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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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    Anyone compared the new Vortex Razor 8x32 UHD with the competiton

    Yes, the diopter lock unlocks easily, but I've never had the actual adjustment ring move off its setting. The easiest solution is not to use that pouchy thing! ;) Personally, my bins are up and down to my face so frequently I don't use the case other than for travel transport. Like with my SF...
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    Case for sf binoculars

    I have occasionally seen US birders using a chest case, like that from Vortex, but it's pretty rare. At least in my area. I have my bins in a RYO harness, and they're up and down to my eyes so frequently that having the bins in a case would cause me to miss birds. The only time I use the OEM...
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    Sound clip

    That would be interesting to hear!
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    Different zoom types on RX10 iv

    Should be in the Sony section, but I do use the CIZ occasionally. It effectively doubles the 600mm (equivalent) to 1200 by doing some "in camera crop down." See page 43 of this excellent guide. https://psnp.info/psnp_/?p=1525
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    Should I stick with M5s

    What??? I cannot believe the racial stereotyping in that phrase!
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    Tips for Phonescoping

    I think that any of the modern camera apps on phones are going to produce good images. Photography/video seems to be one of the most important functions in mobile devices these days, and the manufacturers have put their engineering there. I've seen discussion on here about alternative camera...
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    Bridge Camera Photography Showcase

    This is the other fledgling from the nest of GHOWs I've been posting. This is the younger one from the brood - it's smaller than post #96, and this was taken two weeks later. The zoom was at 500mm equivalent - no cropping. I believe that a bridge cameras like an RX10iv are capable of getting...
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    New binocular day! Nikon 7x42 EDG

    New-old stock? I bought mine from NikonUSA in 2015, and they were serial 749. I don't reckon they have to be sequential, but these being 666 is puzzling. Still, doesn't take away from their excellence! (y) (OMG, I hope I'm not giving denco ammunition! :eek: )
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    Help with North Central Texas ID

    It looked so weird that I thought it was a plastic bird attached to the feeder!
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    General spotting scope questions

    Not having a mil reticle is probably a good thing for birding.
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    Black-crowned Night Heron vs Pocket Gopher

    Local (Tucson AZ) urban park is full of pocket gophers, presumably Botta's. While I have seen Great Blue Herons stalking them, the other day I watched a night heron capture one, whack it several times on the ground, and then apparently finished it off with a drowning. The heron eventually choked...
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    merlin app

    Merlin already makes pretty good recordings at 44.1 kHz sample rate with a 16-bit depth. That's audio CD quality. It's problem is that there's no gain setting. You should post-process your recording with a free software like OcenAudio or Audacity. At a minimum, trim and normalize. Excellent...
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    Bridge Camera Photography Showcase

    Post #93 is the parent of this fledgling. RX10iv Starting to molt out of its down coat.
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    Bridge Camera Photography Showcase

    Great Horned Owl parent, hanging around a branching fledgling. Sony RX10iv.
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    Bridge Camera Photography Showcase

    It's summertime in the northern hemisphere, and time for the fledglings to be fed! Gila Woodpecker and Northern Rough-winged Swallow. Sony RX10iv.
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    Change to Zeiss SFL 10x40 or stick with my Leicas

    "The thing that always amazes me is how many 'answers' do not answer the actual question but just push someone's fave bin or current opinion." Exactly. On the plus side, we've had a lot of killing, and slaying, and the ever-popular blue ring of death. At least we didn't get to the "orange...
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    Change to Zeiss SFL 10x40 or stick with my Leicas

    Poor Mungot. One question 3.5 months, and not heard from since. Forty-five posts later, I wonder if he got anything useful out of it all?
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    Songbird Call - Tampa, FL, USA

    Possibly Tufted Titmouse?
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    Phonescoping with ED78/82

    I don't have an ED 82 anymore, but I do phonescope with the similar Monarch 82 ED. PhoneSkope adapter works well, with decent results this of a Great Horned Owl.
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    Florida USA (Central FL, Gulf Coast) - Leucistic crow?

    Looks like there's some residual gape flange showing - might be a fledgling. So, the calling birds may be the parents. Just a thought on ID possibility. (How's that for definitive? 😉 )
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    Michigan - female bird?

    Female Brown-headed Cowbird?
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    While there are individual variations in optics, I have used extensively two Gavias, and come away disappointed. They couldn't hold a candle to my Nikon Monarch ED 82. At about $1600 US, it should be in your price range. See the thread about the Nikon...
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    Opinion on Celestron C5

    Have you seen this? http://www.scopeviews.co.uk/CelestronC5XLT.htm
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    Mallard (I think)? American Black Duck? Hybrid?

    So, this is from maybe February? Mallards molt into breeding plumage in autumn, don't they? (And as I recall anatid breeding plumage is basic?) I can't comment on any strange hormones, but it's definitely not a Black. I'm in SE AZ, and we see MALL x MEDU all the time, and I don't see any...
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    Compact Camera Suggestions? Upgrading from Canon PowerShot SX720 HS

    I recommend Steve Ingraham's online booklet to help you manage the settings. https://psnp.info/psnp_/?p=1525