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    Elsewhere, in southern California.....

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    Birdforum, we have a problem.

    Anything I say would be a guess. However, for now, I'd cloned the hard drive while you have access. I've used EaseUS dozens of times; very easy to work with. Good Luck.
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    ID Request - Lizards - Arizona USA

    The lizard on the RR log was shot at Hassayampa River Preserve on April 12th. The lizard on the rock was shot at White Tank Mountain Regional Park on April 18th. Thanks
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    Which VPN?

    A couple years ago I emailed a few VPN service providers with “Questions prior to purchasing”. One of which was; would I be able to access public Facebook groups using their VPN. Groups such as City and State and other public service pages; all pages that don't require login's. Included in this...
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    Big Bend National Park - BBNP - BIBE

    Hiked and bird the park two weeks ago; rather early for migration but the Chisos Basin was thick with bears. Had yearlings in the Lodge parking lot trees, on the Laguna Meadows Trail and a mature bear in the trees on the Windows Trail. Been hiking that park since 2002, first time I've seen 'em.
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    Hummingbirds - Online Birding Seminar

    The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Hummingbird online birding seminar set Aug. 15-19 - AgriLife Today August 15 -19 3:00 to 4:00pm Central Time USA Registration Link: https://tamu.estore.flywire.com/products/hummer-week--virtual-birding-seminar-53918 The presentation will be...
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    Red-vented Bulbul

    Welcome to BF, nice to have ya and hope to hear more stories from the Houston area. Here's the most recent article on the Red-vented Bulbuls https://www.houstonchronicle.com/lifestyle/home-garden/article/Houston-is-now-home-to-rare-birds-from-India-and-17229049.php
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    Madera Canyon--Santa Rita Lodge

    If you enjoy walking a trail, I would recommend walking the Madera Creek trail from Proctor Parking (just beyond the Gate House) up to Santa Rita Lodge. Madera Creek runs just behind the lodge. That might be a mile and half walk, it will seem longer cuz it's up hill. Between the Gate House and...
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    Chicago Birding locations in June?

    These are two spots I frequent when visiting Cook County and the Chicago area. Orland Grassland Bartel Grasslands I enjoy huntin' down the sparrows. Bartel is really good for Bobolinks and Dickcessels; no effort to tick 'em off. Everything else is kind of a hunt; walking grass trails. It's a...
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    Changes in how Ebird treats non-natives

    Here's archive info for the Azure Tit from Wisconsin wisbirdn (wisb) listserv: wisbirdn - 09-2021 Mailing List Archive The Tit in question is in the 8 and 10th expanded thread, counting down from the top. I found no mention beyond these dates in September 2021.
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    Walls Work - Mr Goodbar: The Wounded Gray Wolf

    To get the full story on Mr Goodbar you need to read both articles. 'Mr. Goodbar' shot: Wounded gray wolf had trek to Mexico disrupted by border wall https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/article/mexican-gray-wolf-migration-stopped-by-border-wall The first documented Border...
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    Organizing your birding social media

    I too prefer listservs and boards; the socials are cluttered and time consuming to sort thru. That said, I'm sorry I can't help with your quest. However, if unknown to you, I'd like to bring your attention to the ABA listserv aggregator: Birding News brought to you by American Birding...
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    Essential tremor and IS binoculars

    I'm in that age group and talked about ES in a couple threads on BF. There's an issue here that's over looked or avoided. ES, with age, turns into an Intention Tremor which is attached to physiological tremors which is another way of saying performance anxiety. Parkinson is way down the line...
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    Missing my feathered friends

    It may help if you put up some type of a roost, away from the feeder, for the birds to land on, sit, and eyeball the feeder so they can feel safe prior to feeding. It can be something simple like a twig or dowel or anything else that will help them feel safe with their surroundings. If you...
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    Help to identify feathers?

    Molting Herring or Ringed.....
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    Help to identify feathers?

    I'm thinkin' a gull or some species of waterfowl. This time of year, there's a good chance a Northern Harrier plucked it from a shore line or maybe a marsh. About a month ago, I watched a NOHA snatch a Coot 20 feet off shore of Twin Buttes Reservoir here in San Angelo. I was hikin' 50 yards...
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    122nd Christmas Bird Count - 2021

    Not all links updated; dates may be missing but points of contact seem to be entered. Here's the map: https://audubon.maps.arcgis.com/apps/View/index.html?appid=ac275eeb01434cedb1c5dcd0fd3fc7b4 Here's the Covid guidelines for state side participants...
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    Red-vented Bulbul

    A good while back I read a post on a Texas listserv about an Invasive Bird Study, I searched through my bookmarks and came up with this: In Texas, eBird's only sightings are in Harris County, Houston Texas. Here's the Texas eBird Species Observed Sighting List...
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    I.B.W extinction latest

    Here's the list: https://www.fws.gov/news/ShowNews.cfm?ref=u.s.-fish-and-wildlife-service-proposes-delisting-23-species-from-&_ID=37017 Edit: sorry Mono, didn't see your post....had the OP sitting in an unopened tab too long.
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    Walking boots

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    Webinars and Webcams during Lockdown

    Ask The Expert: Fall Birding with David Allen Sibley Cost: Free Location: Virtual Webinar Date/Time: October 8, 2021 - 12PM-1PM Eastern Standard Time - 5pm-6pm GMT Info: Ask The Expert: Fall Birding with David Allen Sibley (Virtual) Registration...
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    How Ornithologists Figured Out How to Preserve Birds

    How Ornithologists Figured Out How To Preserve Birds .....a couple of good, informative reads (links) within this article. The Development of Taxidermy and The History of Ornithology John Edmonstone: the man who taught Darwin Taxidermy Thought it was worth sharing...
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    Hybridization in Birds

    Most recent visitor:
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    Hybridization in Birds

    Don't know how nice they are but here's my photos of a Bullock's x Baltimore Oriole Hybrid: These were taken in April 2016. Last year, September 2020, I had another male BUOR x BAOR on the feeder; the photo was a tad bit blurry but I still have it. As I understand, taken from Sibley's...
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    Anyone else get Orioles at their feeders?

    I have between 14 to 18 orioles on 4 feeders during early spring. Mostly Bullocks but I also get Orchard's and Baltimore's during migration, on both ends. Currently I have 5 Bullock's; four adult males and one 1st year male. I love their song; they're not singing so much now but early spring...