm- Oklahoma Added a Song sparrow and a Flicker --golden shafted--very pretty. The red-shouldered hawk is sitting on one of the many dead snags by the pond eying something in the grass.
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    A Garden List

    Down on the Farm in Oklahoma Added a Field Sparrow and a Yellow Rumped Wabler last week. Saw my Kingfisher this morning again. I am trying to get the Bewick's Wren to eat freeze dried meal worms off the front porch. So far he is just hopping around them.