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  1. kuzeycem

    Bird to id. In Istanbul

    Eastern Olivaceous Warbler
  2. kuzeycem

    Sandpiper in Alameda, CA

    Dead on.
  3. kuzeycem

    Parasitic Jaeger

    Parasitic (possibly 2cy but I don't know much about ageing these). Check the slender bill, triangular head, pale frontal blaze.
  4. kuzeycem

    Ballykelly Marsh, Northern Ireland (June) - bar-tailed godwits?

    Lower 3 photos of B show mostly (completely?) Bar-taileds - white wedge on the backs.
  5. kuzeycem

    Two birds in Pamukale to ID.

    Hi Alexander, Certainly not an easy photo as it's from a weird angle and it's still growing its tail but; slim bill, overall greyer colouration, well demarcated white primary patch (niloticus Woodchat would also show this but Pamukkale is too far W for it) and dark rump are visible here.
  6. kuzeycem

    Two birds in Pamukale to ID.

    Eastern Black-eared Wheatear and Masked Shrike
  7. kuzeycem

    Unusual bird species of their Families

    Pale Rockfinch is apparently very divergent from other Old World sparrows, I believe a recent study suggested it belonged with wagtails and pipits?
  8. kuzeycem

    Unknown juvenile

    Interesting that your bulletpoint list clearly favors Common Redstart, yet you went with European Robin :) I also agree with juv Common Redstart
  9. kuzeycem

    Sandpiper help near Bangkok Thailand

    Both look fine for RNS I think; the long-bodied and short, droopy billed look along with the less contrasting plumage is typical.
  10. kuzeycem

    Warbler near Amsterdam

    This seems to be a fully-fledged bird in 1st winter plumage, so I'd agree with Richard here. Primary projection and face pattern also don't fit WW.
  11. kuzeycem

    Little gull? Norfolk UK.

    Yes it is
  12. kuzeycem

    Booted/Sykes's Warbler--NE Iran

    Also, it's a Wood Sandpiper on the checklist, not Green.
  13. kuzeycem

    Booted/Sykes's Warbler--NE Iran

    This would appear to be a Sykes's; on the checklist, I think your 'Eastern Olivaceous' is a Common Reed and your 'Common Reed' looks like another Sykes's Warbler (the audio recordings for Common Reed are correct, though).
  14. kuzeycem

    Swifts for confirmation - Bulgaria

    They are all Pallids IMO, but only focusing on the eye-mask (or any single feature, really) makes IDs prone to error. See the paler head sides, large throat patches with diffuse borders, scaling concentrated on central belly, and broad head shape. Photo 2 shows the darker mantle while photo 5...
  15. kuzeycem

    Small wild bird I rescued need help identifying

    It is a European Nightjar. It's unlikely you'll be able to take care of it so you should probably contact a local wildlife rehabber or the local DKMP (national parks). In the meantime best to not interact with the bird as much as possible; you could try putting it in a cardboard box. If you...
  16. kuzeycem

    Unknown Raptor, Axios National Park, Greece last week

    Maybe I shouldn't comment while I'm looking at it from my mobile, but I can't see any remige/rectrice moult in this bird, nor anything that particularly stands out against an adult female. I'd be happy to be corrected though.
  17. kuzeycem

    dispel my doubts - marsh warbler?

    Photos not good enough IMO
  18. kuzeycem

    Sedge Warbler in south of Swedish

    As someone who has always had a special interest in Marsh vs Common Reed ID (not to say I'm absolutely perfect at it!) and also someone who will readily admit to leaving many 1cy in autumn unassigned to a species, I can confidently (for whatever that's worth) say that these birds tick all the...
  19. kuzeycem

    Sedge Warbler in south of Swedish

    The recording is a Sedge, but all the photos show Marsh Warblers
  20. kuzeycem

    Greenish warbler or not? Gilan, Iran

    I'm not seeing any recordings
  21. kuzeycem

    Warbler: Phylloscopus or Hippolais? Ibiza - Spain

    Wow, that's new to me too. I've always felt the literature 'suggested' (though I've probably never seen in written explicitly) that neither Icterine or Melodious dipped tail, so I was quite surprised when I saw my first Icterine tail dipping somewhat regularly (never on pallida-levels though)
  22. kuzeycem

    Red-footed Falcon , aging

    First is a 2cy male. The other one is a female but I can't be sure on the age, perhaps a 3cy?
  23. kuzeycem

    Wheatears on Lesbos between 9th and 12th May

    If Western Bonelli's and Melodious Warblers can turn up in the Balkans then W Black-eared surely can too, but these aren't it.
  24. kuzeycem

    Wheatears on Lesbos between 9th and 12th May

    1-5 Eastern Black-eared, 6 Northern
  25. kuzeycem

    A bit of a strange pipit

    Mantle streaking seems weak for an RTP to me, I'd call it a worn Meadow Pipit