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    Baby Wood Duck? Northern Virginia

    Can anyone tell me if this is a baby wood duck? I took this photo yesterday at a lake in Northern Virginia, USA.
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    ID Mystery - Piedmont North Carolina, USA

    I wonder if it's a leucistic House Finch or House Sparrow, sort of like an albino mutation.
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    North Vancouver - Lower Mainland B.C

    Is it an adult or a fledgling?
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    Need help identifying a bird

    Dark-eyed Junco?
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    Unknown call, Southwest Ohio, April 28, 2024

    My first thought was a junco, but the call is so soft I can't say with any certainty.
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    Grackle/ crow Miami

    Probably a dumb question, but how do you know one of them is a female?
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    Florida USA (Central FL, Gulf Coast) - Leucistic crow?

    Definitely American crows squawking in the background.
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    Northern or Louisiana Waterthrush?

    Is it possible that these are two different birds?
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    Hairy Woodpecker? Connecticut USA

    Agree. A male.
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    Female Common or Red-breasted Merganser? Eastern Ontario, Canada

    Is there something orange-red floating in the water behind her? It looks like her upper bill is half the length of her lower bill.
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    Drake Ring-necked Duck ?

    Sure looks like one. For comparison, here's a couple of photos of ring-necked ducks that I took in northern Virginia, USA.
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    Please Name This Bird

    Both eastern bluebirds. Female in the 1st photo, male in the second.
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    Small Flycatcher ID Help (Green Valley, AZ)

    How can you distinguish this from a gray flycatcher?
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    Improper Duck Relationships? No. VA, USA

    Thanks, Stonefaction. I hadn't seen your response when I responed to dantheman.
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    Improper Duck Relationships? No. VA, USA

    There were a lot of different ducks, all intermingled. But, when I took this photo, these seven ducks were off by themselves. It reminded me of stories I've heard of men from one hunter-gathering tribe kidnapping a group of females from a different tribe to bring back home as wives. I kinda...
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    Improper Duck Relationships? No. VA, USA

    I've attached a cropped, higher-resolution version of the first photo to give you a better look at the females.
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    Improper Duck Relationships? No. VA, USA

    The males ducks in this photo that I took yesterday at Lake Fairfax, in Northern Virginia, are clearly wood ducks. But what kind of ducks are the females? They don't look like female wood ducks. (See the 2nd photo of a female wood duck.) To my poorly trained eye, they look like hooded...
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    Eastern Phoebe? Northern Virginia, USA

    I took these photos today along the shore of a lake in northern Virginia. The same bird is in all 3 photos. I think it's an Eastern Phoebe. Can someone confirm or correct this ID for me? Thank you.
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    Two Cormorants and . . .? No. VA, USA

    Well, that explains the last photo. I thought maybe a ruddy duck was mocking the cormorants. Thanks for the ID.
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    Junco? Northern Virginia, USA

    In an open field near a lake in northern Virginia today I spotted flocks of starlings, red-winged blackbirds and grackles all hanging out together. Near the top of the tree I also saw a silhouette of something clearly different from the assembled masses, so I took a shot of it. I've uploaded...
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    Two Cormorants and . . .? No. VA, USA

    These three photos were taken at Lake Fairfax in Northern Virginia today. I apologize for the quality; the birds were pretty far away. There are two double-crested cormorants and a mystery (to me) bird in each photo. The mystery bird is on the right in the first two photos and on the left in the...