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    BOW Key

    Johann Erhard Christian Keysser (1877-1961) 7 March 1877 Geroldsgrün, Frankenwald, Germany - 04 Dec 1961 Neuendettelsau, Middle Franconia, Germany He was an evangelical Lutheran NOT a Jesuit. That's the equivalent of confusing a Stormtrooper with a Jedi..
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    BOW Key

    Given that this is describing a Swiss subspecies I would expect the description be in "Weiterer Mitteilungen über schweizerische Vögel, Der Weidmann no 46 (6)".
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    BOW Key

    An error here: OD: There are two "Bertha King"s in the family but neither is "Bertha Ethelin". Bertha King formerly Welby Born 13 Nov 1822 in Rauceby, Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom Died 1881 London Daughter of Adlard Welby and Mary Hutchinson Sister of Egbert Welby [half], Algar...
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    BOW Key

    Megascops stangiae, sp. nov. Xingu Screech-Owl: Pg 426 Megascops alagoensis, sp. nov. Alagoas Screech-Owl: Pg 427
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    Treron pompadora ada Meise, 1930

    Just to clarify: I have absolutely no idea what the connection is between Geertsema and Meise. I simply identified some called Ada who fit the description in "Eponym" and subsequently The Key. You might think there would have to be some reason Eponym came up with Ada's identity (and there maybe)...
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    BOW Key

    re: Strix aluco sanctinicolai (Zarudny, 1905) The honoree is 100% certain The reason is the only unclear thing...
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    BOW Key

    grantia McClelland 1840 Here Here Roll of the Indian Medical Service 1615-1930, p 447: GRANT, GEORGE MORRISON. B. 30 Dec 1815. A.S. 11 Apr. 1838. Surg. Turkistan Pol. Agency, 1841. Afghanistan, 1839-41, capture of Ghuzni; (P.R.); killed in action, in retreat from Charekar to Kabul, 15 Nov...
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    BOW Key

    re: "Columba denisea" TEMMINCK 1830 a k a (in French) "Colombe Denise" ... OD, here. Laurent said in 2015 However, the answer is much simpler: Dionysia Catharina Cau (1779-1828) First wife of Coenraad Jacob Temminck, Sr.
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    Who is Mr. Beaudouin in Circaetus beaudouini

    He was on Santiago, the largest island of Cape Verde. His timing was terrible as Cape Verde had a famine in 1866 during which 1/3 of the population died. No records exist from this period and mass graves exist.
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    Who is Mr. Beaudouin in Circaetus beaudouini

    Some excellent work here: https://repositorio.ul.pt/bitstream/10451/44155/1/ULSD734701_td_Catarina_Madruga.pdf Pg 66. So it appears he may be Monsieur Beaudouin (died c.1866)
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    BOW Key

    mukandakundae is correct. OD
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    Felix de Azara

    Félix Francisco José Pedro de Azara y Perera born 18 May 1742 is correct see here (pg 17): https://www.researchgate.net/publication/361039666_EXHUMACION_E_IDENTIFICACION_DE_DON_FELIX_DE_AZARA_EN_LA_CRIPTA_DE_LA_CATEDRAL_DE_HUESCA Maybe the first reference we have found that shows the remains...
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    Ornismya audenetii Lesson, RP 1832

    Died in the Paris 9th
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    Major Alcock's (invalid) Drongo

    Assume this was simply a copy-and-paste error from the sketchy "Eponym". Alfred Alcock retired Major in the Indian Medical Service (I.M.S). Rutherford Alcock was not in the British Army he served as a Medical Officer in the Royal Marines in the Miguelite War in Portugal and then was in the...
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    Not Ancestry but searching other records we find 2 sisters and a brother: Anne-Angelle (Anne Angèle) Nourry (1800-1875) Married 17 May 1824 to Charles Antoine ALLARD , Notaire 1795-1838 Marie Anne Constance Nourry (1791-1866) Married ca 1820 to Jean Baptiste Hippolyte MONNET DE...
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    What a spectacular first post. Really crucial information!! Julie-Delphine Nourry was born August 23, 1795 in Celles -sur-Belle, Deux-Sèvres, France, and died there on 24 Nov. 1883. Her parents were: Father Vincent-Augustin Nourry Mother Marie-Anne-Rosalie Granieo Lesson's second wife...
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    Bradypterus lopezi (Alexander, 1903) & Accipiter toussenelii lopezi (Alexander, 1903)

    It is possible we have been mislead by the comment "José Lopez, then a small boy working on his father’s boat that plied between the islands". Several other accounts call him his "old henchman". On the passenger list of the SS Iberia in 1897 which includes Boyd Alexander returning from San...
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    Audubonia Bonaparte, 1855 and others

    Audubon scholarship can be broken into two periods: before Herricks 1914 biography and after. Before we relied on Audubon's imaginative fiction and some very poor inference. After we know this: Audubon's birth record (in the form of a bill from the "witch" doctor to Jean Audubon (as plantation...
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    Audubonia Bonaparte, 1855 and others

    According to wikitree: In 1794 Audubon's father returned to France, bringing with him two children who were formally adopted on 5 March 1794 in Nantes. The adoption act states that Jean Audubon was the biological father of both children: a boy, born 26 April 1785, given the name Fougère (Fern)...
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    Accipiter francesiae Smith, 1834

    Lady Frances Cole née Harris (1784-1847) NO other given names. Henrietta were her daughter and sister in law. She was born 22 Aug 1784 probably in London and baptised in St Margarets, Chapel 13th Sept 1784 - this is the chapel associated with Westminster Abbey- "the grandest church in all of...
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    Porphyrio alleni Thomson, 1842

    I see no reason to doubt the birthplace being Weymouth - Attached is a baptism Sept 22 1782 from Fleet, Dorset which is a village on the outskirts of Weymouth. Much more information on his military history here too..
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    Marais’ Bushshrike

    Seems I relied on a particularly unreliable tree for the spelling of the name. His name was (at baptism) Johan van Oosterzee Marais Born 9 Jan (no year given) was baptized 3 Sept 1871. Baptized in Swellendam, Cape Province, South Africa which is 1/2 way across Africa from his supposed...
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    Ammomanes deserti annae Meinertzhagen, R 1923 and others

    Yes, officially Annie. This from "Scotlands People":
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    Ammomanes deserti annae Meinertzhagen, R 1923 and others

    Born 2 June 1889. See attached. I thought this was untrue as I couldn't find Richard Randels 1928 birth, but went back and checked and it is correct. Most family trees in Ancestry don't mention Richard Randel, (not sure why but he maybe still alive). A remarkable suicide - shooting herself in...
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    Barnesia Bertoni, 1901

    There is no doubt that Charles "Carlos" Stanley Barnes (1848) is indeed the man in post #2. After becoming a widower he returned to England briefly in 1902 where he married the south African widow Blanche Lanxon (nee Pattison). He returned to Paraguay and after 1915 had retired from his...