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    Quinta do Lago area, Portugal, family holiday late May 2024

    Thank you for the great report, I will get back to it when planning my next Portugal journey!
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    Capercaillie in Finland

    Not only roads but rails too can work for this purpose. I saw several on a full day train from Mora to Gällivare in Sweden around midsummer once. Overall I've found it more difficult to see them winter time. Keeping eyes on source treetops for eaten braches will be helpful as they often come...
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    Wingspan Brought Me Here

    I'm a firm fan of Wingspan too although my bird interest preceded the game. Welcome Jordan.
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    Birdwatching in Finland - Rovaniemi area

    The Atlantic coast is typically much warmer than inland Finland, but chilly wet winds can be tough nonetheless. Regarding your earlier question about routes to drive, in general all major roads remain drivable throughout winter. There can be temporary stops of a couple of days after heavy...
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    March birding in Scandinavia Lapland

    Here's a recent thread on winter birding in Rovaniemi with links: Birdwatching in Finland - Rovaniemi area Mentioning some targets or kind of activities you're interested in would help in answering. The Swedish artportalen.se and Finnish tiira.fi will help you finding out what kinds of birds...
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    RFI - Mt. Pulchowki (Kathmandu) solo biridng?

    No problems in 2021, the previous issues were said to be related to the civil war times and general unrest in the country. Unfortunately I have no more recent info on the safety of Pulchowki, but Nepal in general is still stable. There is/was a military post on the top which could be visited...
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    Southern Africa Trip - Looking for input

    Could the mods move this to Information Wanted as suggested by Steve Babbs above? I'm planning a somewhat similar trip in 2026 and would like to thank all who've chimed in so far! I would presume more input to this thread could be gained in the other section as this one is for Trip Reports of...
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    Taita Falcon Victoria Falls

    I was just watching a 3 years old Rockjumper Zambia webinar by Dan Danckwerts and he said that while Taita is occasionally still reported at Victoria Falls, it's become very difficult to see in Zambia.
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    Nepal RFI; spiny babblers, Phulchowki, Ghachowk vulture restaurant

    I was trying to look at my own eBird track but just couldn't make out the exact location as there was a lot of zigzagging involved, sorry. I would guess somewhere here. I know it was high up near the view tower along a road with some low bushes on both sides. try this new link for the article...
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    Nepal RFI; spiny babblers, Phulchowki, Ghachowk vulture restaurant

    Hi James, My info is from 2021-22. - Saw spiny babblers in Pokhara on Sarangkot sunrise point towards the lake side, but not from Peace Pagoda or Kathmandu. eBird should be your friend here! -Phulchowki rd was under construction then. No updated info from my part. It is, however, hikeable...
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    Batumi Raptor Count (Georgia, Caucasus) Looking for Co-ordinators Autumn 2024

    Hi all, I'm posting this announcement from Batumi Raptor Count in Batumi, Georgia, Caucasus. I was there for a few days last year and can warmly recommend visiting, but perhaps one of you has the right experience and will stay a bit longer to help co-ordinating the whole event! Best, Antti...
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    Norway advice

    My top three tips for Northern Lights are: 1) Keep an eye on the weather report. An overcast sky means no auroras will be visible. 2) Keep an eye on the solar activity reports. Both real time data and forecasts are available.There are many websites including Northern Lights in Norway forecast...
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    Two people break 10,000 species, and on the same day? Can it be?

    The 2007 post claims a world record of birds seen during a single one month solo trip - his second to Neotropics. With some stretch of imagination anyone could claim such feat but few would believe it to be true. To claim the 10.000 milestone he would have had to go on in a similar manner since...
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    MHG Help

    I made a similar move from 8X25 travelite to 8X42 MHG ca. 5 years ago and I'm very pleased. The difference in dawn/dusk situation is tangible and the overall quality of image of MHG is far superior. I have kept the travelites and bring them with me on the occasion where birding is not a...
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    January 1st joint Birdforum list (2024 edition)

    From Finland: Willow it (Eurasian) Blue tit Great tit Greater spotted woodpecker White-throated dipper Happy new year!
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    Cheep bird watching survey

    I clicked the linked and filled in the survey, but would recommend you to add a bit more background about yourself and the purpose of data collection if you wish to receive more replies. People can be quite suspicious of data collection these days.
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    Swedish Lapland - where should I go?

    In addition to Artportalen, please see https://nof.nu/fagellokaler/ for general info on locations. Both work through Google Translate if necessary.
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    Rare cuckoo sighting in Goa

    Dear zanderkay, You would be better off posting this to the bird id q&a forum. I don't have my field guide at hand but could a large hawk-cuckoo be an alternative to the ones you already mentioned?
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    Armenian gulls? Tbilisi, Georgia Oct 2023

    Dear Lou, Thank you for the informative reply! I was trying to find pictures of Armenian gulls with lighter iris in vain, thanks for explaining the difference. Best Regards, Antti
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    Armenian gulls? Tbilisi, Georgia Oct 2023

    I saw three gulls on the river inTbilisi the day before yesterday: a winter-clad black-headed and two Armenian/Yellow-legged/Caspian gulls that I took shots of to ID at home. To my surprise the iris colour differs between the birds who otherwise appeared similar to me. The one with dark iris I...
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    Batumi Sęp !3th - 23rd 2023.....

    Thank you for the report Laurie. We we there partly at the same time and I too will be heading back to Europe by train soon having spent some weeks touristing and remote working in other parts of Georgia. For anyone considering the train, it is possible to book the Dogu Express sleeper online...
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    Georgia, September 2022

    Thank you for the report Val35! I'm heading that way in a week and the migration count on Batumi seems to be increasing day by day. Today they had an incredible 77k honey buzzards at Sakhalvasho! Should be a treat! Migration Count Data — Batumi Raptor Count
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    Nepal April/May 2024 Langtang region

    I would love such trip as I've spent half a year in Nepal (for work) seeing 300+ species but missing all the high altitude specials. Next spring, however, won't be possible. I would like to read how it went with the new guide rules after your trip.
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    Best bird ID book for South/Southern Africa

    Others have already mentioned the essentials, but if you have time before your travel do take a look at the YouTube webinars by Bird Life South Africa and Better Birding. They have helpful episodes on where to find birds and how to tell them apart. The content is a bit disorganised but scrolling...
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    Best Himalayan birding treks?

    Nepal recently introduced a mandatory guide requirement for the national parks and other major nature reserves so if you had planned going solo then that's likely out of your list. Arunachal Pradesh also has fairly strict rules for visitors though I have not been there myself. Sikkim is...