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  1. James Eaton

    Honey-buzzard sp, Kazakhstan

    I agree with comments above - European Honeybuzzard - I'm always surprised when I see EHB, how lightweight and well-proportioned they appear compared to OHB, even in photos. I've spent quite a bit of time in that area of the steppe, and not seen OHB - would be a nice vagrnt record. I see OHB...
  2. James Eaton

    Uzbekistan Flycatcher

    It's a very common migrant through Uzbekistan - I've seen passing through in numbers, especially at any desert oasis. James
  3. James Eaton

    Leaf Warbler Identification - Lake Miyagase, Kanagawa, Japan

    Brightening up the photo helps - it's an Eastern Crowned Warbler. Note - all orange lower mandible (Japanese would have large dark smudge) Supercilium shape (your bird tapers behind eye) and crown colour (greenish, no contrast with upperparts) rule out Sakhalin Also, undertail coverts can just...
  4. James Eaton

    Swiftlet from Kinabalu, Malaysia

    Given the lack of tail notch on the closed tail, I would say it's an Aerodramus. I really struggle to identify Giant Swiftlet from photos, as for me, it's flight action and size rather than plumage features when I see them in the field. I would add, your bird doesn't long long enough at the rear...
  5. James Eaton

    Warblers - Samarkand, Uzbekistan

    You're correct with all with following exception: 2. Lesser Whitethroat - lacks the bill size + iris colour of Eastern Orphean 10 - to confirm, yes, Hume's Leaf Warbler, just getting a bit excited as they frequently do at this time of year, before they start uttering full song.
  6. James Eaton

    Rare(?) Orchid, Cyprus

    Worth searching (and uploading) on iNaturalist, Andy - such a wonderful resource. See Observations James
  7. James Eaton

    Thick-billed Green Pigeon, Java

    After spending considerable time looking into whether hypothapsinus should be given full species status a few years back, we poured through literature and personal sightings to confirm the taxon has been recorded on both Deli and Tinjil, along with Panaitan. Likewise, off islands off Sumatra...
  8. James Eaton

    Thick-billed Green Pigeon, Java

    As I say, it is split in the Indonesian Archipelago field guide - whether this is followed by any of the lists, I've no idea, or if Scythebill also includes what are in field guides - I wouldn't know. I just know what has been published in the field guide or what has appeared in peer-reviewed...
  9. James Eaton

    Thick-billed Green Pigeon, Java

    Ah right, no idea about IOC, one of the bonuses of not keeping a list. It would have been Grey-cheeked, as Will mentioned, given how similar they are. Very few other Treron options on Java, as you would be familiar with Pink-necked. James
  10. James Eaton

    Thick-billed Green Pigeon, Java

    This will be because in the field guide, Thick-billed Green Pigeon has been split, so the birds on Deli and Tinjil are 'Barusan Green Pigeon', a taxon confined to the outer islands surrounding south and west Sumatra. Andy - Thick-billed Green Pigeon has no confirmed records from mainland Java...
  11. James Eaton

    Manchurian Reed Warbler from Kannur, Kerala, India

    This looks absolutely fine for Paddyfield Warbler - the shape of the supercilium is wrong for Manchurian (doesn't taper behind the eye), as is the small-looking bill.
  12. James Eaton

    First Tajikistan (eBird) record of Common Shelduck?

    Many countries (in Asia, at least), don't have an official database of records from a birding body - though there's often someone keen enough to keep a sort of unofficial list. It's worthing contacting OSME to find out if they have any recording-keeping contact, or the authors of Birds of...
  13. James Eaton

    First Tajikistan (eBird) record of Common Shelduck?

    Nice record, Phil - are previous records of the species in Tajikistan no longer considered acceptable? The species appears in the BirdLife Tajikistan bird list: BirdLife Data Zone, along with Tajikistan Birds website: The Checklist of the Birds of Tajikistan. Birds of Tajikistan. James
  14. James Eaton

    Latest IOC Diary Updates

    Indonesian field guide has the ranges of the four species, which I'd expect them to align with: Sunda Brush Cuckoo. 2 ssp, 1 in region: sepulcralis (Sumatra – Alor, Sumba, Borneo, Thai-Malay Peninsular, Philippines). Australian Rush Cuckoo. 8-9 ssp, 4-5 in region: variolosus (breeds Australia...
  15. James Eaton

    Bulbul problems with ID in Malaysia

    orange eye = Red-eyed Bulbul. 1st pic - correct, can see the olive outer wing = Olive-winged Bulbul James ps - Jason, note it's peninsular Malaysia, so the Cream-vented there have white eyes (+ in addition, in Borneo, Cream-vented has a red, not orange eye, which separates it easiest from...
  16. James Eaton

    New ATC/ STC 17-40x56 Telescope

    Hey Jason, it's outstanding. I no longer use my ATX on tours, just this. Lightweight, compact and even the eyepiece is the same size as the ATX, it doesn't really feel like I'm using a small scope. I really enjoy being able to start out at 17x. Two issues, one minor, one not-so - ocular lens...
  17. James Eaton

    Short-tailed vs. Asian Glossy Starling, Bali

    gloss is heavily dependent on the light. Easiest way to separate them is bill shape and size - your birds have weak, small bills = Short-tailed Starling (on Bali elevation is some help, though foothills both can occur). James
  18. James Eaton

    Phetchaburi Thailand Jan 28 - Possible Cinereous Vulture?

    The bill size and shape rules out a vulture, in my opinion, check out the size ratio vs the head. Pinched in trailing edge discounts the barn door Monk Vulture appearance too. Outermost primary significantly shorter than longest primary too. Tail shape would also rule out Griffon. To me...
  19. James Eaton

    Plover ID help - Bali, January 2024

    I'd say the variegated upper parts are due to it being a juvenile Javan Plover as the bird lacks the facial features of Malaysian. As others said, other bird + new photos are clearly Tibetan (Sand) Plover. James
  20. James Eaton

    Bird call in Eastern Himalayas, India.

    They have a wide repertoire, though generally a few key notes in most phrases, especially because they are also wonderful mimics. In addition, Greater Necklaced Laughingthrush sound extremely similar (with quite a bit of overlap).
  21. James Eaton

    Bird call in Eastern Himalayas, India.

    Lesser Necklaced Laughingthrush - always a joy to hear! James
  22. James Eaton

    Bird call, Fraser's Hill Malaysia

    Sultan Tit is the call in the foreground.
  23. James Eaton

    Nepal. Is this pale rockfinch/pale rock sparrow?

    Agree with Grahame, it's a Black/Red-headed Bunting - combination of streaked crown and bill shape point to that. James
  24. James Eaton

    Cambodia- Ground Agents & Companions to share trip

    If you want to see the floricans in display, then early March is a great time + it's an ideal time for many other species too. I wouldn't go after mid-March as the temperatures sky-rocket, and it's really dry with the onset of monsoon - even early March is noticeably hotter than mid-Feb even. I...
  25. James Eaton

    Which Snipe - Okinawa, Japan

    Covert pattern (narrow buff fringes) rules out Common Snipe - second photo can see the tail a little, and it's too short. Shame the other East Asian species require a spread tail! James