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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. StuartReeves

    Problem with green coating of EL SV 8x32

    This mirrors my experience except that the armour lasts about six years in my hands but only about three in yours. It makes me wonder if the so-called 'chemical contaminant' is something in our sweat as in the case of Rory Gallagher's guitar. Mine have certainly never been exposed to Deet and...
  2. StuartReeves

    Problem with green coating of EL SV 8x32

    I bought my 32 mm ELs in 2012 so they could have been part of the 2011 production run mentioned here. The armour was replaced in 2018 due to chunks of it falling off. I have just sent the back to Swarovski to get the armour replaced again for the same reason. Hence in my experience the armour...
  3. StuartReeves

    First Butterflies 2024

    Orange-tip and Holly Blue in my garden yesterday.
  4. StuartReeves

    Open Office Spreadsheet problem

    Try using the numbers of the months (i.e. 1 for January, 2 for February etc.) instead of the names.
  5. StuartReeves

    Whale trips Monterey in February

    Not the right time of year, but I did a couple of trips with Monterey Bay Whale Watch back in September 2022. One was booked ahead (one of the longer, birder's special trips) but later on we turned-up on spec and were able to get on, though I think we got the last two places. For the initial...
  6. StuartReeves

    Arca-Swiss compatible quick release plate for Gitzo GHF2W

    Peak Design do a quick release plate that is compatible with both Arca and Manfrotto formats. A quick check shows that they fit into my GHF2W head OK.
  7. StuartReeves

    Last Butterfly of the Year 2023

    On Tuesday (7th November) I was at Sizewell on the Suffolk coast when there were still a few Red Admirals on the wing.. Less expected was the Clouded Yellow that flew past me giving the impression that it had just arrived in off the sea. It was my first, and presumably also last, Clouded Yellow...
  8. StuartReeves

    Help using ebird offline

    I've certainly used ebird offline to record lists in the US and elsewhere. As Andrew suggests it would be a good idea to download the relevant packs. Perhaps if you do that at your initial accomodation and also check-out the ebird entries for the hotspots you intend to visit to make sure you are...
  9. StuartReeves

    European butterfly field guide

    I haven't used it, but the free photoguide available via: this link looks useful. Direct link here.
  10. StuartReeves

    Copenhagen - October 2023

    Middle spot is a real rarity in Denmark and I think Green Woodpecker only occurs in Jutland; I certainly never saw one in the five years I lived in Copenhagen. Short-toed Treecreeper can be found in the forest near Klampenborg station north of the city but Common Treecreeper also occurs there...
  11. StuartReeves

    [Norway] Little gulls?

    The two birds in the first photo are kittiwakes but the bird in the other photos appears to be a Ross's Gull, which is much rarer than a little gull!
  12. StuartReeves

    Honey Buzzard? Just outside Paris, France - 26 May 2023

    Looks fine for a honey buzzard to me.
  13. StuartReeves

    Fish ID - A Puzzler from the Strait of Gibraltar

    I can't see anything in the photos to rule-out bluefin tuna. the pink flesh also supports that ID as most fish have white flesh.
  14. StuartReeves

    Walrus, West Sussex

    Fair enough, that looks pretty convincing.
  15. StuartReeves

    Walrus, West Sussex

    Is that the same individual? the tusks look shorter than in the picture of Thor in Dieppe.
  16. StuartReeves

    Do Ukrainians still go birding ?

    ...and this is a worthy cause: BirdLife appeal for Ukraine
  17. StuartReeves

    Do Ukrainians still go birding ?

    This is worth a read: Birding In a War Zone: How Ukraine’s Top eBirder Pursues His Passion Amid Tragedy
  18. StuartReeves

    ID requested for water bird (deceased)

    That unfortunate bird was a drake hooded merganser.
  19. StuartReeves

    Wheatear / Kuwait

    Nice Desert Wheatear.
  20. StuartReeves

    Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Refined Search Techniques for 2021

    I share Farnboro John's concerns about favouring video over still images. Further, the emphasis on behaviour to identify the subject bird seems a bit odd. For a start we know little about IBWO behaviour so there are no diagnostic behavioral characteristics that could be used to confirm the ID...
  21. StuartReeves

    Mustelid ID? Thuringia, Germany

    I think the dark line in the pale breast patch is also good for Beech Marten.
  22. StuartReeves

    Name a Bird You've Seen 2

    At last I get to play: 8519: Ascension Frigatebird. Next time around, this thread should really be called Bird Association.
  23. StuartReeves

    Butterfly guide for Europe - recommendations

    This downloadable guide looks good:
  24. StuartReeves

    November Moths

    Last night produced three December Moths, two Mottled Umber and a Yellow-line Quaker. Only the quaker and one of the Mottled Umbers were actually in the trap. Perhaps one more session before I put the trap away for the winter.
  25. StuartReeves

    November Moths

    Of eight moths this morning, half were actually in the trap for a change. Tallies were three each of November and Feathered Thorn, a December and a new for the garden Sprawler.