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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. Richard D

    Rustic / Uncertain

    I can't judge size, but it looks like a Rustic to me.
  2. Richard D

    8x32 Dilemma?

    I've tried a fellow birders BD II 8x32's and thought they performed well for the price. He's a glasses wearer (I'm not) but he liked them.
  3. Richard D

    Beginner Binoculars

    These aren't bad at your price point: Hawke Endurance ED 8x42 | LCE but preference as to 8x or 10x and 32 or 42mm is very individual. Unless it has to be a boxed present a trip to a stockist and a budget where he can try pairs is a better option...
  4. Richard D

    Does anyone not keep a life list?

    I tried in the past, but decided it was pretty meaningless to me. If I'm feeling good I'll sometimes do a site count for the local ornithological society, but I don't consistently do that.
  5. Richard D

    Bullfinch - common in uk gardens?

    Much less common than they used to be and patchy. Was a regular winter sight as a child, but I've not seen one in years.
  6. Richard D

    Where are the Swifts in Nottingham?

    Feels like a poor year for swifts and a worse one for housemartins this year in my bit of Kent.
  7. Richard D

    NL tripod receptacle

    Both my 15x and 7x SLCs are fitted with studs and work well for me. I find the connection very secure and quick to use. If I venture down the NL route it's useful to know.
  8. Richard D

    NL tripod receptacle

    Any idea whether the studs are compatible with the old SLC version?
  9. Richard D

    What more can I do?? Change feeders?? Feed type??

    I'd wait until winter. Look at adding climbers to the fence or very small shrubs to the boundaries meanwhile - they don't need to be big.
  10. Richard D

    What more can I do?? Change feeders?? Feed type??

    There's so much wild food around at the moment that visitors will be very limited. Do you have plenty of shrubs/trees for irds to use as cover, or is the surrounding area open?
  11. Richard D

    June Moths

    Pretty much as last night - Common Footmen, Riband Waves and Bee Moths dominating. A Smoky Wainscott, a small emerald, a broad yellow underwing the pick of the odds.
  12. Richard D

    June Moths

    More Common Footmen around this evening
  13. Richard D

    June Moths

    This morning's trap was full of Common Footmen, Bee Moths, Riband Waves and Heart and Darts. The odd other moth, but nothing really notable. Favourite was the commonplace Elderberry Pearl
  14. Richard D

    Carl Zeiss Jena Jenoptem 8x30, DDR Multi-Coated

    Nice binoculars. I wanted them back in the early 80's for my first binoculars but budget meant I settled for the cheaper Komz 8x30's (perfectly adequate, but not as good). I scratched the itch a few years back and bought an 80's pair of the Deltrintem (basically identical to the Jenoptem) and...
  15. Richard D

    Problem with green coating of EL SV 8x32

    Zeiss have had problems too - the grey SF had very similar issues, and most photographers avoid DEET like the plague.
  16. Richard D

    Great Tit's Fledging

    Sadly no, I've just enjoyed watching the parents visits this week. Hopefully I'll see the youngsters around the garden.
  17. Richard D

    Great Tit's Fledging

    I think our Great Tits may have fledged today too. No sound from the box as I carefully snuck past.
  18. Richard D

    Cl Companion 8x30 vs. SFL 8x30 vs. ?

    I wouldn't completely rule out the CL25's without trying them - I was pleasantly surprised at how unfinicky they were with eye placement etc. - not significantly worse than some 8x30/8x32s. Not super small (but with my hands that's an advantage). Jacket rather than shirt pocket friendly.
  19. Richard D

    June Moths

    We've all been there! Mainly Bee Moths for me a NFY Smokey Wainscott being the only real interest.
  20. Richard D

    New Binocular Bargains Thread

    https://www.naturequest.co.uk/product-page/swarovski-habicht-7x42-black 7x42's - reliable company in my experience
  21. Richard D

    June Moths

    Okay night for me - multiple Heart & Darts, Hebrew Characters, Willow Beauties and Lime Speck Pugs. A Common Pug, an Oligia agg, Common Carpet, Treble Lines, Little Grey, Marble, a couple of Satin Wave and nfy Small Magpie, Treble Bar and Delicate.
  22. Richard D

    Want to buy my son a gift. I am clueless

    6x would be about as much magnification as I would want for opera/theatre - a good suggestion.
  23. Richard D

    June Moths

    My first Cinnabar of the year on the fields at the bottom of the garden this lunchtime.
  24. Richard D

    June Moths

    A pretty common occurrence in my bit of coastal Kent these days. Vine's even more so. An Oligia sp this evening on the fence - probably one Id missed this morning.
  25. Richard D

    June Moths

    Fairly poor last night - 7 Heart & Dart, 5 Clancy's, 2 Willow Beauties, Two Lime-Specks and a single Treble Lines.