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    Sparrow Audio for ID - Illinois, USA - Nov 2023

    Yes, with location, and neither Merlin nor Birdnet suggested Song Sparrow. Weird.
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    Merlin? Tehran. IR

    +1 for Merlin. Wrong face pattern for Kestrel.
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    Sparrow Audio for ID - Illinois, USA - Nov 2023

    Need ID help on this sparrow call. Bird net is suggesting Golden-crowned Sparrow, which would be rare but not completely absurd here. Any thoughts please? ML612606580 - new world sparrow sp. - Macaulay Library
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    Shrike for ID - West Bengal, India - Oct 2022

    Thanks Grahame. The Brown Shrikes I see in West Bengal are usually less rich in colour.
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    Shrike for ID - West Bengal, India - Oct 2022

    Wondering if this Brown Shrike could be the Japanese ssp (Lanius cristatus superciliosus)?
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    Phylloscopus Call for ID - Eastern Himalayas, India

    Nope, does not sound/look like that either.
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    Phylloscopus Call for ID - Eastern Himalayas, India

    Please review this call on eBird and suggest if this is a Two-barred Warbler or some subspecies of Greenish Warbler. I did not see this bird at all but its call is not matching with the P. trochiloides calls that I am familiar with in Eastern India. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/578385741
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    Reed Warbler - Kolkata, India

    I got these images reviewed by Lars Svensson. He opined this is "most probably" a Large-billed Reed Warbler.
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    Chang May Thailand 01.02.2023

    #3: Yellow-bellied Warbler Rest are good.
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    Krabi Thailand 05,02,23 Raptors

    #1: Oriental/Crested Honey Buzzard. Pigeon-ish head and underwings patterns are distinct. #2: Crested Serpent Eagle. Large yellow lore and underwing patterns are distinct.
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    Hume's Leaf Warbler or Yellow-browed Warbler? 29/4/21, Eocheongdo - South Korea

    Agreed on Hume's. Yellow-browed will be a much brighter bird with prominent double wingbars.
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    Prinias - Nalsarovar, Gujarat, India

    1 and 2 are Plain Prinias. 3 and 4 are Delicate Prinias.
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    Id Request - Gulls, Akshi Beach, Maharashtra, India - 2

    The immatures are barabensis based on moult stage, time of the year and likelihood at Indian coasts.
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    Id Request - Gulls, Akshi Beach, Maharashtra, India - 2

    A cach would be extremely rare for the region. We probably need a wing view to confirm that.
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    ID help for a locustella warbler - India

    Re-opening this old thread upon the recent discovery of West Himalayan Bush Warbler from the state of West Bengal. A recent study of song analysis of multiple assumed Spotted Bush Warblers were found to be actually West Himalayan, and they seem to be not uncommon wintering migrants in this...
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    Locustella for ID - West Bengal, India, March 2023

    We are debating whether this is a Spotted or a Baikal Bush Warbler. The bird emerged from dry grass upon Spotted and Baikal's call playback from Merlin. The song audible in the video is a Baikal call playback from Merlin.
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    Reed Warbler - Kolkata, India

    True, but the size comparison was done against the leaves of the acacia. This bird gave out a chk-chk call similar to Blyth's. Clamorous gives a hard chuck call and it has a more prominent, longer supercilium, often with a peaked crown. This bill looks weaker for a Clamorous to me. Field...
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    Reed Warbler - Kolkata, India

    About the same size as Blyth's. The streaking is unusual but it did not remind me of an Oriental (which I have seen only once). Its call was similar to Blyth's and undertail covert looked large (visible in photo). The odd bill caught my eye. It looked heavy for a Blyth's RW.
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    Reed Warbler - Kolkata, India

    It was smaller than a Clamorous. Call was like a Blyth's and a large undertail covert is visible.
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    Reed Warbler - Kolkata, India

    @Grahame Walbridge @andyb39 - may I ask?
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    Reed Warbler - Kolkata, India

    I know it is a tough ask, but is there any possibility that this could be a Large-billed Reed Warbler, and not a Blyth's? It was foraging rather openly at mid-level on an Acacia (usually, the wintering Blyth's here keep themselves within bushes and undergrowths) and the bill looked larger than...
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    Harrier for ID - West Bengal, India

    How to eliminate an immature Eurasian MH?
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    Harrier for ID - West Bengal, India

    Need an ID on this raptor. It is either an Eurasian or an Eastern Marsh Harrier, but I am unable to deduce beyond that. Clicked in Jan 2023 at a marshland near the Himalayan foothills.
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    Raptor ID pls at Kagoshimi, Japan.

    A buteo. Underpart colours, white necklace and distribution suggest Eastern Buzzard.
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    Snipe for ID - Southern West Bengal, Eastern India, Dec 2022

    Bird #1: North 24 Parganas district, West Bengal, India, 30/12/2022 More photos: https://ebird.org/india/checklist/S124872472 Bird #2: Hooghly district, West Bengal, India, 26/12/2022 More photos: https://ebird.org/checklist/S124609334 All records from semi-dry grassland habitats. Bird #1 has...