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  1. Telephoto Paul

    Poll - Do you agree or disagree with the AOS's recent decision to abandon the use of eponymous bird names?

    I suspect it's a quirk of avibase+google translate but, the Japanese name for Bendire's Thrasher comes out as 'Sand-colored thrush imitation'. Now don't tell me that's not a name that everyone would understand.... (perhaps switching the order of thrush and imitation)
  2. Telephoto Paul

    Poll - Do you agree or disagree with the AOS's recent decision to abandon the use of eponymous bird names?

    How many of the species that have eponymous names in English already have other names in different languages?
  3. Telephoto Paul

    Europeans, which American bird would you most like to see?

    Snow Geese (specifically the winter spectacle at bosque del apache) Prairie Chickens (both) Condor Cranes (both) Crested Caracara Snowy Owl Road runner Pilated Woodpecker (I'm flicking through Sibley's Birds of Western NA guidebook so I've probably missed some from the east) I seem to sit on...
  4. Telephoto Paul

    What’s your nemesis bird?

    For a long time it was sparrow hawk; everyone seems to get to watch them in their garden munching on a pigeon, while I only saw them as the briefest blur. However recently after parking my car on some farm land, one landed metres from the car and sat for five minutes. But it still got me by...
  5. Telephoto Paul

    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    The Black Wing Stilts at RSPB Frampton Marsh. Plus four or five birds I'd probably seen but didn't have a specific date & place written on my life-list. And a pair of cranes; first for the UK although I had seen one in Finland many years ago.
  6. Telephoto Paul

    Unpopular/underrated birds you like

    Magpies. All too often reviled, but their black & white plumage is actually pretty natty, plus their high intelligence makes them characterful.
  7. Telephoto Paul

    Garden / Yard List 2023

    Up to four for 2023; House Sparrow, Robin, Blue Tit (seen this afternoon) and Wood Pigeon (think they're attempting to nest in the same unsuitable bush they tried last year).
  8. Telephoto Paul

    What view of a bird do you need to consider it "Checked/Ticked" off list?

    I have to been able to see something for long enough for my brain to process the thought "I'm looking at an X" while still looking at it.
  9. Telephoto Paul

    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    Made the trip at the weekend to go see the European Bee Eaters in Norfolk. Compared to a certain albatross, they were impeccable performers, showing non-stop the whole time.
  10. Telephoto Paul

    British Birds - indispensable journal but rubbish app

    The FAQ page still mentions an app and links to the respective app stores. The other option is to just Print to PDF the articles you want to offline access too...
  11. Telephoto Paul

    Garden/Yard List 2022

    It took over five years but I finally had a bluetit visit the garden, taking the garden all time list to 13.
  12. Telephoto Paul

    Hiring a lens or an extender

    As others have said, what is your current lens, but also what situation/subject are you renting it for?
  13. Telephoto Paul

    Garden/Yard List 2022

    A new garden lifer - a goldfinch came down to drink from the water on the garage roof. Also year first: starlings bathing in the same water, and a blackbird has found the Cotoneaster berries.
  14. Telephoto Paul

    Garden/Yard List 2022

    I follow an interaction critera. I treat my garden as my own small nature reserve, so the whole fun from keeping the list is seeing what finds my bit of land interesting enough to visit. Whereas when a red kite flies overhead, I'm one hundred percent incidental to it being there. Interestingly...
  15. Telephoto Paul

    Garden/Yard List 2022

    1 - House Sparrows. I await with great excitement getting to 2. My small garden exists in a greenery-free desert, and the local sparrows are the only birds to visit my feeders regularly. I'll get a few more if I pay attention to the visitors make use of the pooled water on the garage roof. My...
  16. Telephoto Paul

    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    Slavonian grebe. Except I got home, looked in my book, and realised I'd seen one five years ago!
  17. Telephoto Paul

    BTO Conference 2021

  18. Telephoto Paul

    BTO Conference 2021

  19. Telephoto Paul

    BTO Conference 2021

  20. Telephoto Paul

    BTO Conference 2021

    The BTO are streaming their annual conference again.
  21. Telephoto Paul

    Pulling my hair out! Canon 90D

    To be honest, I don't think it does. For odd exposure behaviour it's always worth checking but it's probably not your problem in this case.
  22. Telephoto Paul

    Pulling my hair out! Canon 90D

    Is 'Safety Shift' enabled in the custom settings? If so, turn it off.
  23. Telephoto Paul

    BBC - Attenborough’s Life in Colour

    This Sunday and the one after, 7pm on BBC1. https://www.discoverwildlife.com/news/attenboroughs-life-in-colour-tv/
  24. Telephoto Paul

    Fuji XF 70-300 f/4-5.6

    A new telephoto by Fujifilm. At half the price of their 100-400 it creates an affordable entry point for using Fuji for wildlife/birding photography. https://www.dpreview.com/news/6382440831/fujifilm-adds-updated-27mm-f2-8-new-70-300-f4-5-6-to-x-mount-lineup...
  25. Telephoto Paul

    Why are some people vehemently against reintroductions?

    Some species are useful keystones that have massive knock-on effects. The best example for the UK is beaver; their 'ecosystem engineering' makes them worth a million times their weight. A beaver is cheaper than human labour for modifying the landscape! Wolves, bears and lynx would help our...