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  1. luke

    2014 UK Orchids

    two plants in flower at RSPB Radipole Lake at the moment. I beleive one is 'atrofuscus' and the other 'fulvafusca'? Not sure though.
  2. luke

    2014 UK Orchids

    I know, things have gone down hill! Hope your well mate! Will be visiting in a month or so, so will make sure we meet up. Back to the orchids. Will try to get a few pics this morning if I get chance.
  3. luke

    2014 UK Orchids

    Atrofuscus/fulvasusca Bee Orchids now out at RSPB Radipole Lake in Weymouth. One is out properly and is a completely plain brown one and another plant (just about to flower) which appears to be all brown but with a silvery bit near the middle of the flower. Sorry, don't know proper names of...
  4. luke

    Results from colour-ring reading

    Having a great winter in Weymouth for Med Gull ring sightings. Since the start of october I'm getting somewhere near 70 or 80 sightings of probably 40 odd birds. So far countries of origin have been France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Serbia, Hungary and my first from Italy!
  5. luke

    Harris Hawk in Hertfordshire?

    I would say that's a hybrid. Certainly shows characteristics of both species. They do exist in the falconry world.
  6. luke

    NRW: Ringing permits

    From what I've heard from friends in Wales, unless things change dramatically, wildlife's in for a pretty rough ride in Wales over the next few years! Disgusted to hear their charging ringers to survey!
  7. luke

    IDs near Formby Merseyside?

    I'd say that was a Long-eared Owl. Face just looks right plus as others have said, body streaking etc...
  8. luke

    NEW BOOK - Birdwatching walks in Gwent

    Hi Delia, I'm good. Nipping back to Gwent next weekend for the Book Launch and the Welsh birdy conference. Probably won't get much chance to do any birding but will be nice to be back, albeit briefly. Hope your well and glad I've given you a christmas idea!
  9. luke

    NEW BOOK - Birdwatching walks in Gwent

    Thought it was worth highlighting the publication of Gwent Ornithological Societies new book, 'Birdwatching Walks in Gwent'. It's marking the clubs 50th year and should be a useful guide to anyone visiting the county. I'd imagine it would also give gwent birders a range of new places to visit...
  10. luke

    female Lesser Scaup?

    The bird looks quite large as well. Surely not a good thing if your wanting a Lesser Scaup?
  11. luke

    Dorset birding

    That's probably the best one in my opinion also.
  12. luke

    RSPB's New Logo

    Re-branding is so much more than just a logo. Its the whole way to thinking for the charity. I actually work for them but before anyone asks, I've got no idea how much every cost but I think it will be worthwhile. Loads of people don't really know what the charity does, some think it rescues...
  13. luke

    2013 UK orchids

    A few Bee's now flowering at RSPB Radipole Lake in Weymouth. So far just one is of the atrofuscus/fulvafusca variety which is just about to flower nicely.
  14. luke

    Uncoded Herring Gull ring

    I don't think the BTO will be able to shed any light on it. Very unlikely to be from any of their schemes. I've seen this in Weymouth and think its someone who's probably rehab'd the bird and let it go having put a little marker on it so they know which bird from the local park it was...
  15. luke

    White wagtail ? - Rainham marshes, UK

    I wouldn't like to say without seeing the rump. I ring quite a lot of these this time of year, some of which look rather pale on the mantle but the rump is usally just a little too dark for a white wagtail.
  16. luke

    Dorset birding

    The Great Grey Shrike should perhaps say 'a Great Grey Shrike' as it appears to be ringed. Have birds from previous winters had rings on them? Obviously it could have got its ring between visits...
  17. luke

    Gull ID - UK

    Certainly wouldn't be able to call that one on those photo's. Saying that i'd favour Yellow-legged Gull perhaps?...
  18. luke

    Jay influx into UK

    A flock of 6 appeared at RSPB Radipole Lake yesterday in Weymouth. they appeared to come in from Weymouth bay. First i've ever seen at the reserve.
  19. luke

    Starting Blocks...Aquatic Warblers, UK...

    Very frustrating morning at Radipole Lake today. Went out ringing full of hope and it was going well until it absolutely poured down with rain and got me soaked. Had to abandon the morning and head home to dry off. upon ariving home I found out about the Marizion bird than half hour later I...
  20. luke

    Another micro

    That looks like you could be right, says its variable on ukmoths.
  21. luke

    Another micro

    Hi, Another one which I'm in need of help with! Doesn't seem to be in the new micro book and the nearest thing on UKmoths is quite rare. thanks in advance.
  22. luke

    two micro's please!

    thanks very much. Must admit the ermine threw me somewhat.
  23. luke

    two micro's please!

    Hey Folks, Struggling with these two. Any help would be appreciated! thanks
  24. luke

    Dorset birding

    So many things wrong with that post.... I'll leave it at that!
  25. luke

    Greylag rings

    Its almost certainly a bird from Newport, Gwent. Can't track down the contacts email though.