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  1. Tib78

    Gull ID Turkey

    The second bird is tough to age indeed. It would have been interesting if it had a ring providing info on its true age. Some adult-like secondaries and the little amount of black to tail invite to consider a 3rd cycle but the rest is pro-2nd cycle. Either way I don’t think Armenian is really an...
  2. Tib78

    ID please-Is it a Little Stint or anything else?

    Well for future reference please note that if you happen to have several pictures of a certain bird available, it’s always better to upload more than one. That usually makes the ID process of difficult birds considerably simpler. I guess there won’t be any more disagreement or hesitation now...
  3. Tib78

    ID please-Is it a Little Stint or anything else?

    It’s often surprisingly difficult to assess the structure of a bird on a close-up, frame-filling shot as this one. And I do think that it’s not easy to assess the bird’s structure in this instance - including the bill shape because of the dark background- but it doesn’t look wrong for Little...
  4. Tib78

    Larus gull in north-eastern France

    Correct with 2cy LBBG. But what’s most interesting is that non only tail has been (or is still being) replaced to 2nd generation feathers - also explains why it’s so black - but most of the primaries are 2nd generation too. You can see the old retained P9/P10 on the left wing and at least P10...
  5. Tib78

    Larus gull in north-eastern France

    Ageing is correct. The species isn’t. It’s an interesting plumage so I would encourage you to have another look and another take at this bird. A good look at the primaries and tail should provide a critical clue for the identification. It looks about right for 2cy Caspian to me. The plumage is...
  6. Tib78

    Larus gull in north-eastern France

    Last batch
  7. Tib78

    Larus gull in north-eastern France

    There you go.
  8. Tib78

    Falcon, Dundee, Scotland 1/6/24.

    Absolutely not a Saker! Shape and proportions are all wrong. It’s a Merlin all right. The species does look long tail sometimes.
  9. Tib78

    Warbler: Phylloscopus or Hippolais? Ibiza - Spain

    Indeed and that’s quite strange. The tail dipping is particularly obvious and eye-catching for someone like me who sees a lot more Melodious than Icterine (the latter isn’t even a bird I see every year nowadays): no Melodious does that!
  10. Tib78

    Warbler: Phylloscopus or Hippolais? Ibiza - Spain

    Icterine, no problem: note the obvious tail dipping (also the impression of a forked tailed because the central rectriced are short). Plumage and primary projection are spot on too.
  11. Tib78

    Blyth's reed warbler (pictures, song)?

    Think your safe with Marsh warbler here. Yes the delivery is slower than what you’d typically expect from a Marsh but still the song is quite chaotic and « energetic ». Like Roland said, Blyth’s has kind of a more mechanical delivery with repeated sequences (somewhat reminiscent of Song thrush...
  12. Tib78

    Larus gull in north-eastern France

    That’s already what I did in my previous post, but let me try again: Log in to Facebook (looks like you need a Facebook account to get to the post). Anyway I will attach some of Remi’s pics to this post. Note in particular the flight shot where all 3 birds have plain grey scapulars.
  13. Tib78

    Warbler: Phylloscopus or Hippolais? Ibiza - Spain

    Would you care to share the video and/or more stills? The primary projection looks a trifle long to me and not only there seems to a decent pale panel to the secondaries but there seems to also be a silvery cast to outer greater coverts which is really a strong pointer to Icterine if really...
  14. Tib78

    Larus gull in north-eastern France

    May is definitely not the best month of the year to try and learn your gulls! I am certainty not saying you shouldn’t go out gulling in may of course, but you have picked the most difficult period in terms of identification, in a group famous for the identification problem it pauses. As to...
  15. Tib78

    Q E Nat. Park Uganda July

    It’s a Black bishop. Moulting male indeed.
  16. Tib78

    Upcher`s Warbler or Olive-tree Warbler

    First clues are the choice of perching place (on top of a bush and not on leafy branch), leggy appearance, brownish colour and not so strong bill. Finer details : rather rounded tail, primary projection about 2/3 of tertials length, long middle tertial with its tip reaching close the longest...
  17. Tib78

    Harrier SW France 28/09

    There are currently 9 primaries visible: P1 —> P9 . P10 is missing. P8 almost grown. P9 just starting to grow. A light trailing edge to the inner hand is normal for adult female Hen harrier, which this bird is ☺️.
  18. Tib78

    White-eyed Slaty-Flycatcher Buhoma Uganda July

    It’s a juvenile Swamp flycatcher
  19. Tib78

    Olive Sunbird Buhoma Uganda July

    Think you nailed it, Mac. The general coloring + longish tail and habitat really suggest this species.
  20. Tib78

    juvenile Chimpanzee Forest Lodge Uganda July

    More like Eastern grey plantain-eater
  21. Tib78

    Western Uganda - Bwindi and Semliki

    The Flycatchers are White-eyed Slaty in mmm view, except the first one that looks like a Cassin’s. Not problem for adult Beaudouin’s…
  22. Tib78

    Mount Kenya/Naro Moru September 22

    Yellow-breasted apalis and Cabani’s greenbul
  23. Tib78

    Lake Nakuru, Kenya September 22

    You have a smaller cisticola sp and a Winding cisticola. The last bird is a Pale flycatcher I think …
  24. Tib78

    Mwea NR. Kenya September 22

    Lesser masked and Chestnut weaver