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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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    The Eagle (well the Hawk) has landed

    Other than the military versions I've never heard of a GA shipping with the objectives covers. I believe there always requested after delivery if required.
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    Problem with green coating of EL SV 8x32

    Apologies for the detour but it's interesting you should mention the variable rate focusing. I had a trinovid hd that didn't feature it and as a result was very poor at going from close focus to distant targets - so slow I would occasionally miss birds frantically spinning the wheel. A subtle...
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    Now I've Done It!

    Hello. It looks like it was made in 2023. I wouldn't worry about the warranty - it will have the full 10 years from the new purchase date but I doubt you'll need it. I would advise you to avoid using it directly before or after using your sf. It will aid your enjoyment of it immensely...
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    The Eagle (well the Hawk) has landed

    Thanks Pat. That's a good solution, I wonder if I could mount it like that on either side 🤔....
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    The Eagle (well the Hawk) has landed

    I've been very tempted by these peak design straps but always held off as I couldn't see a way of integrating the occular rain guard as neatly as it is with the standard straps. It looked to me like there wouldn't be room on the anchors that attached to the strap lugs for it - and that's where...
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    8x30 Monarch M7+ eyerelief

    Apologies, I have tried them but not with glasses. It's not just London camera exchange that stocks them though- I know some of the larger rspb reserves stock them too- I tried some at titchwell last year so you may be able to have a go with some more locally than you think. Seemed very decent...
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    Wide flat field and edge sharpness an illusion?

    The term "sweet spot" is usually used to describe a shop selling sweets but in optics it generally meant the area in the centre of the field that is relatively free from aberrations. The experiment of stopping down the objective effectively means you are only using the best part of the...
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    Wide flat field and edge sharpness an illusion?

    I don't tend to get blackouts when I look at the field edge but I only tend to look right to the edge of the field so see if it's flat, check the distortion profile or compare the field of view between 2 optics - it doesn't happen very often! When I do look at the field edge it's a conscious...
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    Tripod, fluid head, and scope in the rain.

    An umbrella goes a long way if it's not too windy especially with an angled scope, a baseball cap works well too- water on the lenses- particularly eye pieces is a right pain! Glare shields work well to stop the rain hitting the objectives. I dry stuff when I get back, never had any problems...
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    Visual effects in binoculars when used with polarisers

    Polarized glasses can have some strange effects particularly with roof prism binoculars, partially due to the phase coatings. They can also be used to test if a roof prism binoculars has phase coatings - Post in thread 'Polarised sunglasses and binoculars.' Polarised sunglasses and binoculars.
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    New Binocular Bargains Thread

    I'll be interested to see how much these go for. They look to be a late model, nitrogen purged and in top notch condition. You see a few old military habichts pop up from time to time but its very, very unusual to see them in this condition. If I were a collector I would be interested in them...
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    Pocket binoculars

    Seems legit Rob! The transmission difference between the two sets could be up to 10% according to Gijs measurements.
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    Does BTX work at all in bird watching?

    I've used the btx module before, I think it was attached to a 95 module if memory serves, i had my Nikon monarch 82 set up next to it. I don't think there's any fundamental reason not to use it for birdwatching, I've seen a few around the more glitzy rspb reserves. The obvious downside is the...
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    Pocket binoculars

    Hi Rob. It's a relatively new trinovid. I'm still enjoying it - in a cathedral and on the banks of the river seine today. It's most apparent when your eyes pupil is dilated to more than the 2.5mm the binocular gives you when your peering into an even darker area. It's much less apparent in...
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    Speculative 10x30/32 question

    I think the kowa's biggest fault is sample variation. I have a soft spot for the 8x33 so have tried them whenever I've seen a sample - some are exceptional, others are a bit rubbish. I think it's this more than anything else that leads to the variety of opinions from reviewers.
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    Pocket binoculars

    It's an interesting question. One I've been considering myself recently. I'm away at the moment on a road trip round France and have brought along an 8x30 porro and a 8x20 leica trinovid br to try and see if I could be content (i.e not optically frustrated!) with just an 8x20. I've been...
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    Comparing 10x32 NL with 8x42 NL, some (not ground breaking) thoughts...

    It does indeed, the same holds true with a binocular.
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    Comparing 10x32 NL with 8x42 NL, some (not ground breaking) thoughts...

    Hi Grackle I'll have another go, maybe my last one - we'll see! If you look at whatever is in front of you and then move your eye closer to it- does it get brighter? According to your theory it should.
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    Comparing 10x32 NL with 8x42 NL, some (not ground breaking) thoughts...

    Hi Grackle. As a little thought experiment consider that by your maths a higher magnification will almost always lead to a brighter image as long as your not going below the eyes pupil size? What you may like to consider is the magnification as a "crop" factor, i.e your cropping a section of...
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    Comparing 10x32 NL with 8x42 NL, some (not ground breaking) thoughts...

    Hi Grackle314 I laboured under this misapprehension for a while too. Providing the transmission of 2 pairs of binoculars is the same and ignoring the perception of brightness being altered by different colour casts etc then different pairs will have the same brightness providing the...
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    Car binoculars

    I put my car bins to good use yesterday on the way past a good birding spot, an enjoyable lunch break - 3 different types of plover all showing nicely. The bins are Visionary wetland 8x42's. A relatively narrow field of view but seemingly with quite a lot of field curvature and rolling ball...
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    Swarovski eye candy...

    You can try to pre order the nl 52's if you like? 😉
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    Swift Audubon HR/5 question

    Top work Keith. A member for 19 years, constantly assimilating all the bird forum knowledge to be able to drop a binoculars 10 times from 2 foot up to successfully return them to a perfect state. The binoking has spoken and we should listen. If Bill hadn't already retired from his 8 axis navy...
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    Nikon EII general question- Zeiss or B&L framed bino?

    It collects 1.5% of the light the dob does. Horses for courses.
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    Nikon EII general question- Zeiss or B&L framed bino?

    It's a Russian job, quite a nifty little thing, 5x25 so a half decent 5mm exit pupil and good depth of field. You can get an idea of the view through from the photo above though, it's not terrible but I wouldn't go looking too closely! Bit little and large with the dob?