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  1. Chris D

    A few places to stay in East Africa.

    Thanks Steve.
  2. Chris D

    A few places to stay in East Africa.

    Hi. I've been away from this forum for a while and according to the head corrections officer at my previous accommodation , I've been rehabilitated. Ready for the world. I'd like to take my faithful wife to East Africa. Stay at a few spots. Not the fancy spots. Places with hyenas and...
  3. Chris D

    Help with Hummingbird ID ?

    I'm waiting for a Broad-Tailed. Reno really isn't that far away. It would be my 7th species at the house. Also watch the skies for Condors. Eventually.................
  4. Chris D

    Help!!, Anna's Hummingbird

    Great! Speaking of Anna's ----......... Yesterday I had a hummer zip away from my feeder that I thought could have been a Rufous. It had a bit of a metallic / plastic rattle sound (like a Rufous does) - this being made by it's wings. Rufous are common here - but not in June. The fellow came...
  5. Chris D

    Lamprey spotting

    I saw a Pacific Lamprey once in the park in my town. Actually, it was in the stream. We get King Salmon and Steelhead coming up from the Sacramento River. I was quite startled to see. Last one was on a dissecting table in 77 - in New Jersey.
  6. Chris D

    Hummer Behavior

    2 feeders (not within sight of each other) is a better way to start. Things are violent and territorial. Hummingbirds too.
  7. Chris D

    Pink magpie

    Sounds like a 'Drink'.
  8. Chris D

    Help!!, Anna's Hummingbird

    I've never seen Anna's have trouble flying during their molt. How's the bird now?
  9. Chris D

    Humminbird at rose?

    I have a different problem
  10. Chris D

    Advice on Malay Peninsular trip-timing?

    It's been some years - but if the restaurant below the mosque at Frasier's is there - do partake.
  11. Chris D

    New Book On Hummingbird Gardens For South America

    Need more info................
  12. Chris D

    Rufous. 2/24. Chico, CA.

    None here (seen) since 2/24.
  13. Chris D

    Rufous. 2/24. Chico, CA.

  14. Chris D

    Rufous Hummingbird - San Angelo Tx USA

    Great species. Most violent animal on the planet.
  15. Chris D

    Most memorable birding days....

    1st trip to Australia. One day I went with a friend who had a doctor's appointment. I stayed outside and sat on a log for an hour. Everything happened. Magic.
  16. Chris D

    An interesting story on Acorn Woodpeckers

    Amazing. They are quite common in my town. Beautiful species.
  17. Chris D

    Tell me something I don't know! About Birds

    Hunted humans. Recently.
  18. Chris D

    Black-tipped Reef Shark

    I see small ones in shallow water quite often in Indonesia. Fun species.
  19. Chris D

    Where to go in Ecuador for a week before Galapagos

    I was in Ecuador last December. Sachatamia and Bellavista were fun. I was into hummers. Guango too.
  20. Chris D

    Tangkoko, Sulawesi

    Great place...............
  21. Chris D

    Hummer ID

  22. Chris D

    Hummer ID

    I think the Plumeteer also. Thanks.
  23. Chris D

    Hummer ID

    Copalinga Lodge. Southern Ecuador.
  24. Chris D

    Peruvian Hummers.

    Thanks for the reply.
  25. Chris D

    Peruvian Hummers.

    Favorite birding lodges in Peru with great hummingbirds? Might go for Christmas.