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  1. postcardcv

    Norfolk birding

    waxwings at Fakenham today we quite obliging but the light was poor most of the time. Below is one of the few shots I got in good light and also a dodgy shot of an interesting bird in the flock with very pale cheeks.
  2. postcardcv

    found in a local shop

    This is in the bottom corner, looks to be the artists mark but doesn’t help me to know who it was painted by.
  3. postcardcv

    found in a local shop

    I found this painting in a local shop and could not resist it. Sharing it here on the off chance that someone recognises it as I would be interest to work out who painted it.
  4. postcardcv

    Norfolk birding

    Thanks again for the info on the egrets, I did make it over to Holme on Tuesday and managed to connect with a few of them, the light wasn't best for photos but it was great to be able to watch them. A couple of times one picked up a frog from the grass and came to the water to eat it...
  5. postcardcv

    Ladew Gardens, Baltimore USA 15th October ‘23

    My guess would be palm warbler but that comes from no actual experience with American warblers, just looking at books and dreaming of what might turn up in the UK! I am sure someone with knowledge will be able to help you.
  6. postcardcv

    Norfolk birding

    Thanks for the advice. Hopefully I’ll find them tomorrow. For some reason cattle egrets always give me the run around
  7. postcardcv

    Norfolk birding

    Does anyone have any gen on the cattle egrets at Holme? Hoping to head over there this week but not sure if they are from the reserve or village side.
  8. postcardcv

    Golden eagle or common buzzard? N Iran

    Cannot see it being common buzzard, long-legged seems a good shout.
  9. postcardcv

    Norfolk birding

    Popped to Cley yesterday morning. Lots of activity on the sea with more auks than I have seen together before in Norfolk. Also a lot of gannet activity, a number of RTdivers and a few manx passing through.
  10. postcardcv

    gulls - Norfolk UK, Oct 2023

    That is what I had the third image. The overall tone of it was very different to the other herring gulls around in the area. I'm happy for it to be a herring gull just trying to work out why it is what it is.
  11. postcardcv

    Are these Bar Tailed Godwits?

    agree - black-tailed godwits
  12. postcardcv

    gulls - Norfolk UK, Oct 2023

    Spent some time at the beach yesterday amongst others I grabbed a couple of shots of this gull. Just cannot make it click in my brain so if someone could put me out of my misery that would be good. Third shot is (obviously) a different bird - helps on the ageing of it would be appreciated. Also...
  13. postcardcv

    possible return to digiscoping...

    Many years back I did some digiscoping and went through a few of the classic cameras. After a few years I ended up adding a DSLR, then a long lens and since then it has basically been standard photography all the way for me. However these days I find that the pursuit of a good photo can get in...
  14. postcardcv


    Welcome to BirdFourm - off to take a look at your app now
  15. postcardcv

    More therapy than art

    Glad that you like them. I have only put a few others online, they are on my flickr - iPad Doodles
  16. postcardcv

    More therapy than art

    Many years ago I used to draw a lot but have not done so for far too long. For birds photography has entirely taken over, it is much better for me as it is much more forgiving and I could never get drawings that I was truly happy with but do with the odd photo. I am also a doodler and whenever I...
  17. postcardcv

    Norfolk birding

    thank you
  18. postcardcv

    Norfolk birding

    Does anyone know where to report colour ringed godwits? I had this black-tailed at the harbour at Brancaster Staithe early afternoon. I was glad I'd stopped to get photos of it (the only way to make sure I don't get the colour rings wrong) as a juvenile white-tailed eagle drifted over while I...
  19. postcardcv

    Norfolk Butterflies and Moths

    I see what you mean, I had a few more today at Titchwell. A nice small copper there today too.
  20. common lizard

    common lizard

    enjoying the sun today, shame I didn't have a shorter lens with me as it was not easy to find an angle with a long lens.
  21. black-tailed godwit landing

    black-tailed godwit landing

    coming in to land
  22. black-tailed godwit

    black-tailed godwit

    a few black-tailed godwit performed beautifully this morning
  23. postcardcv

    skuas - Norfolk, UK today

    The two birds in the second photo are the same as the two in the forth, the photos are from a sequence and were taken within seconds of each other. While watching them these two did seem to be moving together and would harass the same tern. They appeared to be a very similar distance out as...
  24. postcardcv

    spend my money... £800 budget

    Funny you should say that… I just picked up a pair of secondhand 8x32 Ultravids but am now working out how to get the funds for a pair of Curio too!
  25. postcardcv

    Swarovski sales delays

    That sucks. I hope you get it soon. how long can it take to change an IT system?