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  1. nartreb

    Believe I have a long billed thrasher and babies in my yard. I’m in central NC and I’m seeing they only live in southern Texas and Mexico

    Brown thrasher is the obvious answer, but the bird in the photos really does look more like a long-billed thrasher than a brown thrasher to me. Grey face, lack of obvious brown cap, black (not brown) spots on white (not beige) breast. But I'm just going by my book, I've never seen a...
  2. nartreb


    Pretty much anything that would scare a hawk would scare the doves and finches more. Small birds survive by staying hidden (and by being numerous enough to absorb frequent losses) so you might have some luck with camouflage netting over your deck, assuming you can't transplant a bunch of trees...
  3. nartreb

    Identifacatiom of fledglings

    That's a hawk... very likely a red-tailed hawk. (Picture's a little blurry, so it's hard to be certain, but the picture doesn't look like a match for anything else.)
  4. nartreb

    Birding South America in the Wet Season (November to April)

    It very much depends where you go. Generally, the closer to the equator, the more the rainy season makes a difference. Parts of northern Argentina and basically all of coastal Peru are desert, so no problem in those regions. I don't recall any issues in Argentina or Uruguay in November...
  5. nartreb

    Deceased bird half in and half out bitdhouse

    Best guess: bird died inside the box. No way to know why - disease, injury... it's been quite hot in most of the US lately, that may be a factor. Perhaps something (crow?) tried to get the bird out of the box after it had been dead for a while. Deformed head might be a clue to cause of...
  6. nartreb

    are the birds in these photos and video rooks? NL

    Look at ndonri's profile to see where he/she lives ;)
  7. nartreb

    Random Feather in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

    Ring-necked pheasant, tail feather. The reddish edges don't seem to show up on all individuals, but they're common enough.
  8. nartreb

    mystery bird for identification

    Agreed. This was previously posted on Twitter as a "long-wattled umbrellabird", which it obviously isn't, though the shape isn't too far off (especially for a female or juvenile). It also seems to have appeared in a YouTube video in what I think is Hindi, and on TikTok and Instagram in a...
  9. nartreb

    Re. the (scientific) name of the Roseate Spoonbill ...

    Google translation from Spanish is correct; I can't help with the tupi-guarani. Worth noting that Spanish spelling/pronunciation of i/y/j was & is regionally variable. Also, I smiled at Marcgraf's reported portuguese common name "colherado" == "spooned"
  10. nartreb

    Re. the (scientific) name/s of the Firewood-gatherer

    Funny story... I came back to the Etymology sub-forum after a hiatus of possibly a couple of years. Last night I was worrying about a work problem; in an effort to distract myself I googled my real name, and found myself thanked in the key, which reminded me of the delightfully distracting...
  11. nartreb

    Re. the (scientific) name/s of the Firewood-gatherer

    That's all a bit confusing. The French book describes three species of "Fournier" (ovenbird, hornero), in this order: 1) "Fournier sensu strictu" Furnarius rufus a.k.a. Merops rufus - whose latin specific means "dull red" 2) "Fournier annumbi" Furnarius annumbi 3) "Fournier rouge" Furnarius...
  12. nartreb

    Felix de Azara

    Spanish names can be complicated. What was the source for the "Manuel"? Just because it's not included in other sources doesn't mean it's wrong. It's somewhat rare for a Spanish nobleman to use all of their names, and they're not always consistent about which names they use. On the other...
  13. nartreb


    House finches indeed. That particular "horned" pattern seems to happen somewhat regularly, especially with fledglings, though I have no idea why.
  14. nartreb

    Espanola, Ontario Canada June 15 2014

    Way too distorted to ID with any confidence. Gull is a strong possibility given the description and what appears to be a pure white head and tail. Other marsh possibilities (assuming some open water is nearby) include osprey and bald eagle.
  15. nartreb

    Unknown bird ( juvenile?) Canada, Ontario, Toronto ravine park ( shot beginning of June)

    European starling juvenile is correct. I think the bills of juveniles do tend to be a tiny bit shorter than adults, but mostly it's something about the dark color of the bill that makes it seem less prominent.
  16. nartreb

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA Is the a juvenile male mallard?

    It's a male mallard, in the middle of molting. It's got some breeding-plumage feathers (eg, iridescent green on head, white with fine black speckles on shoulder) and some eclipse-plumage feathers (dull grey on head, brown with light-brown edges on shoulder). I don't think it's a juvenile, in...
  17. nartreb

    What kind of woodpecker is this? (Florida)

    It's an immature red-bellied.
  18. nartreb

    Hybrid Duck, Fife

    You've got no clear shots of the bill this time.... maaaybe the last one shows a wide dark tip, but that could easily just be a shadow, or pure photo artifact. I can also see a bit of a brownish cast to the head in your May photos, but not this time. On photo evidence, I'd call this "scaup...
  19. nartreb

    Newbie Needs Advice: Overcoming Bird Photography Challenges!

    Autofocus issues Get a lens/camera that lets you control the focus point. That is the only way you will get in-focus shots of birds that are in the midst of tree branches, reeds, etc. Best solution is a big expensive zoom lens with manual focus ring - that generally means using an SLR. But...
  20. nartreb

    Question from Pennsylvania, USA

    It does look fine for common grackle. None of the other possibilities mentioned in this thread are really worth considering in Pennsylvania, at least not at this time of year.
  21. nartreb

    Need Bird ID

    Can you measure the boards that make up the siding in pic 2? That'll give us a good size of the bird.
  22. nartreb

    Canada Birding Species ID

    Looks like the grouse is a fledgling, which makes it harder. I'm accustomed to using habitat as a clue (Ruffed likes more deciduous trees compared to Spruce which is strictly tied to spruce and fir [plus some other conifers in the West]) but apparently as you go north that becomes less...
  23. nartreb

    Need Bird ID

    You might try listening to recordings of short-eared owls, see if that's similar to what you heard. (The "ears" are not easily visible.) But you seem very confident that they were saw-whet-sized, so I'm inclined to think they were saw-whets. The juveniles do look fairly different from adults...
  24. nartreb

    Need Bird ID

    Where are you located? Can you attach the original recording (e.g., MP3 format), not just an image of the waveform diagram? 3 birds together is interesting - may be a family group. If the calls you recorded came from juveniles, they may not match the adult calls your app was probably...
  25. nartreb

    No clue what bird this is?

    Great-tailed is actually usually longer than boat-tailed, measured tip to tail, though that can be hard to judge (about half the length is tail and some of the rest is beak) and there's a lot of overlap in other measurements. "Towering over" just does not compute, unless either a) Butty is...