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  1. Saxatilis

    New binocular day! Nikon 7x42 EDG

    I bought the EDG 7X42 in November 2020. The serial number of my specimen is #381. I think it has remained unsold for a long time in the shelves. I also think (my opinion) that the owners of this binoculars in Italy can be counted on the fingers of one hand or a little more... Superb bino...
  2. Saxatilis

    Interchangeability of Fieldscope eyepieces

    Hi herewith a chart of all the Fieldscope eyepieces from a Nikon Optics catalogue of 2012: Japanese aside, you have a summary table with the comparison of the same eyepiece mounted on the Fieldscope's different models, best
  3. Saxatilis

    Upgrade 128 RC head or no?

    Sticking with Sirui, as Gzoladz74 said and considering the size of your Kowa spottingscope, you might consider also the Sirui VH-10 fluid head which holds up to 6 kilograms (I use it with 4kg angled binoculars). It is well built, not too heavy but greatly stable and above all it is very smooth...
  4. Saxatilis

    Zeiss Victory 7x42 FL internal check after 15 years of use?

    Thanks for all your answers, varied and useful. For the moment I keep my Victory 7x42 T* FL that I have cleaned today after my last raptor count (another will take place in May) and I will not send it for service ; in the meantime I had inquired about possible ways to get it to Zeiss service in...
  5. Saxatilis

    Zeiss Victory 7x42 FL internal check after 15 years of use?

    Hi all I own a pair of Zeiss Victory 7x42 FL from mid-2009. I have been using estensively during raptor migration counts (three periods of 12 days/year) and just little more throughout the years. The binoculars have been used but always well treated, they have never fallen or taken any serious...
  6. Saxatilis

    Short vs standard column for better stability?

    Thank you all for the appreciated opinions concerning the short/standard column topic at which I was and am interested. Sincerely, I'm currently okay with my current equipment, as far as tripods and video heads used for the two instruments (spottingscope and angled binoculars). A more than good...
  7. Saxatilis

    Short vs standard column for better stability?

    Hi I use a couple of 20mm Plossl eyepieces giving a 19× magnification for raptor migration counts. They are OK to me. I also have the 16mms and 12mms but are only occasionally of use and not for this purpose
  8. Saxatilis

    Short vs standard column for better stability?

    Hi all Here is my current gear in the field for raptor migration counts: the Oberwerk BT 70-45 and the Sirui VH-10 video head with the Berlebach Report 3022 (standard 50cm column) for greater stabilty in a windy location west of Genoa. Best
  9. Saxatilis

    Source of bird recording gear based in the UK

    Hello, I would like to point out the link of an Italian manufacturer that makes parabolic microphones of excellent quality at very good prices. I have three different parabolas taken from this seller who designs and builds them, I use them for years for various purposes and situations and I am...
  10. Saxatilis

    German Accipiter Identification

    Hello I would say Goshawk
  11. Saxatilis

    Spare parts for Velbon Quick Release Plate

    Hi, out of curiosity, I tried to insert the anti rotations pins of the Manfrotto PL-200 and 130-14 plates into the thread pitch of the pristine Velbon QB-157N plate that I have kept but they do not fit in both cases, being different.
  12. Saxatilis

    Nikon 75X MC fixed eyepiece for reading crane rings

    Hello everyone, I recently started monitoring groups of cranes wintering in lowland areas of north-western Italy in search of ringed individuals. I used my Nikon Fieldscope ED 82A with the 75x MC fixed eyepiece for this purpose. Purchased in 2015, until now I had practically had no opportunity...
  13. Saxatilis

    Short vs standard column for better stability?

    Thanks to everyone for your opinions. I already have a 36mm-leg carbon tripod with no column (Innorel NT364C, see pic together with my Nikon ED82 spottingscope alongside) but comparing it to the sturdy Berlebach Report 3022, the latter is better in vibration-damping with the Oberwerk BT 70-45...
  14. Saxatilis

    Short vs standard column for better stability?

    Hi Mike thank you, I try to explain better: in neither case (50/10cm) I would raise the column of an cm, always keeping it retracted, but I was wondering if a column longer and more exposed - for example - to wind can not induce more vibration than a shorter and almost all inserted in the hub of...
  15. Saxatilis

    Short vs standard column for better stability?

    Hi all, I have, among others, a solid Berlebach Report 3022 tripod with a Sirui VH-10 head on which I mount my Oberwerk BT-70 angled binoculars (4,3kgs) a combo that satisfies me. The Berlebach wooden tripod has a rather long, standard 50cm column, which I do not use, because with that...
  16. Saxatilis

    Ultralight tripod/head for a 400 g (14 oz) scope

    Simply the lower sections are folded, the person is ±1.60m tall...Like her I avoid raising the column which is rather thin
  17. Saxatilis

    Ultralight tripod/head for a 400 g (14 oz) scope

    Hi I gave the small Slik Sprint Pro EZ tripod equipped with a Slik SH-707E pan head to a friend of mine who uses the Kowa TSN 501 and she is very happy with it (see pic). The tripod weighs just 1.28 kgs. A more expensive alternative could be the Sirui T-1204XL.
  18. Saxatilis

    Comparing GT2545T and LO-324C

    I put together a Gitzo combo (G1327 + G2380) used and I think it's the best I've had so far in terms of rigidity and vibration damping. I have been operating mostly in windy areas for raptor migration counts in my region for over 30 years. I think this is, at least for me who have an 82mm...
  19. Saxatilis

    Gitzo head GHF2W

    Hi I have the GH1720QR and have had the GHF2W. The latter is no doubt fine, smoother and perhaps better suited to your scope. I kept the GH1720QR because a needed a tiny but good head (chiefly for the Nikon ED50 but I mounted also a Svbony SV406P on it) and sold the GHF2W because of plenty of...
  20. Saxatilis

    Slik 500G Tripod

    Hi My travel scope is the Nikon ED50 and I would suggest the Slik Pro EZ (I had it) or, better, the Sirui T-1204XL that I use even with bigger loads
  21. Saxatilis

    Review by 'Saxatilis' on item 'G1327'

    After almost a year of patient research in the secondhand market, I could realize an excellent Gitzo setup: the wonderful G1327 carbon tripod and the excellent G2380 fluid head that I had already found first... truly, a perfect combination for 80mm spottingscopes in terms of stability and...
  22. Saxatilis

    Raptor, Algarve, Portugal, from today

    Hi, it's a Short-toed Snake Eagle Bye
  23. Saxatilis

    Too much eye relief on 7x42 EDG

    Interesting thread. I wear multifocal glasses and own the Nikon EDG 7x42 since November 2020. I confirm, from day one I had to reduce the eye-relief which is excessive for my vision and my needs by turning the eye cups.
  24. Saxatilis

    Lens hood for ED50?

    Hi here at home among my photographic stuff I had the hood of an old Tamron tele lens that now proves very useful on the Nikon ED50
  25. Saxatilis

    Nikon 40x WDS eyepiece

    Hi I own the 27x/40x/50x DS since some years and keep it almost always mounted on the Nikon Fieldscope ED50 where at 27x it provides an excellent yield. The optical quality is very good, apart from a slight yellowish cast which is a little more perceptible on the Filedscope ED82, maybe linked to...